Chapter Nineteen: Important Ceremonies and Reflections

It was now four years later and the 23 year old Anakin Skywalker was in the waiting room outside the Council Chamber pacing nervously. He didn't know why he'd been summoned here, only that Harry had been gone when he'd woken up and had been in the Council chamber all morning.

The door swung open, and Anakin walked inside seeing the Council sitting in its customary circle, with Harry in the middle, waiting for him. Around the edges of the chamber stood James, Lily, Jett, Ryan, and Ginny. Anakin walked over to his master and bowed to the Council before straightening up and waiting to be told what was going on.

To his immense surprise, Harry moved so he was behind him and then said, "Kneel Padawan."

Anakin knelt obediently, wondering what was going on. He found out a minute later when Mace stood up. "Knight Potter, do you still stand by your recommendation?"

Harry looked at Mace evenly before replying, "Yes Master Windu I do. Anakin is ready." Mace nodded, before turning to Anakin.

"Padawan Skywalker, over the past few months you have performed admirably in several conflicts that you've helped to resolve. Also you have worked hard to learn to control your emotions and overcome your weaknesses. Your master has recommended you for Knighthood and the Council has agreed to his request. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to confer on you the rank of Jedi Knight, once you have sworn your Oath on the Jedi Code."

Anakin was now thoroughly shocked; he'd known that you could go round the Trials, as it were, if you did something especially heroic or brave. He hadn't thought that that would apply to him though. Evidently he'd been wrong.

Bowing his head, he swore his oath to the Jedi Order. Following in his master's footsteps he used the old code, given his plans for marrying Padme. The two had been secretly engaged since Anakin was 21 but had agreed to not marry until Anakin was Knighted. The only other person in on the secret was Harry, who had no problem keeping it. The Oath was given, and the Council was impressed, he'd come a long way from the troubled 19 year old hothead he had been. Under Harry's careful supervision, Anakin had matured into a Jedi that had intense emotions, but equally intense control of said emotions. Now all that was left was to cut his braid and dissolve the bond and Anakin would be a Knight.

The braid was easily dealt with, Harry's lightsaber cutting through it in seconds. The bond was harder, as both Anakin and Harry were reluctant to lose it. Finally though, Harry dissolved the bond and then stepped back.

Mace stepped forward again, and said, "Rise Knight Skywalker and take your place as a Knight of the Jedi Order." He didn't say anything else as a huge cheer rocked the room and Anakin turned to see his friends and family cheering for him. He automatically searched out Harry to find the elder Knight looking at him with love and pride shining from his eyes. Anakin had to almost shield himself from the bright shine in the green eyes that were fixed on him.

Harry moved over to the new Knight and wrapped him in a hug. "Well done Anakin, very well done" he whispered in Anakin's ear, before releasing him. As Mace had done on the day of his Knighting, Harry yelled out "Party at my place" before standing back to let the group of well wishers surround his former Padawan.

Mace walked over to Harry and stood beside him. "Well done to you too Harry, you've trained him well. He's a Knight that any Master would be proud to have taught. Why are you so glum?"

Harry laughed before replying, "I just realized that I won't be able to sense him in my mind anymore, and after almost 15 years that's a bit of an adjustment to make. I am proud of him Mace; I just worry about him being out on his own, especially given the state of the galaxy at the moment."

"So do all Masters that have just Knighted their Padawans. You have to have faith that he will choose the right path Harry. Have faith and everything will turn out alright."

Harry nodded and then led the group to his and Anakin's apartment for a party that lasted all night.

Two weeks later Anakin again found himself outside the Council chamber, only this time he wasn't waiting to enter and he had yet another crowd of people waiting with him. After half an hour the door silently opened and an exhausted Harry Potter stepped out, being supported by Mace and Adi. Anakin hurriedly made room for his former master on the bench next to him and looked at him anxiously.

"Well, did it go alright? What was the result?" the Knight questioned. Harry gave his former Padawan a tired smile and replied, "You're looking at the Order's newest Jedi Master."

That did it, the crowd, which consisted of James, Lily, Ginny, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and several other Knights and Masters cheered and whooped at Harry's ascension to the highest rank of the Order.

Mace grinned and then said, "Is it going to be this noisy when he becomes a Jedi Councillor?" He was interrupted by Harry's disgusted exclamation of "NO! I prefer being out in the field to being engaged in politics. I'm perfectly happy staying as I am right now thanks. You guys do a good enough job on your own. I'd argue all the time."

Muffled chuckles ran round the group as they acknowledged the truth of Harry's words. Harry then started patting his robe pockets, searching for something, something important if the slightly hurried movements and worried mutters of "Where is it, where is it?" were anything to go by. Finally he found it and pulled it out, palming it so no one could see it.

"Where's Ginny?" he asked. Ginny came forward, only to stop in surprise as Harry fell off the seat and onto one knee on the floor. Her Healer instincts kicked in and she began to help him up only to have Harry shake his head, and Lily pull her back a bit. Confused, Ginny stared at Harry, only to have her breath stolen away when Harry pulled out a small box.

Although their love had grown over the years, Harry's duties as a Jedi and hers as a Healer had limited their time together and she had thought that he wouldn't do this. She stared into Harry's eyes, and didn't even give the poor Jedi Master time to voice the question before she tugged him up and almost crushed his ribcage as she said, "YES" at the top of her lungs.

Another round of chuckles erupted as Harry peeled his new fiancé off his chest and checked his ribs for any injuries. Finding none he looked at the Council with a questioning look. The Council members looked at each other and shrugged, before giving permission for them to marry.

Three weeks after Harry's ascension to Jedi Mastership and his proposal to Ginny, the Jedi Temple saw a rare event, a double wedding as Anakin had promptly "officially" proprosed to Padme when the Council had given permission for the single wedding to turn into a double one upon Anakin's admission of his love for the Senator. Padme had been delighted by his proposal and had agreed to the double wedding as soon as she found out who the other couple was.

The brides looked stunning and Harry and Anakin had trouble keeping their minds on their wedding vows rather than their brides' appearances, but they got through it alright. The honeymoons were brief given the war that was raging in the galaxy but still special. The Weasley family had made the trip from Earth especially for the wedding and Harry and Ginny promised to drop by to show off any children they might have.

The day after the honeymoons ended, Anakin, Harry, Ginny and Padme could be found standing on the balcony near the Council chamber looking out at the war torn visage of Coruscant. For a brief moment Harry fancied he could see a dark cloud stretching out from the Senate, getting nearer and nearer to the Temple. He blinked and shook his head, and when he looked back the cloud was gone. In his interrogation Dooku hadn't given up the name of his Sith master but had said that the Senate was under the control of a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious. The Jedi Council weren't sure whether to believe him or not but Harry certainly did. He had kept a closer eye than ever on Chancellor Palpatine since then but still could not find any evidence of wrongdoing, other than the persistent itching of his scar whenever Harry was around the man. The clone army that Obi-Wan had discovered on Kamino was in full use even though the Senate still had the power to decide where to send them. The Chancellor had made a bid for gaining emergency power but had been firmly voted down by Padme and the other Loyalists.

Anakin shifted restlessly against the railing, preparing to leave to get some sleep before he left for his mission to the Outer Rim sieges with Obi-Wan the next day. Placing an arm round Padme's shoulders he turned to his companion and said, "One thing's for sure Harry; the next few months are going to be interesting." Harry nodded and replied, "Yes they are Anakin, yes they most certainly are."