Chapter 2.

Eric and Annie went inside Ruthie's room. She lay there all pale with tubes everywhere and machines beeping. Could this be their daughter? She was only 17 years old. She had her whole life ahead of her. She had to make it. They wouldn't let her die. They just wouldn't.

Mean while back home at the Camden residence

Lucy, Kevin and Savannah entered the Camden-house and searched for everyone.

- Where is everyone? Kevin asked.

- I dunno, Lucy answered.

- There's no notes anywhere. They must have left in a hurry.

- Yeah, so it seems.

Suddenly the phone rang and Lucy picked it up and answered.

- Hi Lucy, it's me Simon.

- Hey Simon, what's up?

- I don't know. I just checked my phone messages and I got one from Mom saying that they went to the hospital to talk to someone. Something had happened but she didn't say what.

- OK, that's where they are, Lucy said beginning to get seriously worried.

- Yeah, Simon said sounding really worried, don't you know anything?

- No, we just got in and was looking for everybody. Noone is here except Happy. We'll go over there right away, she continued.

- I can't come down until tomorrow night. I have a test to study to. It's tomorrow morning. I will go down right after that.

- Yeah. OK. I'll call later to tell you what's wrong, OK?
- OK. Hear ya later.

- Yeah. Bye.

- Bye.

- That was Simon, Lucy said when she had hung up the phone.

- I kinda got that, what's wrong? Kevin asked.

- It seems Mom, Dad and Sam and David are at the hospital. Something had happened. But he didn't know what.

- Let's go down there right away.

- Yeah.

They were both now really worried, they made their way quickly back home to get the car and drove down to the hospital.

At the hospital

- Ruthie, it's Mom, Annie said as she sat down on a chair next to the bed and grabbed Ruthie's left hand.

- Hi Ruthie, it's me Dad, said Eric and sat down on Ruthie's right side and took her hand gently in his.

Ruthie laid completely still, she was sedated of course.

Annie and Eric looked at each other with tears in their eyes. Sam and David were now at the day-care at the hospital. They were too young to be able sit there the entire day.

- Any news? Eric and Annie heard a familiar voice coming from the door.

They turned their heads and saw Matt. He was wearing his doctors robe and a stethoscope around his neck. He looked really professional, but he had a very worried look in his face.

He entered the room and got to the bed. He had big tears in his eyes.

- No, nothing. She's sedated, Eric said.

- Yeah, I know. They think she's got a swollen brain too. Dr Fitzgerald told me. He's the best doctor at the ER at the moment. He's got tons of experience so I'm sure that Ruthie's gonna make it.

He sounded sure, but inside he wasn't. He was really scared. Ruthie was his babysister so of course he was worried. At least her vital signs were strong. Her heartmonitor beeped normally, her lungs were not damaged thank God.

- Where is everyone else? Matt asked.

- Sam and David are at the day-care and Lucy are probably at home. Simon is at college. I left him a message, Annie said without taking her eyes off Ruthie for one second.

- I'll call Lucy and Simon again, Matt said and went down the corridor to the lounge to make the calls.

He didn't get far though before he saw Lucy and Kevin with Savannah coming from the entrance. He hurried towards them.

- Hi Matt, Lucy said and stretched up to give her big brother a bearhug.

- Hi Luce, he greeted and hugged her back. Hi Kevin, hi Savannah he said while hugging Lucy.

- Hi Matt. Any news, Kevin asked.

- No, she's sedated and intubated. She's got multiple injuries but at least her vital signs are strong. Good heart- and lungsounds which is great. Right now the most worrying is that her brain is probably swollen, Matt answered and let go of Lucy.

- Can we see her? Lucy asked.

- Yeah, come with me.

Matt and Lucy held hands while hurrying towards Ruthie's room. Kevin held Savannah and hurried after them.