Title: Lost and Found

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Rating: M rated.

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Their bedroom had been an empty shell until Brennan added a personal touch. She'd filled crystal vases with fresh flowers every three days, filling the air with subtle, aromatic scents that were natural and devoid of artificiality. On the door handle, she hung fabric sachets filled with lavender and polished the wood with beeswax.

The white walls had been stark and clinical until she'd hung large, vibrant paintings.

And despite her greatest efforts, there had always seemed to be something fundamental that was missing. She'd pondered it, many afternoons as she'd stood in the doorway, sweeping her eyes across the neatly creased bed linen, the riot of blossoms on the window-sill.

Booth stood behind her now, his fingers working the knots of her shoulders through her clothes and she realised, finally, that it was missing intimacy. Physical and emotional feeling had been sucked from their lives, and Temperance dared to hope that at last, it might have returned.

His thumb rotated in a firm circle at the top of her spine, pressing into her neck. She caught her lip between her teeth, surrendering what frostiness that might have remained to him. Starved of attention for so long, the fleeting touches made her feel alive – womanly, again. Wrapping her fingers around the brass bed-frame, she bent her head back, offering her neck to his mouth. It had been weeks since she'd squirted perfume there for there simply hadn't been any need. Booth's tongue flicked out to taste her anyway and her knuckles were white.

He was hard against the curve of her ass and his arousal in her left a breathlessness in her chest. Booth's fingers slid under her clothes, stroking the underside of her breasts. Together, he pinched both her nipples and her hips thrust backwards, into him. Against her ear, he whispered fevered, urgent apologies.

"Don't you know how much I need you?" he asked, taking her breasts into his hands completely. Her flesh moulded to his touch, soft and heavy with arousal. Brennan wanted him to need her. She wanted to feel the necessity of his emotions as she had that first night in her apartment.

His lips peppered quick, insistent kisses along her jaw. He released her breasts, and took her face in his hands. His grip was tight, bright, sparkling glints shooting through his eyes as he glared into hers. She trembled, half with desire and half with apprehension. His fingers dug into the soft skin around her cheekbones, and his jaw was tight. "Look at me," he commanded, as if she have looked away. Her fingers had released the brass frame, and her arms hung limply by her sides. Between her thighs, her arousal still pulsed on. "How could you think I didn't need you?" he asked and she opened her mouth to reply – to give him a million reasons why he'd made her feel that he didn't.

Yet when his lips crashed down on hers, the words died on her tongue. Wasn't it so apparent now? she wondered. His grip eased as he soothed the hurt. She leaned into him, greedily seeking the warmth he offered. There had been so many instances when she'd felt so desperately alone.

Brennan tore at his clothes, her hands unsteady as she urged him to undress. Primal need raged through her until she was consumed by it. His touches were too tender – too romantic at a time when romance was not what she craved. He could spend hours pleasuring her later but now she wanted the weight of him on top of her, possessing her and dammit, showing her what need meant. He'd certainly proved that he could be obsessive in a crusade.

Pushing his jeans over his hips, she stood back to examine him in the warm lamp-lit glow. Through the winter, his skin had remained bronzed. His flesh looked warm, and firm. As helpless as they both were, Booth still looked like a protector; thick arms and thighs, taut, flexing abdomen. She trailed her gaze over him, slow and inquisitive – almost fascinated. Between his legs, his penis stood erect and she reached out, trailing her fingertips over his thigh, watching how he twitched.

"Not yet," he growled, when her touch feathered over him.

"Now," she replied, so fiercely in control for the first time in so long that she refused to relinquish it. Wrapping her fingers around him, she stroked him slowly, her grip firm. Touching the tip of her tongue to the corner of her mouth, Temperance was awed by the immediate effect her touch had. Booth's fingers found her hair, knotting tightly in the loose strands. He pulled her close, his penis pressed against her belly. Brennan brushed her thumb over the tip of him, eliciting a hiss that was merged with a moan from his throat.

Neither had submissive personalities and Booth was not content to have her in control, regardless of how much she craved it. Gathering her shirt in his hands, he pulled, exposing her bare breasts to him. She tilted her head in defiance, too aroused to be coy. Her pale nipples, the colour of rosehip, puckered tightly in the cool air. He pressed his lips together, reminding himself of how it would feel to roll his tongue across the pebbled skin.

Brennan undressed herself, standing naked before him. If he hadn't reached for her in the instant that he did, she would have sobbed in frustration. Pressed against the bed-frame, she parted her thighs and let him rest between her legs. The scent of her arousal filled the space between them and Brennan whimpered, her fingers stroking the insatiable desire. She was hot and when he wrapped her legs around his hips and slid into her, she was more than ready for him.

Booth released a breath, stunned at how aroused she was. He cursed himself for staying away from her warmth for such a long time. How could he have let such a chasm grow between them? Her lovely face was flushed, her head bent back. Booth moved within her, holding his breath as he savoured her moist, warm flesh around him. Her lashes fluttered and her fingers tightened around his arms.

Rotating his hips, he thrust into her and her eyes flew open, her mouth rounding into a surprised, elated 'o'. Booth held her, listening to the moans that rose in her throat. She pushed back against him and an eternity without release soon wound up so tightly within her that she thought she'd scream if she didn't come. Booth looked down at their bodies, watching himself disappear inside her, and he rubbed a circle over her clit.

Brennan whimpered, her walls contracting around him. Her eyes were wild and a layer of shimmery perspiration coated her skin as she came, wave after wave of pleasure crashing through her body. One moment she was parched and the next, she was drowning in the euphoria that she'd been deprived of for so long.

Booth held her hips, thrust into her twice more. He closed his eyes when he came, promising himself that he'd never neglect her again.

He gathered her into his arms, months of tension, gone. She came easily, folding herself against his body, pressing her cheek against his skin. He wanted to apologise again, but in the wake of their love-making, he was afraid it would sound trite. She must have known, now, how aware he was of his stupidity. Booth kissed the crown of her head, letting his lips linger there for longer than necessary.

He wanted to start a real life with her. One where the constant fear of being found wasn't weighing heavily on their relationship. When he got into bed with her at night, he wanted the only worry consuming him to be how early he had to get up in the morning.

"I promise you," he whispered, "that I'm going to get us home, Temperance."

She extracted herself long enough to look into his eyes. "Lets go to bed," she replied, that wicked glint returning to the depths of her irises. If he wanted to show her how much he loved her now, she was more than ready to let him get to work.


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