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Summary: short scene from the last episode, before the sisters wrote in the B.O.S

Leo watched as his grown up sons laughed and talked with their family. Chris's and Wyatt's laughter was the most beautiful sound Leo has ever heard. He was incredibly relieved that the dark future, from which Chris had come, had been apparently rewritten.

Wyatt was fascinated to finally meet his great grandmother and Chris was talking animatedly with his grandma. Leo turned around to see Phoebe and Coop kissing passionately by the window and Paige and Piper smiling approvingly.

He was no longer an elder, he can now be a full time husband and father. He was happy to know that he was going to grow old with Piper by his side and he was happy to know that at least for some time, they wouldn't have to worry about any demon attacks.

"You're dying to talk to him, aren't you?"

Piper's voice pulled Leo out of his thoughts, he sure wanted to talk to Chris, but he didn't know if he should. After all, everything that happened was in the past and there was no point in bringing it all back.

"You know," said Piper "if I'm not mistaken, he does remember everything."

"What makes you say that?" asked Leo concerned; he had hoped that his son wouldn't have to live with the knowledge of a once tyrant brother, a bad father, and a dead mother.

"Well, for one, he knew how to get to his grandpa's house, and two, when dad acknowledged him immediately, he didn't seem surprised even when dad didn't know who the other guy was."

"What other guy?"


"How do you know, were you there?"

"Mom told me."


When Coop left with Patty and her mom, Wyatt decided that he and Chris had to go too. "Now that I have my powers back," he said "we have to finish what we started."

"Yeah, I agree." Chris said, "We have to go before you start revealing our whole future. Honestly Wyatt, uncle Coop? I mean come on! One hour, you couldn't' keep your mouth shut for one hour."

Wyatt glared at him while the others laughed.

"Wait, before you go, can I have a word with you Chris?" asked Leo.

Once Leo and Chris were alone, Leo decided that the direct approach was the best way to go. "Do you remember what happened the last time you were here?"

"Yes, dad. Once I started having flashbacks of things that didn't make any sense in my life, you and mom told me everything."

"Does Wyatt know?"

Chris shook his head. "You guys didn't think it would be a good idea to let him know something that technically never happened. But you know, if he continues being a pain in the ass, I might let it slip."

"Chris," said Leo warningly but at the same time amused.

"Don't worry dad I won't tell him that his little brother, the one he thinks is not as strong as he is, saved his ass…I mean butt."

Leo chuckled at this, "Have I told you how proud I am of you?"

"Several times." Chris said. "But don't stop, I never get tired of hearing it." He said smiling.

Leo pulled him into a hug which Chris returned happily.

"It's time to go Chris!" Wyatt yelled from the other room.

"I swear if he continues giving me orders…" Chris said while letting go of his father.

"Come on," said Leo "I'm sure my older version would want to see his sons right about now."


Leo turned around to face Chris. "Yeah?"

"Last time I was here, you promised me I'd get home safely…" he said.

Was his son going to remind him that he had broken his promise in the worst possible way? He still had nightmares of his son dying in his arms. "Chris, I-"

"…and you kept your promise dad, I did get home safely. Thank you."