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"What took you so long? I was so worried. I thought you wouldn't come." Ryu asked. He placed his guitar beside his chair. "Uhm… It's OK I'm fine." Megumi said. "Do you wanna eat?" Ryu asked. "Sure, but before that I would like to–" Ryu cut her off. "Did you like the flowers?" He looked away. "Well as the matter of fact I liked it. How'd you know I love red roses?" Megumi said as she smelled the roses. "Red roses suit you. Your personality is that of a rose." Ryu said. "By the way, what's all this fuss about?" Megumi asked.

"Nothing, Can we just eat?" Ryu asked. But his real agenda is to say sorry to Megumi for he understood perfectly that she was hurt because of what Mimi said. "OK then." Megumi replied. She felt uneasy. "This is ridiculous! He sent me here for nothing?" she thought. "Wait, Meg-chan after we eat do sing for me. And I wont take no for an answer!" Ryu requested. "Can I just sing BEFORE we eat?" Megumi asked. "OK then." Ryu said.

"OK this is for the person who owns my heart." Megumi thought. "Don't laugh OK? –sighs– You are my first romance. And I'm willing to take a chance. Just for like it's true, I'd still be loving you… I will be true to you. Just a promise from you will do… from the very start please be careful with my heart…" She finished her song with a bow. "Bravo! You were excellent." Ryu complimented.

Suddenly, Kyu appeared out of nowhere. Kyu is Megumi's classmate. "Maybe he saw that I was heading here and followed me." Megumi thought. "Hey Kyu! What the heck are you doing here!" Ryu yelled at Kyu. "You… You know each other?" Megumi asked looking at both Kyu and Ryu's faces. "No, we just don't know each other we, never mind. I always caught him looking at you!" Kyu explained. "–and I learned that he was my rival with you! He added. Kyu went closer to me and Ryu he was about to punch Ryu but Ryu caught his hand. "Ryu? Kyu? What's this rival thing? And please, stop fighting will ya'" Megumi yelled. Ryu pushed Kyu away and ran to Megumi's side. "Don't listen to him. Come on Meg-chan." Ryu held her hand and they ran out the green house.

They hid in the locker room. "Meg-chan I'm sorry if I've caused you all this problems." Ryu started a conversation but he was whispering. "Shhhh I don't blame you. Kyu saw me on my way here and I didn't even notice. How foolish I was!" Megumi said. "What was the rival thing Kyu was talking about?" she asked. "Oh, that one." He said flatly. "I learned that he likes you and well I, uhm…" He wasn't through explaining when Megumi fell flat on the floor. "Megumi, Megumi!" Ryu shook her a little bit but she didn't regain her senses so he brought her to the clinic.

When she woke up, "Where am I?" she asked. "Ryu she's awake." Aya said to Ryu. "Megumi are you alright?" Aya turned to Megumi. "Yes, I'm quite fine now." Megumi answered. Aya went outside to get Ryu. "Hey! Ryu she's awake go in there and see her." Aya said. Ryu went inside. "Ryu what am I doing here?" she asked Ryu. "You fainted so I brought you here. We're at the clinic." Ryu explained.

"So that means you saved my life again. Thank you very much." Megumi asked. "It's no big deal. As I said before, can I permit myself to ignore a girl in pain when I could help out?" Ryu stated.