Home Is Where The Heart Is
Summary: Kate interferes the kidnapping of a doctor's daughter. As you'll notice this story is AU... and it's Jate :)
Disclaimer: My shrink says that I dont own Lost :(

Chapter One

Kate sat on a wooden bench right in front of a playground. It wasn't a very large playground but it had both a large metal swing set and climbing equipments with a connected slide.

Watching the innocent children play, had a soothing effect on her. She'd always had a soft spot for children. They saw the world in a very naive way, with their innocent and curious eyes. It was so different from the world she knew. She wasn't sure if she envied them or pitied them.

Most of the adults stood on a small distance from the center of the playground, alertly watching their own children in case they fell off a swing or the climbing equipment. Letting her eyes travel over the grown ups, Kate guessed that most of these children were there with a nanny instead of a parent.

Her eyes settled on a handsome dark haired man, wearing a very nice looking grey suit. She tried to follow his gaze into the crowd of children to see if she could figure out which of them that was his.

The man was obviously watching the swing set. Kate narrowed her eyes and scrutinized the children, as if it had real significance if she could guess correctly.

Two girls and a boy

The first girl had medium long, almost black hair put up in pig tails and was wearing a pink jacket with white pants. She would guess that the girl was around the age of six. She seemed bored, sending out the signal that the she was obviously too old to be sitting there.

Kate moved her eyes to the next girl, who was wearing a light blue jacket with a matching skirt. She was definitely younger, maybe three years old, perhaps four. She had shoulder long, light brown hair with a hair band, which was light blue as well. The little girl tried to reach the ground with her small feet, with a slightly scared look on her face.

Finally she inspected the boy, who was probably about as old as the young girl. She noticed that he was constantly giggling, as he tried to swing himself higher, therefore being the only one of the three that seemed to enjoy the swings at all. He had short messy brown hair and was wearing black pants and a green jacket, and from the look of it had he been playing in the sandbox earlier.

Kate took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The boy was his… and possibly the older girl with a pink jacket. She opened her eyes again and continued to watch the swing set, now determined to find out if her guess had been correct.

Several minutes passed and the same three children were still on the swings. Kate started to feel a bit apprehensive, knowing it wasn't safe to just sit there. Considering how out of place she looked, it wasn't safe to even be in this neighborhood. She sighed and glanced down at her own outfit. It felt like she'd been wearing the same clothes for months, it probably looked that way too.

Looking back up at the swing set, she noticed that the youngest girl was gone. Her eyes darted around the park but she couldn't find her. Instead her eyes once more settled on the handsome, dark haired man, who still stood in the exact same place.

The man suddenly called out the name 'Hannah' a couple of times, making Kate look curiously around to see which one of the children would answer him. Kate let out a chuckle when she saw the little girl with the light blue outfit come running up to the dark haired man.

Muttering 'typical' under her breath, Kate grabbed her backpack and started searching for her water bottle. Apparently matching up parents with their kids, was not her game, Kate thought to herself.

A few more minutes passed and Kate noticed a black van that had parked right next to the playground. She glanced around the area suspiciously, as if she was trying to make sure that it held no threat against her. She started to shift nervously on the bench. Anyone in the park could be a police officer or an agent, wearing civilian clothing.

Taking a deep breath, Kate looked around the park once more. The only one Kate got any 'agent' feeling from, would be the handsome man in the grey suit. But since he obviously was there with a child, she shrugged the thought off. Considering how dangerous she apparently was, no one would do anything undercover with the presence of children anywhere near her. Kate felt like rolling her eyes, at the thought of herself being a threat to the children in the park in front of her.

Suddenly Kate felt very alert as a woman dressed completely in black approached the dark haired man and whispered something in his ear. Kate noticed how the man's face froze as he started to scan the park anxiously. Kate immediately grabbed her backpack and started walking over to the sidewalk.

Hopefully the woman had been his wife and told him that she couldn't find their daughter and he got worried and was now searching for her. Otherwise she was in trouble. They could very well have been there looking for her. Why had she stayed there so long? Kate thought miserably to herself.

Realizing that she was now on the sidewalk, Kate stopped for a second and turned around. The woman was still standing right next to the man, almost leaning against him. He had an odd and worried expression on his face, still looking around apprehensively. Looking back over at the woman, Kate realized that she wasn't looking around in the park, she was still whispering in the man's ear.

Kate felt a chill go through her body. Something was very wrong with this picture. Being one of the few people there taller than 4 feet, it was not that hard to find her. The man wasn't looking for her. He was looking for the little girl. Kate mirrored his action, and let her eyes travel over the park in an attempt to locate the girl.

Realizing that she was no longer in the park, Kate turned around and started looking up and down the street, in case the little girl had wandered off. Her eyes settled on the black van that was parked a short distance to the left, on the other side of the road.

Something with that vehicle and its tinted windows just gave her the creeps. Taking a deep breath, Kate crossed the street on a safe distance from the van. Glancing behind it, Kate's eyes immediately fell on the brown haired little girl. There were also two black dressed adults standing there, a man leaning against the car, looking a bit bored and a woman squatting down next to the girl.

Kate could hear the little girl saying something about her daddy still being in the park. Which the woman confronted with that he had left, and that they would take her to where he was.

Kate tried to determine if they were armed. She guessed the woman wasn't, but she wasn't as sure about the man. He could easily been carrying a gun that Kate wasn't able to see from the angle she was in. She hoped to God he didn't, as she started to approach them.

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