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Chapter 5: Victim number 2

The next Day…

Evan walked inside his home, only to hear his parents fighting.


As usual he would come home to their hostility over money, work, and bills, and like always he would go up to his room and tune them out with his loud music.

Peace and quiet, beside from the music, to tune everyone out. The fighting, the staring, the mourning, everything, except for his music. It wasn't easy for him to hear that one of his best friends was killed, brutally, but it wasn't right for some lame-dumb-pale-looking kid to come up to him, yesterday, and say that he was sorry for his lost. Out of everyone to feel sorry for his loss, it had to be him to come up and to feel…sorry. He had no right. It infuriated him to no end to have him, Bobby, to even think to say those words. It just not… Evan picked up a bat and threw it with all his might at a wall. He watched as it made a dent and smiled with satisfaction. It almost made some of his anger go along with it.

"Evan what is going on up there," he heard his father yelled.

Well, some of his anger. He had to get out of here. Go any where, where he could leave from this hellhole he was in. Lifting up his bedroom window, he climbed out and jumped to the ground below. Checking behind him at his house and the cries coming from it, he ran off.

He walked down the street and another until he had to stop. He looked around the neighborhood and paused when he saw the house. The house his best friend lived in, the house where they, and the rest of his friends, played. Josh Kramer's house. At all the places he could walk to, he had to stumble here. He could feel his anger rinsing. Not only anger but sadness, lost and alone as well. Josh was his real best friend and it hurt him the most to see him gone. He was the one he would leave his house to escape from the tension building up there. Of course he could go to his other friends' houses to escape but it wasn't the same.

I'm really sorry about what happened to Josh. It must be really tough on you guys knowing that your friend died and all.

The words echo in his head and he could feel his anger rinsing even more. Bobby was to blame for this. He did this, he killed Josh and he must pay. With one set mind, he left the house of his friend.

He knocked at the little grey door of Darrel's house. Excitement ran through him and he couldn't shake it. He was a little disappointed that Justin chickened out but he expected that from him. Now he was here at Darrel's house to see if he wanted in on his little fun. The door opened and a dark skinned woman stood behind the screen door.

"Hey, Mrs. Jones, is Darrel here, I really need to talk to him."

"Yeah, just a sec."

She cracked the door a little and yelled for her son.

A few seconds later the door opened up and Darrel appeared.

"Hey, man what's up."

"Hey, how do you feel about a little sabotaging at Bobby's house today," Evan said holding up two plastic bags with eggs and toilet tissues.

"Ah, not tonight man. With homework and Josh, I don't think…"

"That is why you need this. For revenge, for peace, for simple release over Josh's death. He would have wanted us to do this, come on."

"Listen man not tonight, another night I promise."

"Suit yourself but Josh would be up and ready to do this."

"I know Evan."

"Last chance," Evan said backing up. "Going once…twice….," he continued to back away from Darrel.

"I can't…"

"Fine, see if I care."

With that he left.

The sabotaging was great. No one was home and the sun began to set once he got there. To see the house and yard turn to disaster within minutes was amazing. Well, not minutes, more like forty-five, an hour tops. But it felt like minutes at the time he destroyed the place. He was enjoying himself. He couldn't believe his friends missed out on this. He had to celebrate. And for that, he went to the local arcade for some games and pizza.

After a couple of games and three slices of pizza, it was completely dark. He left the arcade and headed for home. Half way to his home, he felt as if he wasn't ready to go there yet. Usually he would be at Josh's house but… Not able to finish that thought, he headed for the park. He crossed the street to the park, not noticing the streetlight behind him, blinkered out... soon after a shadow floated over it. Evan sat down on a swing and just rocked himself back and forth. The cool breeze he created did wonders to taking away the stress that was building up once again. He found his self humming a tune from his favorite artist and rocked along with it. Looking up, he looked at the dark blanket that covered the sky with stars. It was beautiful and refreshing to help ease the stress a little.

Suddenly a noise was heard from the woods surrounding the park. He snapped his head in the direction and looked around. Nothing from where he was looking seemed to stick out to cause the noise. Again, he heard the noise but this time it came from in front of him. He glanced quickly but was only met with nothing again.

He roused from the swing and looked ahead.

"Hello is any one…"

He was cut off by another noise from the wood. He jumped a little as he turned to the trees. They swayed with the breeze once it started to pick up a little.

"Whoever is in there, better come out or so help me…"

"Maybe you should go check," said a voice from behind him.

Evan turned around to the voice and found someone standing on the sidewalk. He strained his eyes to see the person in the dark and saw that it was Bobby.

Evan, insides growled, literally let out a relief sigh and then went to a snarl.

"What do you want, Michaels?"

There was no reply from Bobby and Evan grew angrier.

"What you can't speak now? Like the little present I left you at home," he began to walk toward him.

Again no reply.

"You have some nerve showing your face around here. You're just lucky Justin and Darrel stopped me from pounding you to a …"

He stopped in his taunting when he was close enough to touch Bobby and stared at him. Bobby was giving him his death stare and this only infuriated Evan off even more. He grabbed Bobby by the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer to him.

"What are you staring at Michaels?"

Bobby still didn't say anything, only gave him his death stare.

"I'm wipe that stare right off your face."

Evan reared his fist back ready to strike but Bobby's words stopped him.

"I wouldn't touch him if I were you."

"Him," Evan asked puzzled.

"Yes, him. Everyday you and your friends made his life miserable. He had no one. He hated to go to school, in fear and of shame. His confidents drained from him each and every day because of you."

Evan lowered his arm, even more confused.

"You're crazy you know that, Bobby."

"Every day he has to put up with the beating, the humiliation, the laughing… but no more. He's not taking it any more. You're going to pay for what you did to him."

Letting go Bobby's collar, Evan began to back away from him. He saw in his eyes, Bobby's eyes that the death glare had changed. It was murderous, now, dark even.

"And how exactly am I going to pay Bobby? Who do you have to help you? You're such a dork Bobby, you think a stare and choices of words are going to frighten me. How stupid do you think I am?"

"Oh I think you're pretty much naïve, Evan. A dead one."

Evan stopped in his track and frowned at Bobby.

"That's not funny Bobby."

"Oh, it's not meant to be funny."

Suddenly Evan felt cool breath on the back of his neck. At first he thought it was the breeze but he felt and saw the huff of breath coming from behind him. Something grabbed him by his shoulders and lifted him up off the ground. Petrified, Evan kicked and struggled under the tight grip on his shoulders.

"What are you doing Bobby, put me down."

But Bobby just smiled.

"Bobby isn't doing anything except watching you die."

Evan's eyes grew wide before he was fling backwards toward the group of trees. He landed on his side and rolled a couple feet before stopping. He could feel his left shoulder dislocate out of his socket and he let out a small cry. Using his right arm and his knees he lifted him self up. Looking up, he could see Bobby looking at him with his death stare but also he could see, standing behind Bobby, a shadow like figure. Tears flared up in his eyes immediately and his breathing became uneven at the sight of it. The shadowed figure took a couple of steps forward but then disappeared. Evan panicked and looked around the park to see if he could see it. In the back of his mind, he was telling him self that it was all in your head, but in another part of his mind, it was saying that you should run. He was scared and with this dislocated shoulder, in pain. He didn't know what to do, he was scared stiff. Suddenly the cool breaths were back on his neck. Mixing in with shiver of fear. Something grabbed him by his ankles and pulled him down on his stomach.

"Bobby, what…"

Evan was cut off by his own screams when he was pulled into the woods. His screams grew louder and pain-causing with the ruffle of the trees and near bushes. Bobby look on with his death stare as more screams came from Evan.

Bobby was out of his trance with a couple of blinks. He looked around confused and scared, and froze when he heard a little scream from the woods up ahead of him and then nothing. He looked around in the park and began to sob.

"Oh no not again."

He backed away from the now quiet park and onto the street. He trembled with fear and the tears felled loosely now.

"Hey kid you're alright," a man called from across the street. He was standing on his porch looking at Bobby with concern.

Scared, Bobby ran off into the darkness without an answer to the man's question.

Sam shot straight up in his bed as he felt the pressure of wanting to scream out from his chest. He mouth was open, ready for something, but nothing came. His body trembled with fear and his shirt and sheets were soaked from sweat. Flashes of his dream swarmed through his head as he tried to sooth himself down.

Five to ten minutes later, he finally got his heart to slow down and the flashes disappeared completely. A sudden chill ran down his spin and out of nowhere the images reappeared.

Evan climbing out his window...Evan talking to Darrel...Evan at the park...Evan being thrown into the trees... Evan screaming.

It was like he was there and he felt everything. He felt him self becoming panicky again, but he slowly closed his eyes and calmed his nerves.

"It was only a nightmare," he tried to convince him self. "Only a nightmare."

He laid down and hugged his pillow for security, but he didn't fall asleep, he stayed awake till it was time for him to get up and go to school.

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