There are a few secrets that everyone in the Hellsing organization had. Not the same secrets, mind you, but a secret or two nonetheless.

First of all, if anyone had bothered to look at the paper work on Integra's desk, they would have noticed something. The top piece always had something on it, sure enough, and the piles were tall, which was true as the overstuffed files. What no one had bothered to notice was that if they picked up that single piece of paper, opened that file, or knocked down that pile, they would discover the same thing: nothing. That's right, nothing.

Every other piece of paper in Integra's office was blank. Why was it blank, you may ask? Why was she constantly sitting behind large mountains of fake paperwork, looking busy?

That's easy: One, she could smoke without need for explanation. Two, if gave her an excuse to get rid of people. And three, it made her look good.

Stay tuned when we return of another Chapter of Hellsing Secrets, when we show you why Alucard is really smiling.