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Summery: Yuan finds Lloyd in the Iselia forest instead of Dirk. He knows that he would weaken Kratos, so he raises Lloyd and teaches him to hate Kratos. Lloyd still has Anna's exsphere and also gets wings sooner. Lloyd lives in both Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, wherever Yuan is at the time. Lloyd acts slightly more like Yuan, but not too much. Lloyd can still act like the first Lloyd, but in the sense that he plays pranks on people. Instead of Zelos, Lloyd is the renegade spy. Sheena starts suspecting that Lloyd is betraying them, but she doesn't know about him being a renegade. Yuan slightly grows closer to Lloyd in a fatherly way, despite what he vowed never to do.

Lloyd wears different clothes. His clothes resemble Yuan's a lot, except for the fact that he wears a pair of black pants and a white cape. Also, the red of his top is a lot darker. And his boots are white. His hair is also long and tied up like Yuan's only with a white ribbon. Also, he wears a dark blue head band with some sort of white runes on them.

When Lloyd lived in Tethe'alla, he met up with Zelos. So he's childhood friends with him and did whatever he could to keep in touch. He also met with Sheena, but they don't remember it too well. If it weren't for Zelos, Lloyd would have been a very, very, serious child. The pairings will probably include SheenaxLloyd (sorry if you hate that pairing but Lloyd was raised in ways against the chosen so Colette didn't seem right) and probably ZelosxColette (maybe). There will be one-sided Gelette, but only because Lloyd isn't there for Colette. And maybe a little GenisxPresea.

Ready…? BEGIN!


A woman's screams echoed throughout the forest. As they went on, the sounded more and more monstrous, the poor woman was obviously suffering. Yuan steadily closed his eyes. He had warned Kratos, oh how he had warned him. He had told him that he should avoid love, that it would only bring pain. He had warned him that his lover and child would eventually grow older than him. But Kratos had been blinded by his love for Anna.

What Yuan was interested in was his son, Lloyd. After all, he knew that he might need Lloyd to work with Kratos.

Piercing noises filled the air. Yuan flinched, despite himself. That poor woman must be going through hell right now.

The view from the back of the tree was very good. He watched as Kratos was battling the monster. Yuan soon looked away, disgusted. Deep down, he hated watching people die. And this woman was no exception.

A load screeching noise filled the air. Yuan turned from around the tree. The monster called Anna had fallen of that cliff. Yuan flinched, imagining the pain Anna felt. Kratos appeared to be looking desperately around. Where was Lloyd?

When he couldn't find Lloyd, Kratos collapsed on the ground, crying. That isn't right, thought Yuan. Anna must have died due to wounds, but no matter how young Lloyd was, the fall shouldn't have been fatal.

Sneaking around the cliff area so Kratos wouldn't see him, Yuan disappeared deep into the forest, following the ruble. When he heard quiet moaning sounds, he placed his hand on his sword. But, when approached closer, he saw that Anna had turned back into a human and was clutching a baby. He kneeled down next to her. "Anna, are you alright?"

"Y-Yuan," chocked Anna. "Wh-what do you w-want?"

"Hmm, I see," said Yuan, examining Anna's wound. "With this wound, there's no hope for you to survive."

"P-please," said Anna, who was having trouble breathing. "I-I don't care about me, but m-my son."

"Lloyd?" whispered Yuan.

"Y-yes," said Anna. She didn't have long. "P-please. If y-you have any love in that heart of yours, please let him live. And p-please, g-give him my exsphere." With that, her breath stopped. Yuan checked for a pulse. Nothing. Lloyd gave a cry, bringing Yuan's attention towards him.

"What should I do with you?" whispered Yuan, holding the small child. He could give him to Kratos but what would happen then? Mithos wouldn't leave Kratos alone; Lloyd would be raised as a child of Cruxis. Yuan knew that the last thing he needed was a new angel in Cruxis. He could leave him in Iselia, but what if Kratos found him?

Then, a thought came into his head. What if he raised Lloyd? He could raise him to hate cruxis and Kratos. Lloyd would become the ultimate weapon against Kratos. Kratos would be at Yuan's knees. Yuan looked down at the young child in his arms. "Welcome to your new life," he whispered. "Lloyd Yggdrasil."

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