Stop sending me questions! I have more then enough questions! Now, new vote, what do you want next?

How and why did Pip get the eye patch?

Seras boobs- their size, perkiness, and growth (?) after she got turned.

Why does Integra dress like a guy?

Are the Hellsing boys compensating for something?

Where does Alucard sleep?

What do the people of Hellsing do during their time off?

Why haven't Alucard and Integra gotten together? (I have a rather fun answer to this, involving silver piercings and holy water.)

Why does Seras have such a HUGE gun?

Why does Alucard keep his old gun?

Why is Walter still human? (Didn't they answer this in the magna?)

Where does Alucard keep all his bullets?

Can Walter tune pianos? (He does control wires)

Are Integra's cigars tobacco, or a safe substitute like some people use?

Why does Anderson wear glasses when he can get contacts?

Why does pip wear a cowboy hat?

Why is Alucard so damn pretty?

Why is Seras so awkward around Integra?

Why does Walter know so much about guns when he doesn't use them as his prime weapon?