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Birthdays to the Winchester's were always a big deal. Sure on Christmas the boys would get clothes, weapons and one toy but on their birthdays John went way out buying one thing he knew his boys really wanted.

Today was January 24, 2007 Dean's birthday. He was having a great day. His dad had bought him some hunting weapons and had gotten the Impala's oil changed cause "You need to fix the rust bucket." Sam had bought him some cd's plus a cd player for the car. Ryder, John's best friend and hunting partner had given him a check for a million dollars that he just happened to come on.

Dean thought something was missing. Cassie had called him to say happy birthday, Missouri called to yell at him but Colby never called. Colby Davis the daughter of Ryder and Sam's best friend would always call him on his birthday even when they were in a fight about Dean breaking up with Colby for Cassie.

Dean sat into the hotel room he couldn't sleep. Sam had been out researching their latest gig and still Colby never called. Dean had just got on the computer to check on some stuff when he noticed he had email. Dean looked and clicked on the subject marked Deany Boy and smirked. The email was from the blonde he had been waiting to hear from.

To: Dean Winchester

From: Colby Davis

Subject: Deany Boy

Hey you're old man.

Love Colby

PS. 28 years wow never thought that you'd make it this far

Dean smiled and heard his cell ring. Great it was Colby he thought as he answered it. "Hey baby took you long enough." "What! Dean it's me Sam." Sam stated not amused by the mishap. "Sammy what do you want I'm waiting for a call." "Well Dean I thought I let you know that I think I heard something in your car. Just check it out I'll walk to get food." Sam hung up and Dean looked at the clock. It was 11:50pm who would try to mess with his baby. After he had gotten dressed he started to walk out to his car. Dean opened the door to find a blonde hair girl with blue eyes twinkling. "Hey Happy Birthday Dean." Colby stated as Dean sat down in the car and looked at her. She had a blue bra and panties on. Dean leaned in and kissed her. On January 24, 2007 at 11:59pm Dean Winchester had gotten his birthday wish. The girl of his dreams about to have sex with him in his car. What more could he need well maybe a plan for Colby's birthday he only had 4 months to plan something better than this.