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Suit Square

The square was busy in the sunlight, suit-wearing men and women hurrying over the street and sidewalks. The "park" of concrete blocks was filled with people, young mothers with baby carriages, couples, and a few homeless people, their pigeons clucking around them. The soaring skyscrapers gleamed in the light, the glass reflecting it back so that the buildings became brilliant towers of flaming whiteness.

In the 'park', the homeless had grouped together at one of the concrete benches, joking and sharing a bottle of wine and a pizza. A couple still had their caps and cups standing out, waiting for some passersby to have sympathy with them and give them money or food. What with the beautiful weather, many did.

The oldest hobo, a grey-bearded, wiry little man, was telling a story about the hottest summer the City had ever seen, sometime back in the early 21st century. The others were half-listening, and side conversations broke out often. The wine bottle was swiftly getting empty, and only two pieces of greasy pizza remained in the box, which one of them had found in the trash.

Two of the hobos weren't paying any attention at all. They were sitting beside the bench, leaned against the low concrete base of one of the massive gray sculptures that served as 'art' here. A scruffy dog lay curled around their feet, fast asleep, and a cap stood in front of them, already rather full with small chips and candy. Not that they cared. They were too preoccupied with each other to notice it.

Though most passersby favored them with amused grins before dropping chips into the cap, some looked pointedly away, muttering insults under their breath. The kids didn't care – well, one of the kids didn't care.

"Kiba, you idiot. Quit." The cold, breathless voice came from the younger kid, after he'd finally managed to free himself from a long kiss.

The shaggy-haired boy opposite him just grinned. "Why?"

"Because. It's nice weather."

Kiba cocked his head and looked incredibly confused. "Uh... come again?"

The other kid adjusted the black goggles that covered his eyes and straightened his clothes. "It's nice weather, and I want to enjoy it."

Kiba rolled his eyes. "Shino, explain? How is making out not enjoying the weather?"

Shino shrugged. "Well, while we're 'making out' I can't exactly feel the sun on my face or see anything. How is that enjoying good weather?"

Kiba was silent for a moment, then he burst out laughing. "Okay, whatever."

The dog stirred at their feet, his ears twitching. He got to his feet with a silent yawn, turned around, snuggled into Shino's side, and promptly fell asleep again. Shino raised an eyebrow. "Mutt."

Kiba chuckled, stroking the dog's back. "Admit it, you love Akamaru."

Shino didn't answer, tilting his face to the sky. A woman stopped before them and dropped a chip in the cap, and Kiba grinned toothily after her. "Thanks, lady!"

She cast him an embarrassed glance before hurrying on.

Shino sighed and turned away from the sky. Spring was always much too short in the City; two weeks of beautiful weather, then the summer rains would start. And those wouldn't stop until autumn's drizzly greyness arrived, leading to the cold, icy winter. It all had something to do with some weather system that the State had implemented decades ago. The shitty thing had completely scrambled up the normal weather patterns, and the later generations were left to deal with it. Meaning; two weeks of sun in the spring, and one week of it in the autumn. Period.

The black-haired boy frowned down at his belt, where a few plastic containers hung, filled with a sprinkling of earth and greenery. Small insects crawled over the leaves and twigs he'd left for them, growing steadily. They were for him what Akamaru was for Kiba, and he was glad that they'd survived the winter. It had been a very cold one, even by the City's standards.

Kiba busied himself with sifting through the pile of cel-chips and candy in their collecting cap, counting the money and sorting out the better lollipop flavors. On the bench, the old hobo's story had ended. The wine bottle stood empty next to him, and the pizza box had been shoved under the seats. The pigeons that flapped and cooed around them were settling down for a rest, their gray feathers glinting in the sun.

"Hey man, we could go. There's enough here to buy the whole Konoha dinner and still get that book you wanted."

Shino shrugged. "All right. Let's go then."

After slipping the money into their pockets, waking Akamaru – Shino did this with an almost evil glee – and mumbling farewells to the other hobos, they made their way out of the park. One of the homeless men, watching them go, asked, "Who are they? They don't usually live in the park."

The old hobo cackled. "Nah, they're too high and mighty for Suit Square. They just make their money here. They live on Whore Street."

A swell of chuckles and appreciative murmurs broke out among the hobos. Whore Street! Yeah, they sure were pretty enough for it...

They walked to the Konoha, along the car-clogged streets that were hazy in the warmth and with the smell of the fast food places' fried delicacies in their nostrils. Akamaru was moody and grouchy about being woken up, and slunk along in a sulk. Shino seemed to relish that fact, and Kiba... well, Kiba was being cuddly.

"Kiba..." Not that Shino minded. Well, he did kind of dislike being stared at by strangers, but he didn't mind the kissing. He wasn't about to admit it, though.

The shaggy-haired boy knew that. Hell, he'd had two and a half years to find it out. So he didn't even listen to Shino's half-hearted protests, only releasing the other when they had to look where the fuck they were actually going. He liked being stared at by the passersby. Shino was most certainly something to be proud of.

They reached the crossroads to Whore Street and turned onto it. The street was amazingly lively for the afternoon, the groups of homeless whores awake and moving around. Many stood around gossiping, or gathered at the ramen place to discuss momentous, life-important things such as the new kiwi-flavored condoms from this-and-this company. Most of them were dressed in their casual clothes, jeans, T-shirts and sweatpants predominant.

A few prostitutes were standing around the Konoha, the lurid pink sign – even in the sunlight – casting a halo of pink light on their baggy clothes. When Kiba and Shino came to the awning, they greeted them with nods before going back to their conversation with Ino and Tenten, who were both wearing short spaghetti-strap dresses and being very... excited. As in very hyper.

Kakashi was sitting on his shop steps, perverted book in hand and a small frown on his face. Shikamaru was lying down in his usual I-am-dead-so-do-not-talk-to-me position. Beside him, Naruto was flipping through a magazine – probably one of Ino's, if the cover was any indication. Sasuke was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, where's Sasuke?" Kiba asked.

Naruto looked up, noticing the newcomers for the first time. "Oh, hey! Uh, the teme said he wanted to catch a virtvid. Said some shit about too much sun."

Shino shook his head, sitting down at the shopfront. Too much sun? Was that kid a vampire? He felt Kiba lower himself to the ground next to him, and sighed in mock exasperation as the shaggy head burrowed into the crook of his shoulder, placing little kisses down his neck and collarbone. "Kiba -- " he hissed.

Though Shikamaru continued looking bored, and Ino and Tenten were too involved in their conversation – Shino was pretty sure that they were actually talking about a type of condom -- , Naruto glanced over at them, smirking. Shino rolled his eyes behind his goggles. As if Naruto was any better! Hell, at least Shino had a boyfriend that treated him like a person --

Shino froze. Had he just called Kiba his... boyfriend?


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