The room which Zabuza had taken him to was dark, miserable and small; it barely had a small twin bed and a table that held some food: it also had a curtain that Haku assumed was a bathroom. Haku tried not to stare at the food out of respect towards who had said was his new master, but he was unable to hide the way his stomach rumbled: he hadn't eaten anything over two days.

Zabuza glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and Haku tried to look as meek and unassuming as possible, holding his arms tight around his stomach as if to quiet down the hungry noises it was making. He was no stranger to being hit. Zabuza, however, just tilted his head towards the food while he walked towards the bed.

"There's some rice there, and some curry. Eat it."

Haku stared at surprise. All that food for him?

"Is… is it really okay?"

"I said so." Zabuza said, already lying down over the bed. "You know how to bath yourself?"

"Y-yes, Zabuza-san!"

"After you eat, go and take a bath."

Haku was so surprised at his master's words that for a moment he just stared at him. When Zabuza cleared his throat, Haku rushed to do as he was told, only slowing down on the way he was eating after he had almost chocked and Zabuza had snapped that he didn't have to hurry that much.

When he came out of taking his bath, half an hour later, he came out naked from it, confused as to what to do next. Zabuza had turned off the lights and Haku could, more or less, notice his body sprawled over the bed, a hand over his stomach.

He wasn't a stranger on getting some food by using his body either. Sure, Zabuza hadn't acted like the other men had, but he had said that he was going to be his. Surely it meant also that, right?

Softly, Haku went towards the bed, carefully moving on top and kneeling at Zabuza's side. His eyes were closed and he didn't even twitch when he got close. Carefully, Haku put a hand over Zabuza's leg and tried to undo his pants. In less than a second, he found his hands tightly held by Zabuza's hand.

"I didn't bring you here for that," Zabuza said, letting go of his hand and rolling towards his side. Before Haku could say anything, let it be apologize or ask what he was supposed to do (probably both), Zabuza continued. "Get into the sheets and sleep. Now. We're leaving at sunrise."

"Yes, Zabuza-san!" Haku was quick to do as he was told. However, after a few seconds, he rolled to his side and, carefully, curled against Zabuza's side. When his master didn't complain about that, Haku relaxed and fell asleep a few seconds after that.