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Chapter 1.

She stood in the line to the ATM-machine to take out some money. Suddenly there was a loud crash and something that sounded like a gunshot. She flipped around and saw a black car driving towards the line where she was standing. She froze and couldn't move an inch from where she was standing. She just stood there and stared at the car rushing towards her, the horn were beeping but she couldn't move.

A second later the car hit her and she bounced off its windscreen and rolled off the car and down onto the ground. The world went black and she didn't feel anything anymore.

Around her the commotion started. The robbers smashed the ATM-machine grabbing all of its money that it contained and then stole some purses from women standing and watching in the line who were afraid to move. The robbers waved with their guns toward them.

- Reverend Camden, the voice in the phone asked.

- Yes, I am Reverend Camden, Eric answered.

- I am dr Fitzgerald from Glenoak hospital.

- Oh yes, what can I do for you?

- I would like for you to come down the hospital, there has been an incident.

- What kind of incident?

- A robbery and well, I don't want to take this on the phone. Can you come down here fast?

- Yes, I will come right away.

- Good, and take your wife and your children with you.

The doctor hung up and Eric just stood there for a second or two just watching the phone and wondered what had happened, then he thought about his kids, maybe one of them had gotten into trouble.

- Annie, he shouted. Come down please, and take the kids with you. We have to go to the hospital.

- Why, what happened? asked Annie when she came down with Sam and David and Happy as a shadow.

- I don't know, a doctor Fitzgerald called and said there has been an incident.

- What kind of incident, Annie asked immediately sounding worried.

- I don't know, something about a robbery, he said he didn't wanna take it on the phone.

- Oh, that doesn't sound good.

- No, where is everybody?

- I don't know exactly. I guess Lucy is at home with Kevin and Savannah, Matt's working at the hospital, Simon is with Rose at college and Ruthie is at the promenade.

- OK, we'll call them from the hospital. Everybody get out in the car. Happy, you have to stay at home.

Happy sat and looked up at him with a sad look. Then she turned around and walked out into the livingroom to the sofa for a nap.

At the hospital Annie and Eric was very nervous and anxious. What had happened? who was in trouble?

A tall, lighthaired doctor came towards them.

- Hello Reverend Camden, I am dr Fitzgerald.

- Hello, this is my wife Annie and my sons Sam and David. My other kids I don't know where they are now exactly.

- Well, shall we go into my office before we talk?

They walked into the doctors office and sat down in the two visitors chairs while Sam and David took place in one knee each.

- Doctor, what is going on, Eric asked.

- Well, Reverend, I am sorry to say that there has been a robbery and car rushed towards a line of people waiting by the ATM-machine at the Promenade.

- Yes, what has that got to do with us? Eric asked.

- Your daughter was in that line.

- Oh my God, Ruthie was at the Promenade, it's gotta be her, Annie cried out.

- Yes, I believe that would be correct. She got hit by the car. According to witnesses they just drove right on and she got hit, bounced off the windscreen and then rolled down onto the ground.

- Oh holy God, Eric said with tears in his eyes.
Annie was already crying while Sam tried to comfort her the best he could.

- How bad? Eric got out.

- She's got a fractured skull, broken ribs, broken a leg and an arm. It's amazing that she's still alive to tell you the truth.

Eric put David down on the floor to put his hands over his face. He was crying. Annie put a hand on his shoulder while she cried too.

- Can we see her? Eric asked through the sobbing tears.

- Yes, of course. I will take you to her. Oh and one more thing. She's got multiple bruises on her face and body, and we had to intubate her. She's sedated for the moment beeing.

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