The Things We Don't Say

Odd woke up to find Ulrich sitting up and shaking his head with dried tears on his face.

"What's wrong?" Odd asked.

"My parents got a divorce."

"I'm sorry. Why?"

"All I know is that my mom is going to stay with her friends for a while and until she finds a place of her own and I'll live with my dad, but not by choice."

"Wow. You'll still see you mother, right?"

"That's not the worst part, Odd." He paused. "I'm moving."


"I'm moving to Arizona."

They sat in silence. Odd was the first to break it.

"Are you coming to breakfast?"



Yumi was sitting with Jeremy and Alieta in the cafeteria when Odd sat down. Yumi noticed (though it wasn't hard) that Odd barely ate which meant something was wrong.

"Hey, Odd, Where's Ulrich?"

"He's in our room. He's not feeling well."

"He should go to the infirmary then." Jeremy stated.

Odd looked depressed.

In class Yumi decided she would go and check on Ulrich later.


Ulrich was still sitting on his bed when Dolores, the school nurse, came in.

"One of your friends told me you weren't feeling well so I came to check on you. How are you feeling?"

"Horrible. I have a headache and my eyes are dried out."

"Do you know why?"

"My parents are now divorced and my dad is picking me up in two days and we're heading toward Arizona."

"I'm sorry just try to make the best of those two days."

Two days later Ulrich was goodbye to the gang.

"We'll miss you a whole lot. No one will ever be able to take your place." Jeremy said

"Fighting XANA won't be the same without you." Alieta said

"I'll miss you, Buddy." Odd cried.

Ulrich looked over at Yumi. He wished he had had a chance to tell her his feelings.

"Good bye, Yumi."

Ulrich walked over to his dad.

"Goodbye, Ulrich." Everyone called out.