In a certain room in an eight-floored building, a girl at the age of 15 is cleaning their classroom with her best friend. "Hey, Meg-chan what are you doing?" Aya Mikage asked. "Uhm… Huh? Nothing I was just uhm, humming some tunes." Megumi Minami lied. "I know your not! I caught you singing!" Aya teased. "Hey, come down will ya'! Don't shout!" Megumi was hushing her. "Sheesh, No one would even hear us, coz' no one's here but us!" Aya said grinning. "Meg-chan… Could you uhm… kinda do me a favor?" Aya was acting like a kindergarten. "—uhm… just sing for me onegai!" Aya was begging her. "Sure Aya-chan but please don't shout!" Megumi said giggling.

So she walked towards the platform and began singing. "In this world when life can be so tough you must be strong. Just believe in yourself and don't you fear. So open up your mind and close your eyes, take another look from the other side…" Megumi was still singing when someone began applauding. "Who's there?" Aya asked trembling. "Don't be scared. I just passed by when I heard someone singing," the boy answered. "Who are you anyway?" Aya asked suspiciously. "Oh yes, pardon me. My name's Ryu, Ryu Amakusa. I'm a 2nd year high school student here. By the way, you girls are?" Ryu introduced himself. Aya whispered to Megumi's ear. "He's Ryu Amakusa… He's the campus heartthrob!" "Hello! I'm Aya Mikage and this is my best friend Megumi Minami," Aya said as she reaches for Ryu's hands to have a handshake. "Ah-yes, Ms. Megumi Minami I heard a lot about you and your wonderful voice." Ryu said as he cast a broad smile. "Gomenasai, I know I have a foolish singing voice. Gomena–" she was cutoff because Aya placed her hand on her mouth. "She's just saying that!" Aya said. "Ah–OK what are you doing here?" Ryu asked. "It's a long story! Could you help us?" Aya asked grinning. "Sure!" "Aya, No! It's embarrassing to let him do it. No!" Megumi whispered because she was against Aya's request. "No, its O.K. Ms. Megumi, I'll help." Ryu said laughing. "Well, it's settled then. Let's start!" Aya said rubbing her palms against each other.

Then, the three set to work. Aya was fixing the chairs and Ryu was carrying the boxes. On the other side, Megumi was arranging the books in the bookshelf where she accidentally slipped and fell of the chair she was standing on. "Ahhhh!" she screamed. "Megumi-san!" Aya shouted. Ryu was alarmed. "What? Ms. Megumi?" Ryu said. "Aya-kun my foot hurts." Megumi said as she massages her foot. "She's broke an ankle." Ryu said as he helps Megumi stand. "Can you walk, Meg-chan?" Aya asked worriedly. "Ouch! No, nah-ah it really hurts." Megumi replied shaking her head. "Alright then I'll carry you." Ryu offered. He gently lifted Megumi. "Ryu please take good care of her. I'll go ahead I'll tell the nurse what happened." Aya said all in one breathe. Then Ryu gently carried Megumi outside. Aya rushed down to the staircase because the elevator was broken.

Ryu did not notice Megumi stealing short glances at him. On their way Megumi started a little conversation. "Uhm… why?" she said. "Why? What?" Ryu said pretending not to understand her question. "Why are you doing this? I mean, helping me even though you and I are… I mean we just met!" Megumi asked again. "Oh that? Well how can I permit myself to ignore a girl in pain when I could help out?" Ryu answered as he smiles at Megumi. "Maybe that kind heart of yours is the reason of your popularity. I mean you're a real gentleman, or maybe, just maybe a girl's prince charming." Megumi said in a low voice. Ryu placed his finger on Megumi's soft lips. "Hush, your just saying that." "No I'm not coz' it's true. That's the reason why many girls easily fall for you. You're a cool guy, cute, kind, smart and I… I easily liked you. You're not an ordinary guy. All I wanna say is you're different!" Megumi said smiling. "In what way am I different?" Ryu asked "In many ways, like, your humble self, caring hands, and uhm… your dazzling eyes… let's see… what else?" Megumi said laughing, softly, a very ladylike laugh. "Oh come on! Enough already… we're here." Ryu said giggling. "Hey! Where the heck have you been I've been worried sick waiting here for the both of you?" Aya growled angrily.

Ryu brought Megumi inside the clinic. "OK Mr. Amakusa please put her down in one of the beds inside." The nurse Ms Lydia said. "Best friend, Gomenasai but I have to go… Mom called and she said that I should go home early. She has an errand for me to do. See you tomorrow!" Aya said as she hugs Megumi. "Hey Ryu she likes hanging out near the beach!" Aya said softly "Bye, Bye best friend. Have fun." Aya shouted as she disappeared at the hallway. By that time Megumi's treatment was finished. "Where's Aya-kun?" she asked Ryu. "She didn't wait for you because her mother called again." Ryu answered politely.

"So I'll take you home now!" Ryu volunteered. "With all do pleasure." Therefore, the both of them walked home together. When they passed the beach, the sun was about to set. So they sat down and waited. They didn't know that two elderly women were looking at them. "Hey look as those youngsters. Aren't they the sweetest couple. They look good together," the first elderly woman said. "Yes! Look at the girl with the pink knapsack she IS beautiful! And not to mention her handsome boyfriend." the second elderly woman said. Megumi and Ryu overheard what the two women were talking about and they were embarrassed and blushed. Finally, the both of them got back to their senses and decided to head home. So at the Minami's Residence they started saying their goodbyes. "So uhm… Sayonara! I need to get going so that you can rest." Ryu said as he slowly helps Megumi to the door. "Sayonara Ryu take care. Thanks again!" Megumi said as Ryu leaves.

Megumi entered the house and went straight to her room. She picked up the phone and called Aya. "Hello? Who is this?" Aya IS so polite when she answers the phone that's the only thing Megumi couldn't figure out why. "Aya-kun! It's me! Megumi. He walked me home! He walked me home!" "What? Ohhh, best friend I'm so jealous of you!" They talked about Ryu for about an hour then Aya asked… "So? What are you planning to do" "I dunno." "OK then, jaa Meg-chan se you tomorrow!" "OK. Jaa,"