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Chapter3 – On the Wrong Foot

"I'll be bringing you to the guys in a moment. Now if you'll just place your luggage over here, and sit down over there, it won't take long. Now give me a sec will you? I've got some things to attend to over there!"

Haley stared in disbelief at the Peyton, the assistant that had greeted them at the airport. She seemed so frazzled and stressed out. Haley didn't even think that she had had a good look at her; she had been a blur of blonde springy curls and jeans.

Jake sat back as Peyton left the room. "Welcome to the world of the rich and famous!"

Haley cringed. "If they think we're gonna sit around here waiting for them the whole day, then they're seriously wrong. We're not their minions or anything, we're their guards," she said, sounding indignant.

"Look on the bright side, Hales. You'll have your pick of five men. Five hunka hunka burning basketball players."

Haley burst out laughing. "Hunka hunka? What are you, from the Archies?"

He glared at her. "Hey, do not knock the greatness that is the Archies."

Haley rolled her eyes. "Why are you complaining anyway? You're supposed to do your guy bonding stuff. You know, see who can belch the loudest, have the stinkiest fart, biggest ego, et cetera, and all that weird testosterone crap."

"Why am I still friends with you?" Jake hit himself on the forehead. "I swear, I have no ego. You never give it a chance to inflate again anyway."

"That's what friends are for."

Five long hours, a lean blonde guy walked into the room. "Hey, you must be the new security. I'm Lucas."

Jake nodded at him. "Jake Jagielski."

Haley shook his hand. "Haley James."

"Look, I'm really sorry to keep you guys waiting, but our interview went a little too long, and well the whole schedule just got out of hand. Not every day's like this, I promise."

Jake smiled. "It's alright, Mr.…?" His voice trailed off as he realized he didn't know Bryan's last name.

"Scott, but c'mon, just call me Lucas."

"It's alright, Lucas." If there was anything Jake was, despite his affinity for humour, it was definitely professional. He might be poking fun of them behind their backs, but he was truly professional and he didn't mix business with pleasure.

One by one, four other men trooped into the room, all looking tired and worn out.

"Hey, call me Fergie." A tall black man with a crazy afro walked into the room, clapping Jake on the back forcefully and shaking Haley's hand politely.

The one with floppy brown hair grinned goofily at Haley. "I'm Tim, with a T, that is."

"Skills. Nice to meet you."

The last guy looked at Haley disdainfully. He nodded at her, as if to acknowledge her. "Nathan."

Haley held out her hand but he had already sat down on the couch. Her eyes hardened. Ass. She didn't like him already.

They got settled into their respective hotel rooms for the night. Jake and Haley weren't assigned to anything for the rest of the day, so they started unpacking. Haley glanced around the room when she was done, her eyes taking in the size of it. "Talk about spoilt," she muttered to herself. Sports players were overpaid and overrated, and she'd always thought so. Didn't look like it was going to change anytime soon.

Flopping on to the bed on her belly, she rummaged in her bags and found what she was looking for. A red leather bound journal, in which she wrote in once in a while, kept all her ideas for songs, poems and stories in and all her memories like photos, notes and other small stuff. Haley grabbed a pen from her bedside table and chewed on the end of it, a habit she never could seem to get rid off.

She opened it to the first page as usual, her daily ritual. The photo of her mother and her father smiled out at her. Haley smiled wistfully at them. "I love you, Mom and Dad." She flipped to the next page. There were some diary entries of when she was sixteen. She flipped a few more pages. Haley stopped at the page. There was a picture of her, on her first day of work in the security agency. Then there was the ticket stub from her very first movie. Little Post-It Notes from Karen slipped in between the pages here and there. Haley might not admit it, but she was a sentimentalist at heart.

She glanced at the next page. Random songs she penned down from time to time. She wrote lyrics almost everywhere she went. The melodies to the songs were always in her head, but she never seemed to have the time to sit down behind a piano to work the entire thing out. She stopped at a song which she had written right after her father's death, when the pain was still so fresh for her. The page had dried up tear blots and smeared ink. She still remembered all the pain that she had recorded on that page. The date was there as well. 15 August 1994. Haley glanced over her small loopy handwriting.

Haley bit her lip to keep from crying. Sometimes she just felt vulnerable. But it was a side that no one else had ever seen, not even Jake. It wasn't a side she was allowed to show throughout the day. She only allowed herself to break down and sob her heart out once in a while at night when no one knew. Quickly, she grabbed her pen, flipped to a new page and started writing. Writing had always been something easy from Haley. She was able to capture life on paper, make her stories and songs vivid.

Today, I started work for my new clients. A bunch of guys. Who play basketball. Basketball. I mean, sure, I'm always happy working, but seriously, basketball players? A bunch of people who don't seem like they have any regard for the beauty of the sport. Not like how Dad used to seem, when I watched his old basketball videos with him. Players today are more taken aback with the fame factor more than anything else. The money, the parties, and the sex available on ready platters.

Jake and I spent five hours waiting. Five hours, imagine that. Just to wait for them to finish their little interview and to introduce us to them. Okay, so they're good looking. So what? That doesn't mean I'm going to wait on them hand and foot. If that's what they think, then they're deluded. And if they think they're going to leer at me like a piece of meat, that's where they're seriously misguided too. I supposed they wouldn't need to leer at me anyway. They probably have blonde models hanging around all day with breasts that cost a year of my wages. God help me.

In all fairness, they're pretty cute. A bunch of pretty boys. Although, with their built, they're hardly boys. I suppose it's a prerequisite to have a nice body if you play a sport. Lucas, Fergie, Tim, Skills, and Nathan. And speaking of Nathan, God, what an attitude that guy has. He wouldn't even shake my hand when I was introducing myself to him! He just gave me that I'd-rather-not-talk-to-you-and-not-shake-your-grubby-hand look. The nerve of him. What, just because he thinks he's a "star", that it gives him the authority to be a better person than I am? What a creep. The creeps are always better looking too. Such a shame.

I am so, so glad to be here with Jake. I don't think I would be able to pull through without him by my side, cracking jokes. As lame as they can be sometimes, they feel awfully comfortable to me. It's something we've fallen into over the years, being comfortable with each other, and that's awesome. Although, he does have a thing for blondes, so he better not start ogling those model wannabes. I don't think I could take anymore drooling.

It's only been a day, and already I miss Karen to death. She's an amazing ranting spot.

Well, I'm currently in France. Paris to be exact. Supposedly, the city of romance. Haven't had much time to go around yet since I spent five hours this morning waiting for the guys. Hopefully I'll get some time off later. Honestly, the only advantage of accepting this job, is that the pay's pretty damn good. And that I get a complete all-expenses paid for trip around Europe.

Now, if only Nathan Scott could disappear off the face of the earth.

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