Conclusion Special #1:
Author's Notes

And that's how a self-insertion fan fiction is done, baby! Woohoo!

Ah, sorry, Newbie-Spud here. I just feel like celebrating for finally finishing this story, The Interference. So I thought I'd give you guys a couple treats. Two of 'em, actually. First up, we'll have another edition of the Author's Notes. The Halfway Special seemed to work pretty well, so I'd like to do it again. With different content, of course. Remember, the things I say about my story are my opinions, so they don't necessarily have to be yours.


The fact that this story's finished it, really, a surprise even to me. I mean, when I had started writing this fanfic, I was honestly hoping to finish it at some point. But I didn't want to let myself down, so I didn't hold out too much hope for that. But now that it's actually finished... Wow.

And honestly, I'm incredibly impressed I was able to finish it before the New Year. (Although it had become my deadline by the time I was writing Deep Drive.) I looked back at the publish date, and I saw that it was mid-June. It's the end of December now. So that means this story took little over five months to write. For a story bordering 150 thousand words, I think that's pretty good. Then again, it's my first story, so I'm no judge.

Alexander's Journey

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. A lot of this was improvised. That is, I didn't really plan for what would happen to Alexander during the story. I just placed him in the story of the game and sent him through to see what would happen. Soon, it got to the point where the story was starting to write itself.

That's what I think one of my achievements is. I've created an OC that has actually developed over the course of the story. I looked over the story, and I think there are four major stages of Alexander's development.

The first six Days at Twilight Town, Alex is just learning about his situation and getting used to the fighting environment of being in the game. Then comes chapter seven, A New Day, where Sora comes in. After that, Alexander starts to kinda fall under the trio's shadow, only speaking up to give advice from time to time and to introduce himself to the other Disney characters.

So it continues, until chapter nineteen, Sinister Sundown, where Alex takes the initiative and makes a huge Interference. He prevents Kairi from getting kidnapped (until later), and starts to find his place among his friends.

He slowly starts becoming more assertive and responsible, until chapter thirty-seven, One-Winged Angel. I don't even think I have to explain what happens. But the battle with Sephiroth seems to really do the trick for Alex, and he learns to take the lead and actively participate.

By the time that fourth stage hit, Alexander's character had been fully fleshed out, and I was no longer in control. He was writing himself.

A Shout Out to Readers and Reviewers

I really have to thank all of those that read the story and gave positive reviews and constructive criticism. Without you all, I never would have made it this far. I don't think it's quite understood what a powerful thing it is for a writer to be able to have people review his story while it's still a work-in-progress. I know there are also some readers who haven't reviewed yet. I thank you all, anyway.

Positive reviews keep a writer's morale up and inspires him/her to keep writing, while honest criticism lets the writer know where his problems are and help the story become even better as it goes along. It's really quite incredible, and I have you all to thank for giving me reviews. Thank you all... again.

The Biggest Interference

Oh, yes, I almost forgot... I saved Axel. Yes, yes, I know I was catering to the fangirls. Stop glomping me already!

Ah, but I kid. We've all thought of it, but I was crazy enough to do it! And why not, really? Axel's a pretty cool guy, he was just working with the wrong people. I also gave him back his heart, 'cause what good is having a Nobody for a friend, who can't feel the same way about his own friends?

It's funny that I've never seen this kind of thing done before. In fact, I think mine is the first story that novelized the game Kingdom Hearts II to any degree, or at least managed to make it that far. (If I'm wrong, please... please let me know if there's another story like that. I haven't found one.)

"The Interference" Trivia

Here's some fun little pieces of trivia for you all to enjoy. Um, er... Enjoy!

- The chapter titles (except for chapters 1-7 as well as the Specials) are all the titles of respective tracks on the Kingdom Hearts II original soundtrack. They are the songs that usually correspond with either the situation or the world in question. (I say 'usually' because Old Friends, Old Rivals is actually the battle theme for Timeless River! D'oh!)

- I learned new things about the game while I was writing this fanfic. The reaction command progression in the first duel with Xemnas was actually pointed out to me by a reader. A round of applause for Warp Ligia Obscura!

- I had originally written the first six chapters with Alexander being with Roxas during the six Days at the alternate Twilight Town. But it felt weak and I deleted the document, starting all over again. Now I feel grateful that I did that. This version sounds much more original.

- Alexander's experience with the game Kingdom Hearts II reflects my own. As I said before, I was playing the game at the same time I was writing the fan fiction, so that I could get a fresh memory. It was actually my third time through! I have one save on Beginner mode (where I beat Sephiroth and the Underdrome Tourneys), another on Proud mode (so that I could see the secret ending), and this third one on Standard.

Is It Over?

Over? What? Are you kidding me!? No, of course not! For one thing, I'll most likely need to go back through the story and edit any typos I might have failed to fix. I can already see a few as I'm writing this chapter...

But beyond the editing? Well... Alright, I guess I'll give you a sneak peek of the... sequel I'm writing! Ha, you've all been asking me to write one, but I've been already planning one behind your backs for a long time! And now I'm able to write it!!

Ahem. I've made this preview much like the secret endings of the Kingdom Hearts games. Get ready for The Interference II: Curse of the Crimson Elixir! Look for it in the Crossovers section!

Conclusion Special #2:
Secret Ending

Alexander tossed and turned in his bed. It was the dead of night, and his hometown was peaceful for the most part, save for the usual business downtown. But inside his mind, strange images were beginning to haunt him.

There was a forest clearing, a short distance away from a destroyed town. A church was in the background, and they stood in the middle of a graveyard of sorts. In the clearing stood several figures. Their faced couldn't be seen, but two of them stood side by side on one side, staring at the other.

One of them was a short boy with long blond hair in a braid, wearing a red cloak. The one standing next to the boy was a taller figure in heavy light blue armor. The figure standing across from them had a dark outfit on, and silver hair that partially covered up one eye.

They seemed to exchange a few remarks, but nothing could be heard. Suddenly, the blond boy clapped his hands, and placed a hand on his right arm. In a flash of blue sparks, a blade appeared on his arm. The boy charged forward.

The dark figure also clapped his hands and placed them on the ground. With purple sparks flashing, the grass beneath him started to grow at a massive rate and hardened into some kind of sharp metal, heading straight for the blond boy.

Alex's body suddenly convulsed, his eyes still clamped shut. Some words began to go through his mind."The Grand Arcanum of Lebis..."

The blond boy leaped high over the overgrowth, and landed next to the dark figure. He stabbed his arm-blade at the dark figure, but the figure held out his hand out palm-first. The blade's tip impacted the skin, but was halted like it had struck a solid wall.

"Without a circle, eh?"More words and phrases flooded his senses, and Alex could've sworn they were familiar. The images faded, and now just words began to appear. They were invading his mind by the thousands, but he could only discern the contents of a small portion. None of them were connected; it was just random phrases plucked out of the air. But they felt real...

"Golems..." "Perhaps it's an exaggeration of sibling rivalry..." "You should know better than to Interfere to this degree." "Why did you turn against me!?" "You'll need help. I know I did." "The remaining five..." "Perhaps I'd be better off without you." "...only a fraction of the true burden you bear." "The force that tries to protect is much stronger than the one that tries to take away." "I'd hate her, but that would risk letting my darkness get stronger."

Suddenly, one phrase shone out from the obscurity, forcing all the others to disappear as it sounded out as clear as a bell. "We're waiting and watching, Alexander, for you to make your next Interference..."

"AUGH!" Alex screamed, shooting straight up out of his bed and sitting up. When the panic passed, he realized that it was still the middle of a night. He groaned and rubbed the side of his head.

Just what the heck was that!? Joumae demanded. Alex shook his head. "Just a stupid dream... Well, more like a nightmare." He looked at his digital clock on the opposite side of the room, shining 11:54 in bright red digits. It was six minutes until the turn of the date. Six minutes until August 15th, his fifteenth birthday. Alex sighed. "Good grief," he muttered, plopping his head back down onto his pillow.