Notes: I am assuming that Mikagami's age at the end of the series is eighteen, and that Fuuko's is seventeen. Also, xabie's… back? Maybe. For a while at least.



Mikagami slipped into one of the only remaining seats in the noisy cafeteria. He had spent most of the time during the first week of school wandering around the university by himself, detached from the rest of his orientation group. Social interaction was never his forte, and he preferred exploring unchartered territory alone. Considering his preference for solitude, it was fortunate that he had been assigned a single dorm room. He tried to imagine living with someone, having to talk to that someone, and immediately felt suffocated. Already, being surrounded by so many chattering monkeys grated on his raw nerves.

He stared down at his tray of food, trying to block out the jabbering of the other students around him. He had just about regained his internal sense of peace, solitude, and equilibrium, and picked up his pair of chopsticks to eat when it was all shattered by a rude, vulgar, and loud exclamation from someone opposite him.

"Oh fuck!"

Peace? Gone.

Solitude? Gone.

Sense of equilibrium? Gone.

Mikagami gripped his pair of chopsticks tightly and slowly raised his head. There would be carnage, he promised to himself. There would be revenge.


Kirisawa Fuuko was a changed woman. Indeed she was. She no longer considered herself stupid. She no longer considered herself ugly (though pretty was still a way aways). She no longer felt a deep pang of unidentified pain when she thought about herself. She no longer felt the need to forget her failure in violence.

No. Or wait, yes.

Kirisawa Fuuko was a changed woman. She was no longer vulgar; she was refined. She was no longer violent; she was demure. She was no longer untidy; she was as neat as any other gentlelady.

It was not, however, her fault when she sometimes reverted to her past self.

She was not to be blamed if she let out an accidental curse word. So if she said the occasional (ahem) "shit", or "damn!" or "fuck" or "your mom's a number-licking shoe-whore!" it could be forgiven. Especially when it was because of the impossibility of the stupid number puzzle in front of her. Sudoku. Her downfall. Her Achilles heel.

'Okay. Think Fuuko. You're smart. So. The three goes into this box. And thus, the six goes into that box. Good good. All is well and good…Oh fuck!'

Not again. Not again! Those conniving puzzles! It was a bloody conspiracy. Definitely.

Eraser in hand, she set about not-so-violently eradicating at least an hour's worth of work from her little puzzle book.


One little two little three little squigglies. Four little five little six little squigglies. She brushed the eraser dust away.


Someone needed a cough drop. Defnitely. Hmm. Maybe she had one in her bag. She could offer one. She supposed. Or she could not.

"Ahem Ahem!"

Oh for crying out loud.

She glanced up irritably. And met a pair of similarly irritated eyes. Silvery-blue eyes. Silvery-blue eyes that were most definitely familiar. Because…

They belonged to a certain refrigerator.

There he was, the near-mythical creature, right opposite her with full disapproving aura and pinched-tight mouth: Mikagami Tokiya of long-lost status.



There were a few things that Mikagami Tokiya considered constant in his world. One of them was that the sun would rise from the east and set in the west. Another would be his love for Mifuyu. And yet another would be the fact that the rest of his Hokage teammates would remain comfortably static and unchanging.

That would include Ishijima acting stupid, Hanabishi acting stupid, Yanagi being perfect, Ganko being whiny, Kaoru being a thirteen-year old brat, and Kirisawa having purple hair.

Not pink.

But it was. Pink that is. Because no one else in this blasted place would have the gall to call him Mi-chan.

And there she was. Kirisawa Fuuko. With pink hair. Sitting. Across from him. Kirisawa bloody Fuuko. Perhaps the very last person he expected to see.

Mikagami recovered his senses before he could prolong the feeling of being overtly stupid and slow. Not that he would ever admit to that, see, because Mikagami was definitely not stupid or slow.

"Kirisawa. I had hoped that three years would have removed your propensity for vulgarities. Now I know my mistake. Monkeys never change. And, for the last time, refrain from calling me with unnecessary familiarity."

There. He thought smugly to himself. That was well-phrased, cutting, and to the point. Kirisawa would react according to plan. Get angry at his monkey remark, attack him… et cetera et cetera. It would allow him time to get accustomed to the fact that Kirisawa Fuuko, of pigheaded notoriety, would be attending the same university as he, the genius Mikagami. It stung, oh it stung indeed.


Monkey? Who the hell was he calling a monkey!

'You bloody ice-block! Why I oughta!…!'

Kirisawa Fuuko reigned in her desire to punch the lights out of the arrogant, handsome (though that was hardly relevant), childish, bastardly, EVIL, ARROGANT, DIABOLICAL ARROGANT, man in front of her.

Closing her eyes in affectation of blinking, she collected herself. When she opened her eyes she saw the tinge of confusion in his mesmerizing (though that too was hardly relevant) silver eyes.

Mi-chan was confused. She wanted to laugh. Mi-chan was confused and (the poor boy) was trying to cover it up! Confusion, she mused, was hardly a bad thing. Take herself, for example, not only did she not take steps to hide her confusion at most things, she reveled in it. She welcomed people to join her in her confusion. It was a thing of beauty. Truly. Well. Maybe not. But it was fun anyway.

She flipped her sudoku book closed, scattering all her little eraser dust squigglies.

"Mi-chan, how nice to know that you too can make mistakes. Three years might not have changed me," 'like hell it hasn't,' she thought to herself, "but you are changed so much for the better! More than three words per opening… of uh your mouth? I applaud your bravery!"

She smiled sweetly.

'YES. DING DING DING! Round one goes to the beautiful Miss Kirisawa Fuukoooo!'

Yes. Victory was sweet. Almost as sweet as punching him to the stars. Almost.

But really though, where had he disappeared to three years ago? And why was he suddenly back? And why here? And why her? Life was just too unfair. Maybe. Kinda.

Well, at least Mi-chan was fun. In a sense. And not too hard on the eyes. And smart. He could help her out with homework. And yeah… they used to be friends, darn it. They still were. Three years couldn't, wouldn't change that. Even if he had left without a word. But she would punish him for that… some other time.


Notes: I hoped you enjoyed that! I had a blast writing it. I hope you had a blast reading it.