Weapons Master Naruto

Chapter 3: Prelude

"OI OLD MAN!!! What the hell do you mean by letting the midget become my teacher?" Naruto yelled.



"THAT'S IT!!" Ekichi hollered.

Ekichi lunged out towards Naruto. As he moved towards Naruto, he pulled out a small dagger from within his shield and was ready to strike. When he was only one foot away from striking distance, Ekichi's view of Naruto was blocked as a wall of earth gushed up like a geyser and shielded Naruto.

"BOTH OF YOU STAND DOWN!" The Hokage roared.

The effect was immediate. Ekichi calmed down and placed his dagger back into the shield. As the wall shielding Naruto shrink down back onto the ground, he saw that Ekichi's dagger suddenly vanish as it entered the shield.

"Ekichi, I was going to offer you assistance in searching after him, but that was only if you didn't strike at anything and everything that annoyed you." The Hokage said after his jutsu was dispelled.

"You were going to help in my quest?"

"I was. Now however, you must train Naruto for at least one year before I offer my services. You know how well our information network is. If I can get into contact with my old student Jiraiya, I should be able to enable access to his information network and his information network is among the best there is."

Ekichi snorted. He couldn't believe what hearing.

"'How good your information network is?'" Ekichi repeated with disbelief. "Your information network is pathetic compared to the one that existed during the last war. If your information network is as good as you said it was, you should've known about the attack against Blondie over there."

"Hey!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto's yell fell on deaf ears. The Hokage and the weapons master both ignored Naruto as Ekichi continued speaking.

"I'll agree that Jiraiya's information network is one of the best, it's still not the best that's out there. I know of two others whose information network is greater and one of them belongs to him."

Naruto, who was confused with what's going on, decided to ask a question. He hoped that he would understand if more information was handed out.

"Who does the other information network belong to?"

Ekichi looked at the blonde for a sec and then answered.

"That's a…"

Naruto unconsciously leaned forward in anticipation. Ekichi was so tempted to say that 'it's a secret' but decided against it.

"I honestly don't know." Ekichi concluded.

Naruto face faulted and the Hokage almost did also but managed to compose himself in time.

"The person who runs the information network sends me letters whenever the person has information that's vital to me. I've never met the person personally, but I was told that the person goes by the code name of Ed."

"Ed?" both Naruto and Sarutobi repeated simultaneously.

"What kind of informant goes by the name of Ed?" Naruto asked. "Also, what the heck is an informant?"

Ekichi looked at Naruto puzzled.

"Doesn't this brat have any schooling at all?" Ekichi asked the Hokage.

Sarutobi looked at Naruto for a sec.

"He was just recently admitted to the academy. Before that, he was living in an orphanage which practically ignored him. He managed to pick up the bare basics in math and reading, but beyond that…" the Sandaime left the sentence incomplete.

"Oi Blondie, let's get going." Ekichi relied a minute later, breaking the deafening silence.

Naruto decided to let it slip and accept the fact that he will be learning from Ekichi. From the way things sound, it sounded like he really didn't have much of a choice.

"Sure thing midget-sensei." Naruto replied, following Ekichi as he headed out of the office.

'I mustn't lash, I mustn't lash, I mustn't lash' Ekichi repeated in his mind. As he was about to leave the office, he heard Sarutobi speak.

"You are to head to Training Area 51. The location is-"

"Training Area 51. Got it." Ekichi said, still walking towards the door. He waved his hand in a dismissive jester making Sarutobi think that Ekichi knew where Training Area 51 was at.


Five minutes after Naruto and Ekichi left the Hokage's office, they were lost. The duo were trying to find the training ground where the Sandaime said that they were supposed to train at but somehow ended up in the middle of some place called 'Training Area 44'.

"Man what's up with this place?" Naruto complained. He just got up after tripping over a tree root.

"I'm not sure. This doesn't look like training area 51. I think that we should've taken that left turn at the dango shop instead of the right." Ekichi said.

Ekichi jumped up to a large tree over head and saw that there was a tower that was only a mile towards the north. Jumping down from the tree, Ekichi started heading north with Naruto following in tow.

As the two walked, Naruto tripped again. Ekichi lost track at how many times Naruto had tripped and fallen and sighed. After helping Naruto up, he told Naruto to follow.

"When I see Watari, I'm going to make him pay for not giving us specific directions on where Training Area 51 is at." Ekichi complained.

"Watari?" Naruto asked.

"I guess that the majority of the populous on the continent wouldn't know about Watari. I'll let you in on a secret."

Naruto grinned and listened. He wanted to jump up in the air, but knowing that Ekichi would bonk him over the head prevented him from doing so.

Ed saw his smile and smiled briefly. 'Guess this kid doesn't have much of what is considered a happy life.'

"The secret I'm about to tell you is considered to be a Triple S class secret. This means that you can tell absolutely NOBODY. Got that?" Ekichi asked.

Naruto seemed to grasp the importance of the secret and nodded his head. At that moment, he was curious as to why his sensei would tell him something of great importance.

"Watari is the name of the Hokage. The Sandaime's full name happens to be Sarutobi Watari. The mystery of the Sandaime's given name is one of the world's greatest mysteries. Only Watari's mother outside you, me, and Watari actually know his given name. The only mysteries greater than the Sandaime's first name would be the origin of the biju and what's really beneath the mask of one known as Hatake Kakashi."

Naruto, being curious in nature due to being neglected a majority of the time, was about to ask more questions like 'What are biju?' and 'Who that heck is Hatake Kakashi?' but was denied the pleasure since a large tower started to appear in front of him.

The duo entered the tower and saw that there was nobody inside. The saw a set of stairs and went up. On one floor, the two were shocked at what they saw when they entered one room on the third floor. Inside the room, there was a man wearing green spandex and a Jounin's vest and a woman who was wearing similar clothing doing something that should forever be considered an S-Class Kinjutsu.









After the two finished repeating each other's name, a sunrise appeared out of nowhere with a beautiful mountain background appearing behind the two of them.

"My eyes. There's something wrong with my eyes." Naruto yelled out.

"Kid, I've seen the horrors of war. I've killed more than I've ever bothered to count. I've even tortured people to the point where they would feel everlasting pain. But this is something that will haunt me for the remainder of my soul's existence. I only wish that my soul would vanish after this life is done and not reincarnate." Ekichi said in a quite tone.

The two known as Gai-kun and Mi-chan saw that they had company and broke apart.

"Can I help you two youthful strangers on your journey of youth?" Mi-chan asked. "Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself and my husband. How unyouthful of us. I'm Might Misora and this," she pointed over to Gai, "is my husband Might Gai." (1)

"I'm Ekichi and this is Naruto." Ekichi said quickly, pointing to Naruto right before saying the name. "We're trying to look for Training Area 51. You wouldn't happen to know where it's at do you?"

"Misora, this is unyouthful to me, but I'll have to ask you to leave for now. This is now under the law placed by the Yondaime." Gai said, looking at Misora.

Misora nodded her head and left the room. After making sure that the room was secure and that nobody was listening, Gai spoke.

"How do you know about training area 51?" Gai asked.

It was very faint, but Ekichi noticed that Gai was ready to strike depending on what their answer was. Pretending not to notice, he was about to answer when Naruto beat him to it.

"The old man Hokage said that we're to head over to Training Area 51. Midget-sensei here is supposed to teach me how to become the strongest weapons master of all time."

"Watch it Blondie." Ekichi warned.

"Whatever you say," Naruto said, then in a low tone Naruto replied, "Dwarf-san."

"THAT'S IT! YOU'RE DEAD!" Ekichi exclaimed.

Ekichi tackled Naruto and the two started to brawl. A few seconds later, Gai determined that the two of them weren't threats and after reviewing Naruto's words as well as Naruto himself, he decided to intervene. Moving at his fastest, he moved himself in between the two.

Gai held Naruto by the top of his shirt while Ekichi managed to avoid Gai and was in the process of retrieving a weapon from inside his shield. As he was about to summon a weapon Gai spoke.

"I've determined that the two of you aren't threats. Let me ask the two of you this. Do you know of the importance of Training Area 51?" Gai asked.

"Isn't area 51 technically not supposed to exist?" Ekichi replied with a question.

"Yes actually. But that's not what's important about it. Training Area 51 is the personal training area of the Yondaime Hokage himself. I can see that the Hokage entrusted the area to the two of you. I will personally escort you there then head out to see my youthful wife." Gai said.

Ekichi decided for once to not push his luck. He nodded and saw that Gai placed Naruto back down onto his feet.

"Follow me then." Gai said.

Gai headed for the door while Naruto and Ekichi followed. Muttering quietly, the student and apprentice glared at each other.

"I'll get you for this Blondie."

"Right back at you Dwarf-san."


Half an hour has gone by since the traumatic encounter with Gai. Naruto and Ekichi have tried and failed many times to rid themselves of the memory. As the trio walked, Naruto was being stared at by the general public while Ekichi glares back at said general public. Gai ignored pretty much everything while leading Naruto and Ekichi to Training Area 51.

Soon enough, the trio had left the general vicinity of the village and headed deep into the woods. As the three walked, Naruto saw that there were a couple of kits playing. He smiled at the two kits as he walked by. Not a moment later, Gai stopped. Naruto was about to question as to why they stopped when Ekichi grabbed Naruto shoulder. Naruto looked up and saw that Ekichi shook his head meaning not to speak.

Naruto looked around again quickly to asses where he's at. He saw the two kits playing towards the left and then looked towards the right. The right showed only an endless path of trees. He looked towards where Gai's at and saw that there was a giant black wall obstructing their path.

Gai took out a scroll from a pocket on his vest. He unrolled said scroll and threw it down onto the ground. A bright white light appeared from the scroll within seconds and Naruto and Ekichi had to cover their eyes. Gai stared to form hand seals and finished when the light faded.

"Open!" Gai yelled out.

The black wall vanished and the training area, Training Area 51, appeared. The training area was unlike anything Naruto has ever seen. It would take a while to explore the place in its entirety, but from what he saw as he enter the area, he saw that there was practically every type of terrain. He can see an area that was similar to a desert towards his left while towards the right had a mountainous look. As he walked, he saw that there was a house located in front of him.

The house didn't appear to be very big from the outside. One could see right off the bat that the house had two stories and that there was a chimney shooting off from the top. Gai pulled out a key from another pocket of his vest and tossed it to Ekichi.

"Since your Naruto's guardian, I give you this key. This is one of three copies available. I'll get my arch-rival Kakashi to bring over another key for Naruto. The third key is currently in the possession of the Hokage. And with this I have to see my Mi-chan. May the spirit of youthfulness be with you my youthful companions."

Gai left in a whirl of leaves. Ekichi looked at the key briefly and placed the key in the keyhole of the front door. Turning it to the left, the door unlocked and opened. Taking the key out of the keyhole, Ekichi placed the key in his pocket. Naruto rushed right in and Ekichi let out a sigh.

"Oi Naruto, head to the living room. I'll tell you what I'm going to teach you for the next five years."

"Five years? You're really going to teach me for the next five years? But what about the him person you said you were after?" Naruto shocked Ekichi since all those questions were said in one breath.

"I'm going to make sure that you've become a great weapons master. I'm going to see if I can get you assigned as a lone Genin and see if I can enter you into the Chuunin exams once you're twelve. After you're a Chuunin, I'll pull some strings with Ed and see if you can be placed in the Hunter-nin division of ANBU. If you are, you can be assigned to assist me in chasing him. After you assist me in defeating him, you're goal in becoming Hokage will be closer than you can ever realize."

"Who's Ed again?" Naruto asked.

"Forget about it for now. My first goal is to get you educated. For this, I'm going to head back into the village and buy you some texts books."

"Why do I have to do boring stuff like that? Won't I still be going to the academy?" Naruto questioned.

"You're going to drop out of the academy for now. Most of the stuff you'll learn there is nothing compared to the first hand experience that you'll learn with me."

"I guess I can see your point." Naruto's face fell slightly then returned to being cheerful.

"Do you think I can go with you to the village?" Naruto asked.

"Sure. We can get something to eat also since I can't cook to save my life. Got anywhere special to eat?"

"ICHIRAKU!" Naruto shouted out.


After arriving at Ichiraku's, Naruto ordered some miso ramen. After ordering, Naruto looked around real fast and saw that there was a man with pointy ears eating at a nearby table. The man looked up after finish his bowl and saw that Naruto was looking at him. Naruto looked away quickly and started to eat the ramen that was placed in front of him.

As Naruto ate, the pointed ear man stood and sat beside Naruto. Naruto saw that the man was sitting beside him and stopped eating his ramen.

"Hey kid, I like the look in your eyes. How would you like to work under my wing?" the man asked.

"Sorry but I already have a sensei." Naruto said.

Naruto somehow sensed that the man wasn't a threat and continued to finish his ramen.

"There's no rule stating that you have to have only one sensei. Besides," the man then moved his head towards Naruto's ear and whispered, "I know all about you. I know that you're currently with the weapon's master and that you're using the hidden training area Training Area 51. I also know why the village hates you."

Naruto was lucky he just finished swallowing his last bit of ramen. He would've choked otherwise.

"You know why the village hates me?" Naruto asked.

"Work under me and learn all of my skills. After your done learning all that I can teach you, you'll be feared throughout the entire land. Plus, information is always important for a Hokage to have." The man said.

"Deal. What's your name anyways?" Naruto asked.

"You can call me Ed for now. YA-HA."

(1) I'm going to be using Might for now on as Gai's surname instead of Maito since that's what its supposed to be anyways. Words that end with T in Japanese always seem to end with the O syllable. A good example would be Bleach with the Bounts when its been mis-translated as Bounto. Another example would be Kakkarot and I've seen it translated as Kakkaroto.