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Look at her. She looks so peaceful laying there, her blonde hair fanned across her pillow. But it isn't a peaceful sleep. You heard the medi-witches talking before you came in. They've got her completely dosed sky high on various pain potions and a sleeping draught. If they didn't, well there would be a completely different girl lying there.

AndI was responsible.

Well not really, but her lying there in this bed, is because of my 'friends'. I don't have anything to do with their plans, or how they carry them out. But I don't do anything to stop them. I don't step up and help the other side. I know what Draco was trying to do, and I didn't do anything to stop them. I could have told someone, anyone. I could have sent an anonymous owl or something. But I'm a coward, a bloody big one.

I suppose I can justify it in that I didn't know it would hurt her, it was meant for someone else. But is that a reason? Not really, it was still going to hurt someone. Badly. From all accounts that necklace was carrying some nasty curses. It was incredibly lucky that she wasn't killed.

I should have done something, but I suppose if I was being completely honest. I wouldn't have. Maybe I would have if I had known who would have been hurt.

I'd like to think that.