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At the Lincoln Jr. High School, young scholars ran out of their school as the final bell rung to release them. They scattered everywhere, away from anything that reminded them of schoolwork, gym, or homework, at least for today; freedom took them to their own destination, whether it was to the small shopping center, the local arcade, or their own enjoyable homes, where video games set by the television waiting to be turned on. The school could be described as the only vast building in the small town of Calhoun, Virginia. A town known for its historic warfare landscapes of the early 1800's and its landscapes only, but would only be seen while traveling a very lengthy highway into nowhere, so not many people travel to see it.

The school was about empty, but for a few who still lingered to wait for their rides or friends who seem to always be the name the teacher would call while the rest of the students exist the classroom. But not everyone was being lectured by a teacher or awaiting a ride. In the back of the school, there was a small boy running out on to the school's small baseball field, four other kids ran after him. He was a pale looking boy with dark hair which always seems to look damp for some reason. He kept to him self and was the individual every bully would pick on. Today was no different, Bobby ran for his life to keep from being beaten or taunted again. His predators only gained speed as they got close enough to push him down into a mug hole from the early afternoon rain.

"Oops, did someone trip and fall into the mud," the one bully named Josh Kramer teased.

His friends gathered up to watch and laugh as Bobby tried to get out of the puddle with his weak arms.

Another boy, named Evan Cooper got the idea to push him back into the mud with his foot. This caused another bust of laughter from the group. It was his everyday torture. There would be one day where his head would go into the toilet, another day he would be locked into a locker until the janitor would hear his crying and let him out, and then there were days like these, where the torments consisted of taunts, punches, pushes, kicks, materials thrown at him, and last but not least getting chased out of school and being thrown into a mud puddle.

Bobby just laid there hoping that they would get bored and leave, but he knew that was no way true when he felt Darrel Jones pick him up by the collar and push him over to Justin Sams who then pushed him towards Evan. Evan forced Bobby to look at him.
Bobby didn't make a face; he hardly showed any emotions beside the dull plain look he kept on his face day after day. This made Evan mad; he wanted to see fright… something to show that his bulling was doing its job. For this, he gave Bobby a push in the stomach and waited until he had fallen to the ground to kick him in the stomach again. The rest just watched and laughed, like always. Josh jumped in front of Evan and picked up a large clot of mud and slammed it right in Bobby's face and down his once neat white button shirt.

"Eat it," Josh ordered. Bobby didn't obey. "Open his mouth," he ordered to his friends.

Darrel got on his knees and grabbed hold of Bobby's face and pried his mouth open. In the meantime, Evan grabbed hold of his arms to keep Bobby from fighting.

Josh took the biggest glob of mud and stuffed it right into Bobby's mouth.

"You like that, huh, freak? You should eat some more." There was another mouth full of mud.

Justin was the look-out guy. He was always watching, never actually doing the taunting, well the rough taunting. He and Bobby were friends once. They use to go to each others houses and read comic books or just watch some television, but ever since Bobby told him about his secret, that changed. At first, Justin thought his friend was toying with him by telling him a lame joke, but when Bobby kept insisting that it was true, Justin just couldn't see their friendship continuing. The only regret he really had after breaking off the friendship was telling a couple of teammates about Bobby's secret during a basketball practice that caused all the trouble for Bobby. He didn't mean for it to get out to the whole school, but like most secrets, tell a few people, and by next week the whole school knows. Now, he watch his use-to-be-friend get picked on and beaten almost everyday at and after school and it was his entire fault.

Bobby looked at him and that was when Justin saw the first emotion since, like, forever. He was angry and hurt.

Evan, Darrel, and Josh backed off to see their dirty work. Bobby coughed out some of the mud still caught in his mouth.

"Ah, is some one going to cry," Josh teased. "Does some one want to go cry to mommy?"

All of a sudden, Bobby looked up and sent a death glare his bullies' way. At the same time, Josh bellowed a screech and covered his left cheek. His friends stopped their laughter to look at one of their own.

"Josh, man, are you alright," Darrel asked.

Josh removed his hand and the group was faced with three thin scratch marks and trickle of blood oozing out.

"Whoa, how did that happened," Evan asked, reaching to touch the marks. Josh pulled back, "Don't touch it."

Justin look at Bobby, the death glare never left his face, "Come on let's go, I think he had enough."

Josh looked at Bobby, "What are you looking at," and kicked mud water in his face before turning around to leave the small baseball field. His friend soon left afterwards, except for Justin.

"Did you do that," he asked really knowing the answer.

Bobby got up, picked up his book bag that he slung off before being pushed into the mud puddle, and walked off the opposite direction of his foes.

It's too bad; they didn't know what was in store for all of them.

Walking home from school, Josh Kramer clapped hands with his friends to end their walk together down the sidewalk. His stop was at a dirt road a few blocks from the school so he was the first of the group to separate.

"Bye, Justin, see you at school on Monday and Darrel and Evan, don't forget you own me lunch money."

He continued to watch them descend down the sidewalk until they turned a corner. He was about to began his own walk down the dirt road, until he felt a cold breeze that caused him to stop. It wasn't just the breeze that caught his awareness to want to stop, but he felt like it was weird, like it was forcing him to turn around or calling him in someway. When he did obey the cold wind, he looked around to try and find the source of it.


But when he went to turn around to head back to his road to home, he was faced with Bobby. He still had that death glare look and his face looked paler than usual.

Out of fear Josh jumped back, but out of anger he kept an angry look on his face, but when his composure was back to normal, he pushed Bobby out of his way and began his walk home. He would have done more but he thought, 'why bother.' When he looked back, Bobby wasn't there, just another cold breeze, which he chose to ignore.

"Freak," he said to no one in particular.

It was too bad he didn't see the shadow that hovered through the trees.

That evening, his parents were rushing everywhere in the house. They had one of those gatherings to go to where a local doctor was being nominated for his remarkable job in the town, and since Josh's dad was a good friend of the doctor, it was his job to present the award to his doctor friend, but they were running late as usual.

"Honey, come on we're late," Josh' mom said as she put on her earrings to compliment her black dress. "Now, Susan you know the number to call if you need anything and I left dinner in the fridge in case you and your brother gets hungry, and…"

"I know mom, you still treat me like a baby, I know what I am doing," Susan whined.

Josh came downstairs, ready to play his new Nintendo, when his mother took a glance at his face.

"What happened to you," she reached for his cheek when he jerked his face away from her grip.


"Come on, sweetheart, we have to go before they start the ceremony," Josh's dad said finally coming downstairs, dressed in a tux and adjusting his cufflinks, while grabbing the keys at the same time.

"Now, you kids behave while were gone."

"Don't worry dad, we got everything under control," Susan said as she pull her little brother around the shoulders to give him a picture perfect hug in front of their parents. Josh just roll his eyes and push his sister's arm away from his shoulders.

Their mom gave them a kiss good-bye as she left out the door with her husband at her side.

Susan was looking out the window, only to wave good-bye when they, well their mother, occasionally turned back to see her children before she leaves.

"Why can't she just get in the car," Susan said through clinched teeth. "Finally," once the car pulled out of the driveway. She then made her way upstairs to her room.

A few minutes later, she came downstairs in a punk-looking outfit and her dark hair partly dyed pink. At the same time, a car hunk, waiting for her.

"Good my ride is here. Look I'm just going to be out for a few hours, I don't know maybe more, but don't tell mom or dad…"

"I know, I know, just go already," Josh said not really taking his eyes off the television.

"Fine, whatever…Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Susan said as she stepped out the door.

Hours after being home alone, Josh grew bored in playing his Nintendo and rummage around the fridge to look for something to eat.

There was a new report, telling everyone that an unexpected thunderstorm was approaching Calhoun, but that was the last thing on Josh mind at the time. He wasn't very interested into forecast and/or town's news in the first place anyway.

"Great, nothing flavorful to eat," he sarcastically said about his mother's food as he sluggishly moved items aside to find the best grub for him to eat.

Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound and then the power went out.


Remembering where the emergency flashlight was, he grabbed one from the drawer and turned it on. He walked out of the kitchen to head downstairs to the indoor basement.

Unbeknownst, to him, a dark form moved among the shadows and followed him into the hallway.

Josh opened the door and walked down the flight of stairs to the fuse box.

He shined the light at the fuse box door, when he heard dragging noises behind him.

He spun around to explore the source, he found nothing. Of course, there were dusty old boxes, old toys he use to have, and some essential tools lying about, but he found nothing out of the ordinary. Casting the light back on the fuse box, forgetting the noise, he opened it up. Flipping switches after switches to see which one would turn back on the power. His eyes looked up toward the entrance of the basement to see if any of the switches were working but none worked.

"Great," he sarcastically said closing the door to the fuse box.

Heading back up the stairs, another set of dragging noises were heard behind him. Again he shined his light toward the dark room.

Nothing again.

Suddenly a glass broke from the room and he jumped. He scurried up the upstairs and closed the door behind him.

A thump was heard from upstairs and he gasped.

The thump was heard again, but this time, he panicked.

He moved away from the basement door and ran into the living room.

The sound of another thump and he ducked behind the sofa. Where is Susan when you need her, he thought grabbing the flashlight in his hand a little tight. Suddenly he found himself relaxing. It's probably Susan sneaking in again, getting angry. She has done it before, sneaking through her bedroom window when she comes home late. Also she love to torment me every chance she gets. Another thump rung from upstairs and Josh stood up.

"Susan is that you," he said moving toward the end of the stairs.

The thumping continued. "Susan if that's you and you're trying to scare me." Another thump. "Keep it up and I'm telling mom that you've been leaving me alone in the house by my self because you want to hang out with your boyfriend." Still another thump came. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he headed upstairs. The staircase squeaked as he ascended the stairs. Once up on the second floor, he shined the light down the hall. All the doors from what he could tell were closed except for his sister's room, which was cracked opened just a tiny bit. He smiled victorious and headed for the open room. Once he was close enough to touch the door knob, he jumped in with the flashlight held high and grinning like a bashshee.

"Uh ha, I got you," he said into an empty room.

He shined the light to different corners of the room as he called his sister's name. No one answered him. The thump came again and this time in the hallway. He turned to leave the room and the thumping sound became louder as he stood in the middle of the hallway. Walking down the hall, he heard the sound getting louder. A flash of lighting lit up the room and he jumped back a little, moving his eyes to the small window down the hall.

The lighting flashed again, revealing a shadowed figure behind him, unseen to Josh of course.

His attention was on the window and the thumping noise that came with it.

When Josh reached the window he looked outside. The rain poured and the winds blew violently. A flash of lightning and a sound of thunder cross the sky as it lit up the dark neighborhood.

Suddenly something jumped in front of the window, hitting the glass, causing Josh to scream and leap backwards. He flashed the light toward the window, and something hit the window again.

Moving inch by inch he got closer to the window and looked out again with it wary curiosity. Shining his flashlight to the window, a tree branch swayed with the fury wind and hit the window.

Josh let out a helpful breath he didn't know he was holding. Lightning lit up the sky and something caught his eye, a figure down across the street. He quenched his eyes to get a better look but it was too dark to see. Lightning stroke again and he saw a figure again, a small figure standing across the street. He moved closer to the window and waited for the lightning.

It came and he completely saw the figure, causing him to jump back with shock.

"Bobby," he whispered.

Going back to the window, he looked out again. Bobby was standing across the street.

Rubbing his eyes, Josh couldn't believe that Bobby was standing outside of his house. Looking …at me. Not only was Bobby looking at him, he was looking at him with that death stare of his from earlier. His eyes filled with hatred that only a murder possessed. It was freaking him out. He moved away from the window, only to have heavy breathing crease his neck.

Bile roused in his throat.

He was scared to turn around; tears were starting to form.

The flashlight shook in his hands furiously.

The tears felled one by one once he decided to turn around, only to have a stabbing pain pierce into his right shoulder. He felt more pain once he felt him self being lifted off of the ground. With one forceful move, Josh was thrown down the hall and into the bathroom. He skid to a stop on the tile floor and looked up. Down the hall was a dark figure standing in the dark hallway.

Its form not really a humans but not really a creature, either. Its shoulders roused unpredictably.

It just stood there indescribable in the dark, yet so visible, it's scary. Josh could feel his breathing starting to become uneven and he started to hyperventilate. The figure stood there looking at him as he rose from the floor.

With one flash of lightning the figure moved. It ran down the hallway in a swift motion, and means for destruction.

Panicking Josh rose entirely off the floor and closed the door before the shadow was only a foot away. Tears fell faster this time and nagging pain in his shoulder began to throb painfully. He shined the flashlight down at the space underneath the bathroom door and saw two lengthy shadows standing there. Then he heard the breathing of someone behind the door.

"Go away," he yelled. "Please, go away."

The shadows stood there for some time before disappearing completely.

Josh took a step back and stared at the space under the door.

A little laugh escaped his lips and he covered his mouth. Relief was settling in but the pain in his shoulder caused him to wipe the smile off his face. He reached behind him to his shoulder and winced when he touched the puncher marks.

Suddenly the room went cold and he shivered. His hands began to shake when he felt light breathing down his neck again.

His eyes started to sting again; new tears started to form again.

The flashlight blinked on and off with his shaking hands and he stiffen when he turned his head to the side to see a shadow standing behind him before the light went out completely.

Behind the bathroom door, screams were heard along with the sounds of glass breaking and something hitting the walls.

This continued until one last thump and it became silence again. The flashlight rolled on the floor, shining through the slit under the door, but it glowed red from blood that splattered on it during whatever happened in the night behind the bathroom door. It soon started blinking off and on. Moments later, all the lights in the house flicked on.

The front door to the house opened and in walked Susan. She waved behind her to the departing car and closed the door behind her. She looked to the living room only to be met by silence and emptiness.

"Josh are you in here," she looked around. Giving the room one last look, she ran upstairs. "Josh where are you," she screamed down the hall heading for his room. Opening the door and cutting on the light, she was met again with silence and emptiness. "Josh you're better not be trying to scare me so help me god…" She left her sentence unfinished to listen. No reply from her brother. I give up, she thought heading to her room and closing the door. A couple of minutes later she emerged from her room and headed to the bathroom. She stopped, suddenly, when she noticed a light coming from underneath the door.

"I wonder where Josh could be," she teased slowly moving towards the door. "I guess I can give up since I checked everywhere for him." She still inched her way to the bathroom door. "But wait, I didn't check the bathroom yet."

She was about a foot away from the door when her feet touched something wet. Looking down, she could see the carpet under her feet was soaked… red.

"What the…," as she shove the door open.

She looked around the wreck bathroom before her before focusing on the floor. Her eyes grew wide with horror and she let out a terrifying scream at the lump form of her brother on the floor.

Outside Bobby stood, confused and panicky. He was standing in front of Josh Kramer's house and could hear the piercing scream of someone from within. He looked away scared and baffled; he ran down the street until he disappeared into the darkness.

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