Chapter Four

Luke rolled his shoulder slightly, still uncomfortable after yesterday's confrontation with Leia. He wanted to try meditating again, to try and see into the past but he couldn't focus. His soul wouldn't calm, and after half an hour he gave up trying when the database search algorithm he'd initiated began beeping with results.

With as much calm as a Jedi he touched a button to stop his com beeping and walked to the nearest terminal.

"What're you doing?" Han called as he watched Luke approach.

The blond hero turned to where his friend had just appeared from beneath his silent ship.

"It's found an entry that mentions my father," Luke called back.

He set himself up at the terminal and keyed in his access code, trying hard to ignore the way Han shook his head and disappeared again. He skimmed the contents with a deepening frown, then went back and read every word again. Slowly.

"Look at this," Luke murmured, intrigued.

A medical file, one that had taken weeks to resurrect, was now lit up in front of him, plain as day.

"Kid, I don't wanna look at anything to do with that guy. I don't care if he's your father or whatever, I'm just glad you got rid of him. Otherwise he coulda been round a lonnnng time," Han drawled from deep in the bowels of the Millennium Falcon.

"No, I don't think so."

Luke pointed to the screen, tracing the line of characters to make sure he was reading right.

"It says here he tried to kill himself on seven separate occasions? That can't be right."

"Kill himself?" Han was clearly startled as his head popped up from the access hatch.

He jumped to his feet and rounded up behind Luke to read over his shoulder.

Luke hit a few commands to demand more information.

"Twice here on Coruscant and five times on some place called…Naboo. Never heard of it."

Han shrugged.

"Neither have I."

Before Han could stop him Luke had jogged off with "I'm going to ask Leia," thrown back over his shoulder.

When he found her she was almost disappearing in datachips at her desk.

"Ahhh, Leia?" he asked, knocking on her door warily.

She looked up, a false smile flashing briefly across her face at the sight of her brother.

"I'm kind of busy."

He winced. Their flare-up yesterday still bothered him too. But he was determined to press on, after all this was her heritage too. Quite deliberately he did his best to pretend nothing had happened, sidling into her office and settling across from her desk.

"That's alright. I just need to know about the planet Naboo. I've never heard of it before – have you?"

Leia nodded, reaching for a chip that had been knocked to the floor by her elbow.

"Naboo – the biggest conundrum in the Imperial Senate. It was Palpatine's home planet, but the Senators from Naboo were renowned for their efforts towards anti-Imperial peace and democracy. There was a string of them who died in mysterious circumstances from the end of the Clone Wars until the dissolution. I remember reading that it was incredibly beautiful but…"

Leia trailed off and sat back in her chair thoughtfully.

"What is it?"

"Just a memory."

She shook her head like she didn't want to explain any more. But her elusiveness captured Luke's attention.

"Tell me," he was truly intrigued, leaning into the doorframe and waiting for a further explanation.

"I once asked my father how such a selfless people could create such a ruthless leader. He wasn't really paying attention and just mumbled for me to go look it up myself. But about two minutes later he came barrelling into my study and told me to go play outside like a normal child. I just remembered how strange that was."

Luke silently handed her a datachip, which she took from him without question and pushed into a datareader.

It didn't take long for the file to appear. Or Leia's anger to rear its head. She threw the reader away in disgust.

"Why are you showing me this?" she growled.

He knew how she felt about that man. Why did he always have to push it?

"Look at the locations. He tried to kill himself five times on Naboo."

"If I were on the Emperor's home planet, I would want to kill myself too," she snapped at him.

"But five times? And why were you stopped from learning about it, why have I never heard of it? Look how close it is to Tatooine."

Leia glanced down at the datapad again. It was awfully close really.

"Apparently it's a planet Skywalkers were supposed to avoid…So I would like to go and see what's so terrible. Will you come with me?"

Leia was already opening her mouth to bite his head off in protest when Luke cut her off with

"He hated it so much he tried to kill himself on multiple occasions remember. Which means you will probably love it."

There was a long silence between them then Luke pushed

"please Leia. It's important to me. Come. Please?"