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March of War

Chapter One: Padawan Problems

15 year old Anakin Skywalker and his best friend Jett Ayton were currently engaged in something that was both somewhat thrilling, and also highly illegal. The 2 Padawans had snuck out of the Temple and into one of the bars on Coruscant's lower levels. In order to get past the guard on the door, Anakin had employed a mind trick, and had then used the same skill to acquire rather a lot of Corellian rum which he was drinking like water.

"Anakin are you sure this was a good idea?" Jett asked. He was the same age as Anakin and hadn't really wanted to sneak out of the Temple in the first place. Now he was in a bar, and watching his best friend drinking like a fish, while worrying about the amount of trouble they were going to be in when they got home.

Anakin gave Jett an annoyed look and snapped, "Go home if you're worried about the consequences Jett. Besides, we're only having fun. Leave me in peace, the last mission was hard and I want to relax."

Jett sat back and fingered his comlink unhappily. He knew that one call to his Master, Ryan Wolfe would get him out of this situation, but he hesitated in making it, both because it would land his friend in deep trouble, and also because he didn't fancy being in trouble himself. He shook himself out of his thoughts as he saw Anakin bring a small bag out of his robe and put it on the table. A small amount of glittering powder spilled out of it and Anakin ignored it, instead taking a few more items out of the bag. Jett leaned forward, only to recoil in horror as he realized what the powder was.

"Anakin are you nuts!" he hissed. "That's glitterstim, the most addictive spice available in the galaxy. What the hell are you doing with it?" Jett was now seriously scared; spice possession was a serious offence, not to mention that it played havoc with a Jedi's connection to the Force. Jett knew that spice was the Republic equivalent of cocaine or heroin on Earth while the popular Death Sticks were the equivalent of cigarettes as Harry had explained that when asked about it one day.

'Oh I really wish I was at home' Jett groaned to himself. He looked towards the door as he felt a tremor in the Force, announcing the presence of another Jedi. He watched out of the corner of his eye, and saw the worst possible person come through the door.

Jedi Knight Harry Potter. Anakin's master and one of the few Knights that could actually beat Master Yoda in combat. How he managed this, neither of them would say, only that it involved little green trolls flying into walls at high speeds. Jett swallowed,Harry was well known around the Temple for his gentle, friendly nature, but if you got on his bad side he could have quite a cutting way with words. Several Padawans had discovered this side of the normally gentle Knight when they'd trapped Anakin and Jett in one of gardens when they were younger. Harry had come along to see why he could sense distress over his bond with Anakin and had caught the older Padawans in the act. The tongue lashing he gave them had made Jett very glad that he wasn't on the receiving end and he didn't wish to be on it now either. He noticed Harry scanning the crowd and sunk down in his seat, half wanting to hide and half wanting to be noticed.

Harry had been tracking the wayward pair for some time now. Jett's master, Ryan had come to him when Jett was discovered missing and Harry had agreed to go searching for them. A swift check of the security recordings showed that the two Padawans weren't in the Temple so the two masters had gone out looking for them. He felt the presence of his Padawan and looked over to the table where Jett and Anakin were sitting.

'Bingo' he thought as he wove his way through the crowd. As he got closer he noticed the bag on the table in front of Anakin, and also the powder that had spilt out of it earlier. Unlike Jett, Harry knew instantly what the powder was and his already dark mood darkened even further.

'Oh Padawan you and I are going to be having a LONG discussion about this when we get home' the Knight thought grimly. Reaching the table where the two errant Padawans sat, he grabbed hold of Anakin's braid and gave it a sharp tug to get his attention.

Anakin hadn't noticed the tremor in the Force when his master had entered the bar. Nor did he realize that Harry was standing right behind him. He was too drunk to notice much of anything really. He did notice however, when Jett went very quiet and still.

"Hey Jett, what's the problem, you look like you've seen… OW!" Anakin yelped as he felt his braid being tugged sharply. There was only one person in the galaxy who could yank his braid like that and he slowly turned round as he realized who was standing behind him.

Alcohol-clouded blue eyes met clear icy-green as Harry smiled grimly and said, "Hello Padawan."

Author Note

Hey guys, here it is the first chapter of the second story. I apologise for the shortness but the chapter got to be too long so I made a decision as to where to leave it. Have fun and remember, the Force will be with you, always.

Padawan Lynne