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I Love you- she says

"Are you ready to go, May? May?"

"I don't think she can hear you, Ash."

Being already annoyed, Ash grumbled as he took off his hat and fanned himself with it. They were traveling through yet another tourist's town. At least that's what they had been called. Ash had a battle to get to, but every time he became hopeful that the next town they would visit would hold the Battle Brain he was looking for, it always turned out to be another tourist's town. There were a lot of them, especially on the road they were traveling on.

Every time they hit a tourist's town, May's face would light up. She admitted that she was in love with the cute little stores that weren't found anywhere else but these dinky little towns. Though it hadn't made any sense to any of the boys, she insisted that they visited the towns, saying that they would make sure they journeyed 'to the fullest' that way.

And now, she was zooming through yet another shop when everyone else wanted to leave. Ash groaned, putting his hat back on.

"What're you going to do?" Max asked, Brock was too busy leafing through a book he'd bought.

"I'm just going to go get her." Ash replied as he stepped into the store, Pikachu riding peacefully on his shoulder.

Ooh, I got a crush on you

I hope you feel the way that I do

I get a rush

When I'm with you

"Sure, it's maybe the best in the store."


Ash walked around the store, one thing he hated about the family owned stores was how small they were. The rows of items were stacked so close to each other, it was a wonder anybody actually got through.

"It'll help you with any problems in that department."

"Ah," Ash turned to see May standing at the counter with an old woman, probably as tall as Max. The woman's eyes were so small it was hard to tell whether or not the woman had actually been looking at May or was keeping her eyes shut. Long strands of gray hair had been curled into an long braid that sat on her right shoulder. Her green dress lingered on the floor, obviously showing that it was too big for her minuscule body. "May."

The woman's gray eyes turned to Ash as a wrinkled grin surfaced. "Is there something you desire?"

The woman reminded Ash of those strange fortune tellers he'd seen on TV when he was younger.

"Is there?"

"Uh, no, I'm here for," he motioned towards May.


"Ash? Pikachu?" May turned to look at them, after a few seconds she realized who she was speaking to. And for some reason, her face became red.

"Uh, May, your face is-" Ash began to point out.

But May turned her back to him and went back to talking to the lady. "I-I'll take it." She mumbled.

The woman stored what seemed to be a small statue into a plastic bag and gave it to May.

"What's that?" Ash asked.

May looked down towards the floor as she stalked out of the store. "Nothing, something..." she whispered. Her face still flaming.

Ash stared, but shrugged his shoulders. Today, he didn't feel like trying to figure May out. Instead he said good bye to the woman and continued onward, happy to finally be able to leave Pairy city. No, wait, wasn't it Perry city? Or was that the name of the tour guy they'd met a week ago? Ash's shoulders sagged, they'd visited so many tourist's town, he couldn't keep track of their names. How confusing.

Ooh, I've got a crush on you

A crush on you

"Road closed." Brock read from the sign that had been posted before them.

"No way!" Ash shouted. How could it be? He was so close to leave, so close to be able to battle the next brain, but the road was closed. Somewhere a mud slide had occurred, and now they wouldn't be able to leave until the next day.

Pikachu sighed, it seemed that he too, was ready to battle.

May looked over at the sign, she had to admit, even she had been wondering when the tourist's towns were going to end. And now, when they finally passed through the last of them, the road was closed. Had someone placed bad luck on Ash? She looked towards the trainer. He was aggravated, she could tell from just looking at his face.

"I guess there's nothing we can do." Brock said, nodding.

Ash let out a groan, but started to walk in the opposite direction.

"Where are you going?" Max asked.

"Where else?" the trainer replied. "The Pokemon Center."

May pulled out the small item she'd bought from Mrs. Minase's shop. She squeezed it in her fingers, vaguely feeling the smooth surface of it between her clothed hand.

"I guess we should all go." Max said with a shrug.


The three boys and single pokemon turned their heads to face May, surprised by her sudden outburst.

"What is it?" Ash asked.

Suddenly May became nervous. "Er, um, would you like to go on a walk? With me?"


May closed her eyes. "I know you're mad about not going to the Brain today. So you want to blow off steam, right? And one way to do it is to go walking."

"Why do you only want to walk with Ash?" Max asked, bluntly. "What about me and Brock?"

May's face began to burn. Oh no, she didn't mean it to sound like that, she meant to sound helpful. Now it seemed like she wanted Ash alone. "Well, uh, you could, um, come too?"

"I thi-"

"If Brock and Max come," Ash said, standing up straight. "It'll be too much people."

"That's true," Brock said, crossing his arms. "And you look tired anyway Max."

Max frowned, trying to look angry for not being included no doubt, but failed. "I'm hungry too." He admitted.

Brock smiled. "Then we'll go to the Pokemon Center, and you two will go on your walk."

"Yeah," May and Ash smiled.

"Well, should we go?" Ash asked.

May nodded. "Mm, let's go."

I know I should tell you how I feel

I wish everyone would disappear

"Wow," May gasped as she, Ash, and Pikachu walked through Perery city. It was becoming night, and because of Perery city's location, the setting sun was like a big circle, falling into the land to the east. It was especially nice because the sun looked so big. "It's so pretty!" May squealed.

"It does look nice," Ash admitted. He looked over at May. "Wanna take a closer look?"

"Can we?" She asked. "I think I'd die if I didn't get to see it up close."

Ash grinned, "let me guess. If you don't go, you won't be journeying the fullest."

May smiled. "Hee! Exactly!"

They both laughed.

"Hey Ash?" May looked up the raven haired boy. "Seems like you're feeling better."

"Yeah, I guess I am." He looked away from May. "The walk was a good idea, huh?" He looked at May, a full smile formed on his lips. "But then, May is full of good ideas, huh?"

May blushed, looking away. She squeezed the statue even harder, she wondered if whether the lady was telling the truth or not. If whether the statue actually worked or was just a mere play thing.

"Hey," Ash said pointing towards the statue in May's hand. "What's that for?"

"What? This?" She asked absentmindedly as she pulled it up for Ash to see. The statue she had held looked like a tiny girl with a blue bonnet and a blue dress to match. Her cheeks were painted a rosy red to match the red hair that spilled from the sides of her bonnet. In her hands, she held a small red heart, reflecting the smile she held on her face.

"Oh, wow," Ash grinned. "It's so tiny."

"Pikaaa," Pikachu added.

"Do you like it?" May asked, smiling once more.

"Yeah," Ash placed his hand over it, touching May's hand as well. "It's cute."

May's cheeks began to burn once more, she looked away.

"What's wrong?"



You know everything that I'm afraid of

You do everything I wish I did

Everybody wants you, everybody loves you

"Uwa!" May cried, she sat on top of the only hill that sat right in front of the sunset area. The setting sun looked more like half an orange right now, coloring the sapphire sky above orange with streaks of pink. "It's so pretty!"

"Isn't it?" Ash asked.

May hadn't noticed him sitting next to her, she smiled. Squeezing her small statue once more, she looked back at Ash.

"Oh, I'm tired." He said.

"Maybe we should go back?" May suggested, though she hadn't wanted her time with Ash to end.

"No," Ash said shaking his head. "I want to wait for the sun to set."

May felt a small blush tint her cheeks, she smiled. They'd gone on the walk to make Ash feel better, to make him happy; but he was the one making her happy, exceptionally happy.

"Hey Ash," May said, turning to face the raven haired boy. But before she could finish her sentence, Ash laid his head onto May's shoulder. Her eyes widened from his touch, from his raven hair pressing softly against her cheek.

"I'm sorry," he finally said. "I'm just a little sleepy."

"N-no problem," May replied, looking back to the sun. But she couldn't focus on it, instead, she couldn't help but lean her own head on top of his. Slowly, she closed her eyes. Now, now she knew nothing else in the world would be able to make her happier.

"Hey," Ash said suddenly, his voice light and drowsy. "This kinda reminds me of when Misty and I used to watch the sunset together."

May's smile fell, nothing could make her happier, but something could make her sad. She knew that, May sat up straight, allowing Ash's head to lightly touch against her shoulder.

And you say exactly how you feel about her

And I wonder, could you ever think of me that way

"What's wrong?" Ash asked, tilting his head upward.

They were alone, absolutely alone. Sure, there had been other people watching the same sunset. And sure, Pikachu was only a few feet before them, chasing along with a small pichu. But they were far enough from others so that no one could hear them.


"Nothing," May said looking down at the grass, to the pile of ants that crowded around a single drop of vanilla ice cream.

"Are you sure?" Ash asked. "Are you sure it's nothing?"

May looked down at the raven haired boy, confused. "What do you mean by that?"

"Some things can be nothing, because if you don't say them you won't regret it later." Ash answered. "But the things that are something, you will regret later if you don't say it."

You know, I'm the one that you can talk to

And sometimes you tell me things that I don't want to know

I just want to hold you

"So," Ash sat up straight now. "Which is it?"

May had to admit, she missed the feeling of his head on her shoulder. "I think..." May began looking down at her statue. "I think it's maybe something."

Ash grinned, "now it's something."

May had to smile at that, but it quickly faded.

"So what is it?"

"I, I sort of..." May hugged her knees. "I don't know how to say it." She looked at Ash, a blush forming on her cheeks. She wished it was easier to say. She wished it was easier to do.

You say everything that no one says

But I feel everything that you're afraid to feel

"If you don't want to say it, you don't have to." Ash said, not wanting to pressure May to do something she hadn't wanted to.

"No," May shook her head. "I've been running away from this for too long." She darted her eyes from Ash to the ants. "I... what if I told you that there was this girl, a-and that girl had someone she liked?"

"Um, okay." Ash looked at May with such seriousness, she almost wasn't able to continue.

"And this boy, this boy, she wasn't quite sure if he liked her back. But she liked him, alot. So she bought something." May looked down at the statue. "The something, she was told that the something could help her stop liking this boy."

"Wait," Ash said. "If she likes the boy, why does she wanna stop liking him."

"Because the girl's feelings were starting to get in the way of their friendship, and she knew the boy wouldn't like that."

Ooh, I wish I could tell somebody

But there's no one to talk to, nobody knows

May looked back down at the statue. "What do you think the girl should do?"

Ash looked thoughtful. "Hm, well, no one's ever asked me about this sort of stuff. But I think," he looked back at May's sapphire eyes. "I think the girl should try to tell the boy anyway. Because even if it may affect their friendship, I think it'll be worse if she doesn't tell."

May's eyes widened, her mouth hanging open.

"What?" Ash asked, suddenly embarrassed.

"I-I didn't think you could talk like that."

"Well, I can!" Ash huffed.

"Don't get mad," May said, suddenly feeling better. "I like it."

This time it was Ash's turn to blush, he looked away quickly. "Yeah well..."

May giggled. "Aw, you're embarrassed!"

"No I'm not."

Ooh, I got a crush on you

I hope you feel the way that I do

I get a rush

When I'm with you

Ooh, I've got a crush on you

A crush on you

"So, does that answer your answer your question though?" Ash asked, turning to face May once more. The last shards of sunlight was weakly spreading through the grass of the hill.

"Yeah," May answered. She twiddled her fingers. "But, I still have something to tell you."

"Okay, say it."

May's eyes scattered through the grass, trying to summon the courage she needed.

"Are you going to say it?"

May's sapphire eyes fell on to Ash's chocolate. She wanted to stare at them forever. "Yeah, yeah I am."

I've got a crush on you

A crush on you, I got a crush


The sun had now fully set, sending the last remains of orange across the darkening sky. Lamps all around them began to light up, and more towards the base of the hill sprinklers began to start. Children screeched and pokemon ran across the watered fields.

"Ash," May let go of the statue. She stared at his raven hair, his auburn eyes, and blue hat. She wanted them, she wanted them all.

"Hey mama!" A child, standing at the base of the hill cried. "Sissy went into the water!"

"Tommy, you promised you wouldn't tell!"

"Yeah?" Ash asked.

Their eyes almost seemed to be absorbing each other, May could hardly notice the others on the hill, it only felt as if they were alone in the world.

"What if I told you...?"

They were getting closer to each other, she noticed. They were moving at the same time, slowly getting closer and closer.


Ash's hand was clasped tightly around her's, she liked the feeling of it, it made her happy and at the same time, nervous. But she went so far, she had to keep going.

A small smile surfaced on her face, her brown hair was sprinkled from the water. "... That I was that girl...? And you were... the boy?"

Ash's eyes widened.

Every time you call me, I'm too scared to be me

And I'm too shy to say

"You're her?" Ash asked. "I'm... him?"

May felt something tug at her heart, suddenly the butterflies in her stomach seemed to multiply, hitting into the walls of her belly. She thought that maybe he'd understand, maybe he'd at least give her more of a reaction.

And sometimes you tell me things that I don't want to know

Ash looked away but returned his stare to her. "I'd say okay."


"To the question you asked," Ash said, a smile forming on his own lips. "I'd say okay, and that I'm happy." He squeezed May's hand. "And I was hoping you'd say that."

May's mouth opened for a gasp, but it didn't come out. Instead, though, she threw her arms around him. "Thank you."

"What for?"

"For saying exactly what I needed to hear."

I've got a crush...

I hope you feel the way that I do

I get a rush

When I'm with you

Ooh, I've got a crush on you

A crush on you

"Pika pi!" Pikachu, appearing out of nowhere, jumped into Ash's lap just as May was pulling away from him. They both became startled.

"Pikachu!" Ash cried. "You scared us!"

"Pi!" Pikachu hopped away, inviting Ash into a game of tag.

"Ooh!" Ash shouted. "I'm gonna to get you!" He stood up and chased after the small pokemon.


May watched the two scurry across the field, she couldn't help but smile. That's when May finally remembered the small statue. Staring at it carefully, her smile widened. "I guess," she whispered as she slipped the item into her pack. "I won't need you anymore."

I've got a crush

I Love you- she says end

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