Title: The Pawn
Category: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Daniel/Vala, Vala/Tomin
Rating: G
Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you wish to be spoiler free from "Flesh and Blood" 10.01

Comments: I may revise this later. I need to re-watch the episode and gage Tomin's Character.

He felt betrayed. His wife had never been quite what he expected of a devoted follower, but he never would have thought her to betray them and him.

He had to admit that most of what he felt was not on behalf of the Ori. He felt betrayed as a human. His wife didn't believe in what he thought she believed in. She had tried to turn their daughter, the Oracle, against those who gave her to them. She had been hiding another man in her room.

That was what hurt the most. Obviously she knew this man. And given the fact she had stepped in front of him when they were to kill him, she obviously cared for him a great deal. It made Tomin wonder if Vala had ever been truly his. Was he simply just borrowing his wife from this man she protected and later disappeared with? He had seen the look the pair shared and if it wasn't love there was enough there for a good foundation for it.

He looked up when the doors to the room he had shared with his wife opened and a messenger appeared.

"The Oracle wishes to speak with you." Tomin nodded and began to follow the man out, swallowing back his anger and sadness. Adria did not need to see that, regardless of who she was. She was his daughter, regardless if he been the real father. Tomin was not about to yell about her mother in her presence.

But later, when he was alone, he would vent his anger, and perhaps one day see Vala again to get answers from her.

He would no longer be her pawn.