Title: "Partners Under the Mistletoe"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG
Summary: Nick, Kate, and mistletoe.
Disclaimer: Nick O'Malley, Kate Benson, Chief/Captain Page, Carl, Special Unit 2, and all characters within this story are © & TM their respective owners and are used without permission. Everything else is © & TM Pirate Turner. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction.

"So, Kate," Nick asked as they turned from the Captain's desk and began to head out of headquarters, "are you ready for this?"

Kate's eyes flashed. "Don't tell me you're doubting my ability again, O'Malley. This is just one more Link."

"I don't doubt you," Nick told her even as they continued to walk side by side.

They fell silent, and Nick's eyes glanced upwards as they approached the destination he truly had in mind. Kate did not even begin to realize what was going through her partner's mind as they continued to walk nor did she realize the danger she was in when she stepped underneath the mistletoe. She began to continue on, but Nick's strong arms reached out to snake around her waist and pull her back to him.

"Nick, what in the Hell are you doing?" Kate demanded angrily even as he dipped her. His chocolate eyes gazed down into her baby blues, and the blonde instantly forgot her anger as she felt herself becoming lost in his dark sea. His hand softly caressed the side of her beautiful face, his fingertips stroking her silky hair.

Her mouth opened as she tried to complain again, but then his lips touched softly down upon hers. The kiss began gently but deepened slowly as her lips parted under his, subconsciously granting her best friend the permission his tongue sought. His tongue dipped into her mouth as her own tongue slowly slipped up into his. His hands caressed the small of her back and stroked the side of her face as, despite herself, she slowly began to return his kiss.

Under two pairs of silent eyes, Nick and Kate's kiss stretched on. Her betraying body arched against his. Her arms slipped around his waist, and she clung to him as their kiss deepened even further. They were the only ones in their world, and nothing else mattered until their burning lungs began to scream for oxygen.

Nick's lips reluctantly raised from hers. His sexy eyes searching the beautiful eyes that constantly haunted his mind, he smiled charmingly down at her as he whispered softly against her lips, "Merry Christmas, Kate." He winked at her before slowly setting her back on her own two feet and reluctantly releasing her.

As Nick continued on, Kate stood in shock. Her mind wheeled from the most passionate kiss she had ever tasted. Her breasts ached from need for more of him even as she struggled to control her pounding heart. Her face was still flushed as she finally managed to force her feet to turn her body around. She continued to breathe hard even as she slowly started to follow Nick again.

They watched until they were gone, and then the Gnome turned to look up at the towering black man. He grinned as he extended his hand, palm upwards. "I told ya he'd leave her breathless. Pay up."

"Hmph," Chief muttered from around the thick cigar he clenched tightly in his teeth. "I thought Benson had more guts than that." Carl grinned as the Captain reluctantly handed him the money.

The End