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SUMMARY: On Naruto's 7th birthday, Naruto survived an attempt against his life though not unharmed. Naruto lost his ability to mold chakra during the latest attempt against his life. Despite the fact that he can't mold chakra, Naruto decides to achieve his goal of being Hokage by becoming a weapon's master.

Weapons Master Naruto

Chapter 1: Resolve

The day of Naruto's seventh birthday has certainly been a strange one so far as Naruto lied down on his bed and thought about what happened earlier on during the day.

To start things off, the owner of the orphanage that Naruto was living in earlier that day decided to kick Naruto out as a birthday present. Saddened, Naruto went to Ichiraku's to eat some ramen before deciding on what to do next. The owner of the ramen stand looked at his favorite customer and decided to give him a few bowls free of charge as a birthday present. Naruto happily accepted and was surprised to see that the Sandaime Hokage was sitting beside him a few minutes later. The Sandaime told Naruto that he was angry that the owner of the orphanage kick him out and was to be punished. This brought a small smile to Naruto's face. Naruto's smile brightened even more as the Sandaime told Naruto that Naruto was to receive his own apartment. He mentioned that it was a birthday present and Naruto never felt so excited. The Hokage handed over the keys to Naruto and said that everything has been set up. After telling Naruto where he was to live, Naruto gave a quick hug to the Hokage and left to enter his new apartment.

That had been a few hours ago and Naruto still felt happy. He then frowned as he looked out at the window. He saw that it was raining. The rain looked like it wasn't going to stop any time soon.

'Man this rain sucks,' Naruto thought to himself. 'When will it end? It's been raining for the past six days. I want to get out of here soon and start working on this prank I've been planning on. Heh, heh, when I'm done with this prank, the old man won't know what'll hit him. This is how I'll thank him for all that he's done for me.'

Naruto got off his bed and entered the kitchen. When Naruto saw what was inside the food cabinet, he nearly died due to shock. The inside of the food cabinet was filled with instant ramen of every variety. After Naruto finished eating two cups, (he wanted the food cabinet to stay as full as possible) Naruto decided to take a nice warm shower since the rain Naruto had been in earlier might give Naruto a cold if he doesn't warm up soon. Naruto enters the bathroom and starts to turn on the water. It was the last thing Naruto remembered before fading into darkness.

Darkness surrounded Naruto as he awoke. He didn't recognize any of the surroundings since the area he was in was shrouded in the dark. Naruto noticed that he couldn't move feeling that his arms and legs were being bound by what felt to be rope. Sensing that he wasn't alone, Naruto decided to call for help.

"Help! Is anybody here?" Naruto yelled.

"The demon is awake now is he," a voice replied from somewhere in the darkness.

"Can you help me get out of here?" Naruto asked, not understanding what the voice said very well.

All Naruto felt from the moment the voice replied was fear. He really wanted to escape as he felt an intense wave of killing intent aimed directly towards him. Naruto started to produce tears as he felt a sense of hopelessness. Naruto closed his eyes, seeing that keeping them open would be useless since all there was in the room was absolute darkness.

A couple minutes later, light appeared in the room, but Naruto didn't notice since he had his eyes shut. Naruto felt like he wanted to cry. When Naruto tried to open his eyes, he noticed that a cloth appeared around his eyes and that he was blindfolded. When he tried to yell something out, his mouth was gagged and he couldn't speak. Naruto the noticed that his clothes were being cut and soon felt that all he was wearing left was his favorite pair of underwear. Naruto felt a shiver spread through out his body as he felt something being stroked onto his body. This feeling made Naruto deathly afraid seeing that his was unable to see what was going on or to speak out against whatever it was that was happening. He was completely at the mercy of whoever it was that was holding him. A few minutes later, the strokes of whatever it was that was on his body stopped. Naruto tried to squirm, but was unable to do so from the restraints.

"Now that the demon is restrained and bound, let us begin the ceremony to rid ourselves of this demon. After this day is through, the Kyuubi shall be no more and the nine great beasts, the biju, shall be reduced down to eight."

'This voice,' Naruto cried out in his mind. 'I know I've heard it somewhere before.'

Before Naruto could continue on with his thoughts, Naruto heard that the owner of the voice who just spoke began to speak some foreign language. Naruto felt a burning sensation as if his entire body was on fire. Naruto's eyes shed tears and the pain continued.

The burning sensation soon ended and Naruto felt as if he was fading out into the dark. He felt his life beginning to fade as he was starting to fade into eternal slumber. Before Naruto became unconscious, Naruto heard a familiar voice call out to him as he passed into the silence of sleep.


A week has gone by since Naruto has been held captive. Right now, Naruto was lying down on a bed inside the Konoha hospital facility. The Hokage looked out towards Naruto from an observation window.

"What's the situation with Naruto?" the Sandaime Hokage asked.

"The de-" the head nurse was about to call Naruto a demon, but a single glance from the Hokage showed that if she was to call Naruto a demon, she would be punished. "The patient is showing signs of his chakra being forcibly taken out of his body. The seal that was placed all over his body should have finished him off. You were lucky that you found him when you did. He probably would have died if he was sent to this hospital a few minutes later.

"The seal that was placed on his body is one that we've never seen before and from we can tell, he won't be able to produce chakra. If he had any ambition to become a ninja, it's all over for him." 'Good riddance' was what the nurse thought silently. She knew that she would be punished if she mentioned that thought out loud.

"I see," the Hokage said sadly. 'Poor Naruto. I wish that I could've been there earlier to help you.' The Hokage thought regretfully.

The next day, Naruto awoke and was told what had happened. Apparently, the one who kidnapped Naruto had vanished as the Hokage himself appeared in battle armor. Naruto was unbound and was immediately sent to the Konoha hospital facility. The Hokage looked at the area he was in and noticed that it was probably one of Orochimaru's former labs before he defected from Konoha. The kidnapper had several accomplices and all were arrested. After a day of interrogation from a man known as Morino Ibiki, the accomplices all mentioned that the man who was their leader was wearing a black cloak that had red clouds placed all over said cloak. The leader mentioned that he was there to annihilate all of the biju and wanted to start things off by eliminating the nine-tails.

"… and after 8 days of sleeping, you finally woke up." The Hokage said to an exhausted Naruto.

Naruto started to cry, tears gushing from his eyes. The Hokage leaned over and started to hug Naruto. After Naruto finished crying a little while later, the Hokage released his hug and looked at Naruto.

"Naruto, there's something else that you should know. Because of the seal that was placed on you, you are unable to wield any chakra that is required to become a ninja. I'm sorry."

"You mean that…" Naruto left his sentence incomplete. The reality of the Hokage's words finally sinking in.

"I truly wished for you to succeed me as Hokage one day." The Sandaime replied, remembering back to a conversation with Naruto at the Ichiraku ramen stand a few weeks ago. Naruto declared that he would become Hokage so the people would see that he isn't whatever it was the people called him.

Naruto looked at the Hokage and asked, "Isn't there any way for me to become a ninja and to take over you position someday?"

"There are very few ninjas who fight without using chakra. I know that Might Gai fights using Taijutsu and rarely uses his chakra. I also remember that there's a shinobi known as Ekichi who is a weapons master. Even though they don't use chakra, they still have the ability to mold it to some degree. I…"

"I've decided," Naruto interrupted. "Since there are ninjas like what you just mention that use tai-whatever, and some ninjas that are weapon masters, I've decided that I too will become a weapons master." Naruto finished.

The Hokage was shocked at what Naruto said and smiled. He never saw Naruto looked so determined and liked the way that Naruto's eyes shown, showing how serious he truly is to his work.

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Chapter two: Weapons Master Ekichi