Whatever's Left

Title: Whatever's Left
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kate/Jack
Summary: AU-ish. Kate and Jack visit the graveyard one final time.
Warnings: None.
Status of fic: Completed
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Lost isn't mine. Thanks to Allie (Aelia) for beta-ing :D. This fic was written as a challenge on Lost-Forum, specifically to write a 500 word drabble with your opposite ship. I'm a bone fide Skater, hence the Jate. This was inspired by the lyrics to Whatever's Left by Snow Patrol, particularly these lines:

"Can you read my mind so easily
As the madness sets in
You must know that I'll follow you"

They stood in silence on the cliff-top, surrounded by a mass of graves and stolen moments. Memories fluttered by on the crest of the waves below, before crashing onto the jagged rocks.

"We have to go, Kate."

He was right, she knew, yet she couldn't bring herself to break away from the makeshift graveyard. Every detail was magnified in this one, surreal moment. Names jutted into wooden crosses marked deaths only they would remember, mounds of earth covered decomposing bodies only they had buried.

Jack walked over and pulled the shovel Locke had made for Boone's grave, when this had all started, out of the soft earth. He had said his goodbyes. He used to be a doctor. Now, all he did was bury the bodies. He couldn't bury her. He couldn't. Their only other option was to run.

Kate started as the whispers on the wind formed words. Her eyes widened and tremors shook her body as her hands clenched. Jack enveloped her in his arms, making sure his own whispers drowned out whatever she was hearing. He placed a soft kiss on her temple, wishing desperately They would leave her alone.

They had picked them off one by one, one way or another. Whispers enticed the survivors into the depths of the jungle, manifestations lured others away, and none of them had returned. But it was finding the mangled body of Sawyer which had irrevocably changed Kate. And that was when the whispers had started.

"Stay with me Kate," he murmured, clutching the material of her dirt-smeared purple top, a firm grip on her in case she tried to run. Again. If she didn't succumb to the whispers, they would eventually drive her crazy, and Kate wasn't sure which fate was worse. Jack knew though. If he lost her to Them, found her mangled body, he couldn't survive. Even the thought brought a sharp pain in his chest, the tightness leaving him gasping.

Kate grasped onto him just as tightly, shaking with the mental exertion of ignoring these horribly tempting whispers. She whimpered slightly, biting her lip as she clung onto Jack, her rock, her angel in the darkness.

"I love you, I love you," she whispered, a steady mantra to remind herself of what she still had. She still had Jack, his love, his guidance.

Just as suddenly as they had started, they faded away on the wind, until the waves could be heard again, the never-changing push and withdrawal a soothing balm to their frayed nerves.

Kate looked up at Jack, relinquishing her grip somewhat, before wrapping a hand around his neck and kissing him, desperately, needily. He readily complied, being almost as shaken as she was.

From the shadows, all that could be seen were a man and a woman, the wind rustling her curls and his shirt as they embraced, the last two people standing in a morbid past.

They broke away, and Jack took Kate's hand before leading her, a little reluctantly, into a dark and uncertain future.