A/N: This little ditty has been kicking around in my head for a few weeks now, and I have finally found some time to get it started. The basic idea is that the show has left out some small but important moments in Booth and Brennan's developing relationship, and each chapter here will detail one of those moments. I'm posting the first three chapters to start, and I would appreciate any feedback--what I did well and what I need to work on. If there's enough interest I'll continue the series, and if there's not I'll just leave it at three chapters. Let me know what you think!

This first part is set before the show begins, when Brennan first meets Booth. Enjoy!

Dr. Temperance Brennan slid off her blue lab coat and pulled the elastic from her hair, carefully hanging up the coat as she pocketed the elastic. She glanced quickly around at the neatly arranged office, her mind drifting for a moment, wondering what it was that her boss needed to see her about. Her assistant Zack had been very cryptic when he had delivered the message.

She sighed and strode down the hallway, shifting her thoughts back to the images of the skeleton she had been working on, trying to piece together the puzzle while she walked. As she neared her destination, though, she could hear not one but two voices: that of the Jeffersonian's administrator and one that was wholly unfamiliar to her. Brennan paused just outside the open office door, her eyes searching for the owner of the second voice.

They landed upon a dark-haired man in a black suit who was seated in one of the chairs in front of her boss's desk. She could only see the back of him, but noted the crisp hair cut and broad shoulders, the straight posture, the long legs sitting at right angles to the rest of his body. His head turned slightly and Brennan caught sight of a squarish jaw with a hint of a five o'clock shadow.

Military man or law enforcement? she asked herself. Secret Service maybe?

Reaching out, she knocked gently on the doorframe to alert the two men of her presence. "Dr. Goodman, you wanted to see me?" she asked her boss.

"Ah, Dr. Brennan," he replied, rising from his chair behind the desk. "Come in, come in."

The second man rose as well, buttoning his suit coat as he turned to face her.

Tall, she thought. Strong, too, I bet.

"Dr. Brennan," Goodman continued, "I'd like you to meet Special Agent Seeley Booth from the FBI's Homicide Investigations Unit."

She nodded politely. FBI...law enforcement it is.

Booth offered his hand, silently appraising the scientist standing before him. So this is the infamous Dr. Brennan…not bad looking—in a Squinty sort of way. Aloud he said, "Nice to meet you Dr. Brennan."

"And you Agent Booth," she replied, briefly shaking his hand. He is strong.

"Agent Booth, here, has come on behalf of the FBI to request our help with a particularly difficult homicide case," Goodman explained.

Booth handed a manila folder to Brennan. "Deputy Director Cullen specifically asked for you, Dr. Brennan. He heard you were the best in your field and that you'd helped other agencies with some of their toughest cases. He was hoping that you'd be able to help us with this one."

"Dr. Brennan is the best," Goodman confirmed with a proud smile. "And I'm sure she'd be happy to lend her expertise to the FBI."

Brennan looked up from the file to glare at her boss. When is he going to stop treating me like property? "You're just going to promise my help without asking me first? What if I don't have the time? What if I already have too many other cases to work on?"

Booth tried not to roll his eyes. Great, not only is she a Squint, but she's a temperamental Squint. If she's gonna be a pain in the ass all the time, she better be worth it.

Goodman pressed his lips together in an effort to suppress a displeased frown. "That we will discuss later. Right now, you have work to do."

Booth stood, extending his hand to the administrator. "Thank you, Dr. Goodman."

Goodman reciprocated, nodding. "Good luck to you, Agent Booth."

Brennan rose from her seat, shooting an unhappy glance at her boss before turning her attention back to the file, reading as she exited the office.

"So what do you think?" Booth asked, following her out.

Her eyes shifted from the papers in her hands to the man beside her. "I'm going to need the Coroner's X-rays of the remains—originals, not copies—and reports from any and all lab work performed."

He pulled a memo pad from his suit coat pocket and jotted down her requests. "Anything else?"

"Any other physical evidence that was found on or with the bones," she replied, "as soon as you can get it to me."

"I'll call the FBI forensics lab and have it all delivered to you by the end of the day." He looked her over again, a smirk settling on his lips as she flipped though the papers in the folder. She won't look at me for more than a second. I bet she thinks I'm hot…has a thing for me already. Squints don't get much contact with real men…she won't be able to resist me.

She snapped the folder shut and nodded. "Okay. As soon as I know anything I'll call your office."

Brennan immediately turned and headed down the hallway that led to her own office, leaving Booth staring after her. His forehead wrinkled in confusion for a moment before he jogged over to her. "Wait, Dr. Brennan," he said, laying a hand on her shoulder. They always melt when I touch 'em.

"Yes?" she stopped and twisted around to face him, raising a questioning eyebrow at the hand on her shoulder.

Strike one…guess I'll have to turn up the charm. "I, uh, just wanted to thank you," he replied in his sincerest voice, pulling his hand away. "It's important that we find out what happened…"

"…so we can find out who the victim is and give this family some closure," she finished for him.

That isn't what I was going to say, and she didn't even notice the whole "quiet torment" thing I had going on. I guess that's strike two. He pulled a business card from his inner jacket pocket and scribbled something on the back before handing it to her. "That's my office number on the front, and my cell number on the back," he told her, flashing his most charismatic smile. "If you need anything else, you can call me directly."

She took the card and placed it in the file folder. Is he really trying to flirt with me? During an investigation? That can't be right…I have to be misreading him. "Okay," she repeated steadily. "Do you know your way out?"

Ouch—strike three. "Uh, yeah. I can find my way out." He tucked his memo book inside his coat and watched her walk away. She is definitely not like any other Squint I've met…or any other woman for that matter. But I'll crack her yet. He grinned to himself and headed to the exit.

Brennan waited for Booth to move off in the other direction, then glanced back at him. This is the first case I've done for the FBI. I wonder how closely I'll be working with Agent Booth. Is he going to respect me and my work, or am I going to have to prove myself to him, too?