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Ayame answered the phone and heard her soft voice speak to him.

"Ayame, I need to see you... please..." Tohru's voice sounded very weak and strained.

"Tohru, what's wrong, where are you?" he barely managed to keep himself from screaming in his panic. She couldn't be hurt, could she?

"I'm at school, and on my way to see you. Please help me!" Tohru burst into tears, dropping the phone. Ayame started to scream out.

"Tohru? Tohru! Hold on! Stay where you are, I'm coming!" he hung up the phone and grabbed his keys off the table. Mine looked up, confused.

"Boss, is something wrong?" she stood up and began to go towards Ayame.

"Mine, close the store and get home. I'll call you later and tell you what has happened." with that, he left, leaving a very worried and confused Mine standing alone in the shop.

Ayame arrived at Tohru's highschool quickly, as he had mainly sped the entire trip. He jumped out and ran to the girl sitting on a bench. She looked up, and saw Ayame a second before she had been taken into his arms. Tohru had still been crying, and Ayame just held her to him tightly.

"Tohru, you had me so worried, what happened to you?" he noticed that she was covered in bruises and cuts all over her body. Her uniform was very dirty and torn in several areas, one spot showing the side of her bra.

"A-Akito came, to-to check on me, and to erase everyone's... memories. Hatori had been... hypnotised or something... so he just did exactly as he had been told. It seemed as though he had become just a puppet for his master's game. Yuki, Kyo, momiji, Haru... they've all forgotten me. He even did it to Uo-chan and Hana-chan!" Tohru wrapped her own arms around Ayame, crying harder than before. Ayame gently stroked her back, looking behind her, and at her hair. He noticed something glistening in her hair, and followed it to a bleeding gash down her arm.

"Tohru, lets get out of here. We aren't safe here any longer." he knew without being told that he was on the list to forget about Tohru. She had saved them all from the curse, and he had been the one to help her most of the way.

They stood up, with difficulty as Tohru's legs were weak from the beating she'd had. She passed out as soon as Ayame had laid her into the back seat of his car. He gently secured her before climbing in himself. He got out a map and found the best route to Kyoto before driving off.

---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------

Tohru awoke to a low humming beneath her body. Sitting up, she saw a country side passing by through the windows of the car. It was night time, and she could see some lights in the distance.

"Ayame, where are we going?"

"Oh, finally awake? We are going to Kyoto. We couldn't stay in Tokyo anymore. Kyoto has very few Sohma relatives, if any, so we can stay there for awhile."

"Oh. Are we going to drive all night?" she asked, settling herself into position with a belt.

"No, I'm going to stop at the second hotel I see."

"Why the second?"

"We don't want to be found, now do we?" he looked into the back and winked. "Hold on, and you can switch to the front." he pulled over to the side of the road. Getting out, he walked around and helped Tohru get situated with a blanket. He blushed slightly when he saw her exposed bra, as he had not noticed it before.

"What are you looking at Ayame?" Tohru asked innocently, trying to follow his gaze.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I hadn't realized that I was staring. But since you must know, it was at your adorable little heart covered bra." Tohru blushed scarlet and looked down. She hadn't even noticed her shirt had been ripped that much.

"Eek!" she covered herself quickly, and avoided meeting Ayame's gaze.

"Oh, don't look away," he said, feigning sadness. He shut the door and went back to his own seat. Turning on the vehicle's inside lights, he found in a bag in the backseat some clothing repairing tools. It did not take him long to thread up a needle and pull the blanket Tohru was wearing down to her lap. He saw her blush and smiled. He began to work at reattaching some of the shirt to make it more modest. Tohru blushed, but watched as he quickly sewed up the rip, hiding her bra again.

"Thank you," she said when he had finished.

"There is nothing to it, my dear, but I couldn't have you going around looking indecent! Though the whole uniform shall have to be repaired. I only hope that I may be able to fix it up so that no one would even be able to tell it was ever ripped in the first place."

"Its, alright. Where ever we go, I'll just have to get some new clothes."

"I will not allow it! The insult! Wearing another designer's clothing in front of me? Tohru, how could you!" he pretended to cry into the steering wheel.

"Ahh! That isn't what I meant! Please stop crying!" she waved her hands frantically, looking worried. A sharp pain from her gash caused her to wince.

"Oh, tohru," Ayame said, sitting back up and massaging the bandage he had placed around the gash earlier, "I was only joking. Now you've gone and disrupted your wound. Come. Let us get you to a hotel forthwith." With that, he turned off the lights and began to drive away, but he kept one hand around Tohru's the entire trip to the hotel.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

It took an hour to find the hotel, get a room, (with acting in front of the clerk that they were merely siblings, nothing more) and actually finding the room. All of the double rooms had already been rented out for the night, so they took a single.

Ayame was busy unpacking some medical supplies while Tohru took a shower. When he finished, he sat on the bed, and flipped on the TV. With the remote he flipped through the channels, trying to find something to watch. There was nothing on but the news. He left it on that while he went to the sink in the room. Ayame could here the water from Tohru's shower faintly through the bathroom door while he poured himself a glass of water.

Returning to the TV, he sat on the bed and looked at what was on.

"Tonight, in the Tokyo district there has been reported that a seventeen year old girl has been attacked. The girl in question is a miss Tohru Honda, whom has not been seen since the attack." the reporter spoke.

"I saw it happen, but someone hit me on the head. I woke up hours later and she was gone." a witness said in an inerview just moments ago. The reporter took up control of the story again.

"If you have any news about miss Honda, you are asked to please step forward. In other news-"

Ayame turned the set off. He couldn't believe his ears. It hadn't even been three hours since he himself had rescued Tohru from being found by Akito. Now all of Tokyo would be on the look out for her.

"Ayame," Tohru was peeking from behind the bathroom door. He hadn't noticed the water turning off.

"I'll be right there," he answered. He got up and began to gather all the guaze and things. Tohru went back into the bathroom to wait. A couple of minutes later, Ayame entered and took a seat on the side of the tub, while Tohru sat on the toilet seat.

Carefully, Ayame began to wrap up one of the nastier gashes after rubbing some ointment on it first. It took him ten minutes to get her one arm done, five the other, and half an hour to finish both legs. He had never seen someone so badly hurt before, and to his bad luck it had to be the one girl he loved.

"Tohru, I need you to remove the towel." Ayame said after a few minutes of contemplating the seriousness of her wounds.

"Eh!" Tohru gasped, blushing a very deep red.

"Now, don't think me a pervert, Tohru-kun, but I must wrap the wounds on your stomach as well, and when you had your bra exposed I could see them quite clearly." He gently took her hand in his, and held it near his heart. "Trust me, I won't take advantage."

He looked deeply into her eyes and she could see naught but truthfulness in them. She nodded, and let him take his hand back to her towel, gently sliding it down. She stood up, and let it slide to the floor while Ayame began to work again. It seemed to him that the worst wounds were indeed being concealed by the towel. He looked at them worriedly, but still blushed at the sight of her naked form facing him. He quickly completed his job.

While Ayame worked, Tohru blushed lightly, knowing it had to be done. And with how she was feeling now...

"All done." Ayame said smiling. Not a second later Tohru fell, and was caught in Ayame's strong arms. He saw her flushed face and felt how her skin was burning though she shivered.

"Tohru!" he yelled, gently laying her down. He held a hand to her head and could tell she had a fever. He quicly groped around on the floor for the first aid box. Opening it he searched for a box of cold medicine. Upon finding it he put some in Tohru's mouth followed by a sip of water. She didn't swallow. He tried everything he could think of, from rubbing her throat to blowing on her nose (my dad has to do this to get my cat to get him to take his medicine. Figured it should work on people too, though I'm just guessin'. I doubt it would really work, but I'm not sure. Don't quote me on this or try it!).

He looked at Tohru's face once more, before it came to him. He blushed at the thought, but knew it may be the only way. He leaned his head down towards Tohru's, and covered her mouth with his. He kissed her mildly but passionately until she swallowed, and a little longer. When his lips did depart hers, he checked to see that her eyes were still shut. They were. Releasing a sigh of relief, he took a sip of water in his own mouth but didn't swallow. Again he kissed her until she swallowed and longer. He gave her three more sips of water in the same fashion.

He picked her up, remembering by the feel of her body against his that she was naked except for the bandages. He blushed as he slid her into bed, covering her completely. He looked at her face, slightly less flushed, but still red. He turned off the light and grabbed an extra blanket from the closet. He covered himself and brought a chair over to the bed side. He went to sleep almost instantly while he held her hand .

Tohru opened her eyes. She looked at the man sleeping next to her and smiled. She hadn't passed out, but had been too weak to open her eyes. She brought a finger to her lips. Ayame, she thought, is it possible that you feel the same? She smiled as she gently brushed some of his stray bangs out of his eyes before she settled back to sleep.

---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------

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