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Part 2:

"You can spend the night with me!"

'What!' Ryuho's mind screamed as his eyes went wide and mouth dropped. There was absolutely no way that she said what he thought she had just said. But, he knew that he had heard her correctly. The words were spoken quite clearly, after all. Perhaps Mimori meant it differently, or perhaps, she didn't. He didn't know. And, oh God, the temptation of making love to the stunning woman would be too impossible to pass up! No matter what the consequences were! It was something that he had always dreamed about. Maybe, he should have her clarify things a little and then go from there. With a rumble in his tone, he questioned her, "Are you certain you know what you're asking me?"

'What does he mean by that?' she wondered, until Ryuho turned around and, with the help of the moon's reflective glow, she saw the fire in his eyes. 'Ohhh…' She knew exactly what he meant. She had never made love before and wasn't sure if she was ready to. After all, she was saving herself for… 'I have been saving myself for him,' she internally realized. Throwing caution to the wind, she stood and dropped the blanket. "Yes, Ryuho, I know what I am asking you…"

'She did mean that,' Ryuho wildly thought, but he also knew that he needed to lay all the cards out before he gave in to her birthday request. With a slight strain in his voice, the Alter-user bluntly asked, "Have you ever had sex before, Mimori?"

"No…" the hopeful woman shyly admitted, their eye contact never wavering. "I have never made love with anyone."

"I have," he advised her, even though he never considered what he had done in the past making love. "Does that bother you?"

Did it bother her? She wondered, while mulling the concept over as her eyes lost focus, their contact finally breaking. She admitted it did, at least a little. After all, when she was younger, she had always envisioned that they would share their first intimate moment together. But as she grew older, she realized that the chance of it happening was very unlikely. Actually, sometimes Mimori wasn't sure she would ever see him again, let alone have the chance to be with him. So, it really didn't bother her as much as it should. "No…" she began, her eyes regaining focus as they locked with his. "It doesn't, Ryuho."

'One card left,' the anxious man thought. He wasn't certain if it should be played, though. Ryuho was afraid what the outcome would be if he did. She might change her mind and that was one prospect that he really didn't want to have happen. Not now. However, if he didn't, then it might hurt Mimori far worse than what he had ever done in the past. So, with his mind made up, he took a step toward the enchanting beauty and said, "I can't stay. The fighting isn't over and I need to see this through."

"I know…"

"And I won't be here in the morning," Ryuho then added, taking another step closer, although it was a tentative one.

"I know that, too," Mimori softly responded, closing her eyes. It wasn't over and Ryuho still felt honor-bound to free the Lost Ground. She realized that and would never ask him to stay after the sun rose. She was only asking for one night, nothing more, nothing less. And if fate brought him back once the fighting was over, then she would be the happiest woman on the planet. But, she would never push him. It would have to be his decision. Then finally, after a tense moment and the exhale of a deep nervous breath, she opened her eyes and told him, "And I don't care. All I want is to be with you, Ryuho, even if it is only for one night."

"Are you certain, Mimori?"

"Yes, I am," she confirmed before imploring, "Please Ryuho… its cold… make me warm."

So, he did.

Within a heartbeat, the Alter-user had dropped his bag and stood directly before the equally anxious woman. He asked, one more time, just to make sure if being with him was what she truly wanted. Mimori immediately replied 'yes' while smiling, trying to convince him. And to prove her point, she closed the distance between them and slid her hands up his chest to wrap them around his neck. Then without pause, she stood on her tiptoes and pressed her mouth against his.

Ryuho's reaction was instantaneous. With a possessive growl against her luscious lips, he instantly slipped his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her tightly against him.

Chest to chest and hip to hip, their bodies were flush against one another as they both decided to deepen the kiss at the same time. Mouths opened and tongues touched, instantly making the kiss fervent, while tightly locked floodgates burst wide open letting the repressed yearnings surge through their veins. And they simply stood there, for several moments, passionately kissing while stealing breaths through their noses or in between the miniscule gaps as their mouths and tongues danced in harmonized choreography. While the sensations they were sharing were utterly indescribable. Lust and love were melding together in such an acute way that their very souls were threatened to be devoured by the inexplicable maelstrom of desire.

Unable to help himself, Ryuho slipped his battle-roughened hands under her top, wanting nothing more than to caress the silky skin of her back. God, she felt good, felt right, in his arms, like she belonged there. Mimori did belong there, he realized. She always had and always would, and he knew for certain that he would never get enough of her, ever. She consumed him, every nook and cranny. And he knew that leaving her in the morning would be the hardest thing he had ever done. It was even harder then when he walked away from her six years ago, right after she said that she loved him. He loved her too, after all. Back then however, he couldn't let anything befall her from being by his side, especially since the battle was just beginning and Scheris had just given up her life for him.

'But the war is almost over now,' he reminded himself right before he felt a tugging sensation around his nape and shoulders. Then Ryuho realized what it was. Mimori was trying to take his poncho off. With great reluctance, he tore his mouth for hers and stepped just far enough away to pull the brown covering over his head before letting it drop to the ground.

He stood there and simply stared at the mesmeric siren standing before him. She was absolutely breathtaking! Mimori's alabaster skin was cast in a perfect mixture of light and shadow as the faint moonlight fell upon her trembling form. He could make out that her lips were kiss swollen and parted, while her chest heaved invitingly with every breath. He just wished he could see the color of her eyes. Were they lighter, like a fine chardonnay, from the passionate embrace, or darker, like a gilded bronze? However, before he could position her so that the moonlight lit up her entire face to find the answer, she spoke…

"Your HOLY uniform…" Mimori raised her left hand and delicately touching the tattered right sleeve. "You're still wearing it…"

"Yes," Ryuho replied with a small smile before advising her, "You once told me that it represented my beliefs and ideals. So, I thought that it was appropriate to keep wearing it."

"It is appropriate," she immediately agreed, deeply flattered that he remembered her words. With a winsome smile, she trailed the delicate hand up his arm and shoulder before sliding it down the expanse of his broad chest, stopping once she reached the top right button. Her hand started to tremble lightly as she fingered the bluish-violet adornment before deciding to make her intentions known by quietly suggesting, "But, I think it might not be for right now." And with that, she raised her right hand and started to unbutton his coat.

Ryuho simply watched as she proceeded to undo the top two rows. However, with her fumbling fingers, she was having a bit of a struggle.

"Nervous," he muttered, stating the obvious, before exhaling a shaking breath. He was nervous, too. Though, he didn't outright admit it. Instead, he decided that it would be best to keep them both mindless with caresses and kisses. After his overcoat was out of the way that is. So, he hastily helped her with the remaining buttons before tearing the coat free from his upper body and carelessly throwing it to the ground. Then without a second thought, he reached for the hem of his fitted black undershirt and drew it up and over his head before it joined the rest of the discarded clothing.

All Mimori could do was gawk as the exceptionally virile man stripped before her. She absorbed every detail from the moment Ryuho hastily shrugged out of the uniform jacket. The play of muscle in his powerful arms and shoulders was absolutely mesmerizing and she thought that she just might die from want right then and there. Then he reached for the sleeveless undershirt…

'Oh my goodness…' she internally breathed, watching as the fitted shirt moved up his torso. First came into view was his narrow waist and abs. The muscles were six-pack tight and rippling with each movement while showing off his bellybutton and the trail of dark hair that disappeared into his trousers. Then the fascinated woman watched as his upper body was revealed. His ribcage lightly muscled, tapering perfectly while his chest was broad with striations of muscle pulling and flexing as the shirt came off. She couldn't believe that she actually thought that he looked too thin earlier. Because he definitely wasn't! Lean hard muscle covered his powerful frame in faultless symmetry and she just couldn't help but comment on it. "You're beautiful."

"I could say the same about you," Ryuho replied with a light laugh over her choice of words. He had been called many things before, but beautiful wasn't one of them.

"I don't know about that," she said laughing as well prior to lifting her gaze upon his stunning face.

When their eyes once again locked, the intensity of the moment instantly returned, urging him to shift a step closer to her. Raising his right hand, he brushed Mimori's lips with the index and middle finger before trailing them slowly down her chest, over the pendant, and in between her breasts until they reached the hem of her tank top. Shivers of awareness ran through her supple body from the caress and the enamored man couldn't wait to have more of it revealed to him.

"I do not believe that you're shirt is appropriate for this particular moment in time, either," he breathed, while moving his left hand up in preparation to lift the article of clothing.

"No, it wouldn't be," Mimori shyly agreed right before Ryuho removed the top. A sense of vulnerability instantly invaded her now nude form as she drew her chin into her chest and closed her eyes. However, the feeling disappeared just a quickly when she heard 'Not beautiful… breathtaking' in a husky timbre right before she felt fingers lightly caressing the swells of her chest. Opening her eyes, the lovely woman watched as his right hand cupped her left breast. Completely enraptured, she looked up and whispered, "Ryuho…"

"Oh Mimori," Ryuho groaned in response prior to swooping down and capturing her mouth in a searing kiss.

Wanting nothing more than to touch his naked flesh, Mimori moved her hands to Ryuho's abdomen and slid her finger tips along the taut contours before slipping her explorative hands around his waist so she could run them up and down his broad back. She felt him shudder in response right before his own caresses became more insistent, leaving trails of fire in their wake. It felt like she would surely burn to a crisp at any moment, especially with the way his mouth thoroughly ravaged hers. My god but his mind numbing kisses and the feel of his strong hands all over her upper body was powerfully hypnotic! To the point that she barely noticed when he lowered her to the ground, laying her on the now spread blanket with him hovering over her.

'When did he do that?' Mimori absently wondered. But before she could even try to figure it out, Ryuho moaned against her mouth, asking for permission to remove the rest of her clothing. All she could do was groan out a reply as he tore his mouth from hers. He proceeded to leave a trail of kisses down her neck giving particular attention to the hollow at the base of her throat. While masterful hands snaked their way to the drawstring on her pajamas, eagerly untying them. Then the next thing she knew, he was up and kneeling in between her knees pulling both her bottoms and panties off. The pink slippers were already missing from her feet. (She didn't realize that happened, either) The rush of cool air had her gasping as her golden gaze locked on to his face, immediately noticing the intense expression through the night shadows.

"More than breathtaking…" the Ryu heir murmured. His darkening eyes were smoldering with keen desire as they raked over her heavenly curves.

Absolutely exquisite she was, with translucent skin that glowed in the moonlight, while rich ebony hair flowed about her face and shoulders in perfect contrast, like the moon itself against the black of night. Then there were her full breasts that lovingly cradled his pendant in between them. Arousal and the nip in the air made the rosy nipples pucker into tiny buds of flesh and he couldn't wait to taste them. But, before he gave into the urge, Ryuho let his gaze wander down to her smooth stomach and tone thighs. He hungrily devoured every inch of her as the need to claim her became overpowering. Without a moment to lose, the impassioned man leaned forward fully intending to do so, until a petite hand stopped him.

"I want to see you, too," Mimori whispered in explanation, looking pointedly at his pants.

"Oh…" the viridian-haired man muttered in comprehension. Sitting back, he hastily removed the scuffed and worn black knee-hi boots and pants of his HOLY uniform ahead of pushing a pair of white boxer-briefs down his narrow hips and muscular legs. Then without pause, he returned to kneel in between her bent knees.

After moving to sit up, Mimori's curious eyes took in the sight of the magnificent male before her. Ryuho was quite impressive really and a tiny part of her was bit apprehensive about their impending coupling. But, she knew that he would be gentle and would never intentionally hurt her, even if it was inevitable. She wasn't going to let that little 'inconvenience' deter their lovemaking, however. Especially since she was already aching for his touch and desperately wanted to feel his flesh against hers. Besides, she had a strong desire to touch him.

So, she did.

"God…" Ryuho croaked, instantly closing his eyes as she tentatively explored him. Her hand felt good, real good, almost too good, especially after she became bolder. Mimori's caresses were making it almost impossible for him think straight, let alone keep his raging desire in check. Not to mention that he really wanted to show her what it felt like to be touched so intimately.

After a few more blissful yet agonizing seconds, Ryuho felt the need to end the torture and pounced. In an instant, he drew her away his right hand while pushing her backward with the left. Once she was lying down, he once again moved to hover over her and attacked her lips, ardently kissing her. The moment was so intense that Mimori couldn't hold back the whimper that escaped into his intoxicating mouth as she buried her fingers into his long hair, urging him for more.

More than willing to comply, he pulled away from her kiss swollen lips and started to leave little nips and kisses down her cheek before moving to her neck and collarbone. Leaning on his left forearm, Ryuho brought his right hand to her left breast where he rolled the hardened peak in between his thumb and fingertips while continuing a downward trail with lips and teeth. Then his hand started to slip lower along her supple form as his lips reached her chest. His tongue darted out and ran over a puckered tip before he drew it into his mouth.

The stimulated woman gasped, eyes closing as she arched into him. God did he have a talented mouth! With every roll and undulation of his tongue, Mimori could feel the heated ache in the pit of her stomach grow in intensity, especially since his hand just reached her inner thigh. She felt like a wonton, desperate for more, desperate to have him even closer to her. Surely she would die, if he didn't do something and soon. Then he started to kiss his way over to her right breast, while fingertips brushed her intimately.

"Ryuho!" she cried as her eyes shot open. Absolutely nothing could have prepared her of the onslaught of sensations that erupted through her body from his gentle touch. The combination of it all, Ryuho's incredible body over hers, his long hair brushing against her flushed skin, his mouth worshipping a breast, and his hand- god his hand- was making her so hot, so stirred, that she would do anything for completion. Spontaneous combustion was what came to mind, for surely that was what was going to happen and soon if he didn't stop his torturous caresses and take her. Unable to take anymore, the desperate woman dug her nails into his shoulders while pleading, "Now Ryuho… please…"

Her plea couldn't have come at a more perfect time, the master of Zetsuei thought, because he didn't know how much more he could withstand either. So without delay, Ryuho fulfilled her request by joining them in the most cherished of ways.

With every movement, with every touch, sensations heightened as the feeling of absolute oneness enveloped the young lovers. It was astounding. Like everything was right in the world. And in that moment, it was. For all they were aware of was each other as they moved in perfect synchronicity. Love also flow flowed freely between to the two, even though the actual word wasn't uttered throughout the entire exchange. No words were necessary, all being expressed through their connected bodies. As the time passed, rapidly beating hearts sent the blood in their veins racing while gasps and moans erupted more frequently through inflamed mouths. And before they could even contemplate the possible consequences of their actions…

The pinnacle moment was upon them, rocking bodies and souls with such a force that they soared to oblivion together.


From the lingering shadows just before dawn's first light, he watched her. She was asleep snugly wrapped in the checked blanket, still lying in the depression they created amongst the grasses during their night of passion. The sleeping beauty needed the rest. After all, he kept her up half the night making love. He didn't regret it, though. It was a fantasy come true and he would gladly trade many sleepless nights for the chance to do it all over again.

No, he had no regrets…

None whatsoever…

Well, he did have one.

But, it wasn't because he made the mistake of overreacting and went flying down the hill the night before. It wasn't because he went against his own rules and got too close, either. And he definitely didn't have any qualms about their lovemaking.

What he did regret, however, was the fact that he had to leave her.

Oh how he wished he didn't have to go, especially since he was absolutely certain that the feel of her body against his was going to haunt him for the countless lonely nights ahead of him. Hell, he could still feel lingering caresses on his skin from her dainty hands and full lips. Just thinking about them caused a shiver to run down his spine, while the temptation of curling up with her under the blanket became almost unbearable.

He couldn't though and he knew it. Unfortunately, there was just too much to do. So, he just stood there and watched as the first signs of dawn streaked through the sky in muted mauves and periwinkles. It was going to be a glorious morning he mused before noticing a shifting in the covers and graceful arms rising to the sky.

Then she sat up.

Sleep mussed inky black hair fell about her bare shoulders and still hazed-filled eyes. As if she hadn't realized where she was or what had happened the night before. After a moment and a feline-like stretch and yawn, the woman's expression changed as the events from the night before came back to her. Then a poignant smile graced her features as she absently ran the index and middle finger of her right hand down her cheek. However, a few heartbeats later, the smile turned whimsical as she uttered 'no regrets' into the crisp morning air, which put the man at ease. If she didn't have any regrets, then he wouldn't either. However, right then and there, he made a promise. One that come hell or high water he would keep…

"I promise, Mimori, that I will come back to you," Ryuho whispered to himself right before slipping silently from the plateau.


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