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Chapter 1: Back in Konoha

Team seven was very annoyed right now. They just came back from another D ranked mission. Their 6th one this month.

"Kakashi-sensei! Why do we have to keep doing these low rank missions?" asked our favorite blonde shinobi. "You know we are better than this. I want a really hard one! How do you expect me to become Hokage when all we are doing is-is rescuing some animal from a tree or painting an old lady's fence? Believe it!" Naruto shouted.

Kakashi gave an inaudible sigh behind his mask. It seemed that lately, if possible, Naruto has become more annoying and loud. Not even his Make Out Paradise series was enough to escape from his incessant rambling. "Naruto, you know that to become Hokage you must do all missions asked of you, even the ones you don't want to do. A Hokage is well rounded and has experience in all types of missions. You need to start out small."

"But Kakashi-sensei! These missions are soooo stupid. Can't we take a more challenging one? Please?"

"As much as I hate to agree with you idiot, I do this time. None of these missions test out our skill as shinobi, sensei, we have not even needed to use any taijutsu, genjutsu, or ninjutsu. All of these missions are just weak." Stated Sasuke Uchiha, the number one rookie in Konoha.

"Yeah!" Agreed the pink haired kunoichi. Of course, she would agree with anything that Sasuke said.

Kakashi sighed again. "Fine" Team 7 smiled if relief. "I'll think about it." The smiles dropped off of their faces.

"But-"started Naruto.

"That's enough for now. You all have the rest of the day off. I am going to report to Tsunade-sama. Be at practice area 3 at dawn. Later." And with that said Kakashi teleported in a puff of smoke, leaving the three standing at the gates.

"Man, he always does this! Our next mission better be a good one!" Rambled Naruto. Sakura and Sasuke just stood there listening to his rants. After a few minutes, they couldn't take it anymore. Sakura's eye was twitching out of control, and Sasuke's teeth were grounded down.

"NARUTO! SHUT UP!" Shouted Sakura while swinging her fist onto the blonde's head.






"Yes you were dobe."


"UUHHHH!" Screamed a frustrated Sakura. "I'm going home. Bye." With those words she stormed off into the village. While Naruto and Sasuke stared at her. After a short pause, Sasuke turned and went off towards the Uchiha estate, leaving Naruto alone. Once Sasuke was out off sight, Naruto's stomach rumbled. He laughed nervously.

"I guess I haven't eaten in a while. I know! I'll find Iruka-sensei and trick him into buying me some Ramen! Ya!" Naruto was already sprinting to the academy as he finished speaking. For the past few weeks, Naruto hasn't eaten very much due to low income. These small missions don't pay very well and most of his money goes to paying rent for his apartment. As a result, he has lost weight and been more tired than usual. But no one pays any attention to him to notice.

As he raced through the streets of Konoha, the villagers gave him dirty looks, while whispering unsavory words about the blonde shinobi. Naruto ignored them all, as this was an every day occurrence. The academy loomed into view up ahead causing Naruto to grin and pick up the pace.

He entered the building and rushed to Iruka's classroom. Right as he was about to pull the sliding doors open, kids came stampeding through the doors, knocking Naruto over, and he was then trampled on by the students as they rushed to recess.

With foot prints covering his face and clothes, Naruto pulled himself up off of the ground and stumbled into the classroom. Iruka looked over from his position at the chalkboard and laughed at the young shinobi.

"Hey! It's not funny!" This only caused Iruka to laugh harder. He finally sobered down when Naruto started to glare at him.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I couldn't help myself." Iruka grinned at him. "So what can I do for you today?" He inquired.

Naruto then smacked on his best you-can't-resist-spoiling-me-to-ramen-cause-I'm-one-of-your-favorite-students-and-I'm-really-hungry-Iruka eyes. However, before he can even ask him, he interrupted.

"Sorry Naruto, I'm to busy. I still have to finish class and then I have to write tomorrow's lesson plan and then grade essays. I'm booked. But-"he added when he saw Naruto's downtrodden expression. "I'll give you some money so you can get something to eat."

"Yeah, Iruka-sensei! You're the best! Thank you!" Naruto rushed over and gave Iruka a bone crushing hug and then snatched the money out of his hand. Before Naruto completely exited the classroom, he turned around and faced Iruka. "Thanks again Iruka-sensei. For everything you have done for me. I don't know where I would be without you all of these years. When I am Hokage, I'll make sure I pay you back some how. Believe it!" And with that, Naruto was gone.

Iruka smiled fondly and what Naruto said. 'You'll make a great Hokage someday Naruto. I just hope that the Kyuubi stays under control and that the villagers will accept you some day.'

------------------------------That Night---------------------

Naruto gave a happy sigh as he collapsed into bed. He didn't get to eat as much as he wanted since he only had the money Iruka gave him, but for now, his hunger was quenched. He lay there thinking of the previous missions and how lame they were.

"Man, this sucks!" He complained while rising from bed. "We need some better missions. I swear if I have to rescue another cat I'm going to go crazy!" He walked over to the north facing window in his room that was closer to the gates so less light blocked his view of the sky.

He stared up at the stars for a long time. The North Star shimmered brightly among the rest of them, standing out, making the others seem inferior.

"Some day I'll be Hokage, and everyone will respect me, and not look at me with hate but adoration. Some day." Naruto's eyes clouded over with visions of the future.

Some wishful thinking Kit.

Naruto immediately scowled as the Kyuubi's voice filled his head. 'What do you want?'

Oh nothing, just listening to you talk about your impossible dreams. Again.

'Some day I will make those dreams a reality.'

They'll never accept you. They fear me too much. All they see when the look at you is me. They'll never let a demon become Hokage.

'You're wrong. I will be Hokage and I won't let even you stop me from it.'

We will see. We will se….. The Kyuubi's voice faded back into Naruto's mind.

"Damn fox. This is all of your fault." Grumbled Naruto. He looked back up into the sky. Pretty soon, his eye lids grew heavy and he gave a tired yawn. Before he turned away from the sky, a star shot across the heavens and faded into the distance. Naruto immediately shut his eyes and began to wish.

'I wish that we will get a hard and challenging mission tomorrow' Naruto opened his eyes and looked to the sky one more time before heading off to bed. He slid under his covers, and began to drift off to sleep. Right before he was fully asleep, the Kyuubi's voice whispered across his mind.

Be careful what you wish for Kit. It may come true.

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