Going to Grandma's(Or Not)

Mrs. Carson woke up at 7:00 and walked into her daughter's bedroom. Jade

was in a deep sleep with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix open on her chest.

"Jade wake up," her mother shook her gently "you're going to be late for your train."

Jade Grunted, she was supposed to be going to her grandmother's house today. There

was no point in arguing because she knew her mother would win. Jade thought that there was nothing worse then spending a week with her grandma. Every time she visited her grandmother gave her a stupid lacey dress to where for afternoon tea with the neighbors.

"Come on Jade, how late did you stay up reading that book last night," Mrs. Carson looked down at the book and frowned.

"Not late just 'till 3:30," Jade replied with her eyes still closed.

"Well it's your own fault you stayed up that late when you knew you had to get up early, now go get ready to leave, Mrs. Carson walked out for the room still frowning.

Jade rose still half a sleep and went to take a shower. It felt so nice she didn't want to get out, but decide to when she heard her mother banging on the door, yelling, "Does it take 30 minutes to take a shower?"

Jade got out and got dressed into what she thought would annoy her Grandma the most.

At 10:00 they were ready. So they set off for King's Cross station. On the way there jade's mom insisted that Jade tuck in her shirt, but Jade refused, she had her own style and didn't want to change it.

They arrived at 10:45 and Jade insisted that she could get on the train all by herself. Her mother finally gave in and left.

Jade's ticket said platform 11 so she set off in that direction. She stopped suddenly when she reached the barrier separating platforms 9 and 10.

"I wonder if I tried to walk through if it would work." Jade asked herself.

She had two options:

She could either keep walking or get on the train at platform 11, or she could try and see if the world of Harry Potter was real. Something was telling her to try and walk through, so she positioned herself in front of platforms nine and ten.

What if it didn't work? What if I make a fool of herself like Harry and Ron in their 2nd year?

She closed her eyes and set off at a fast jog. Prepared to crash she broke into a run, 2 seconds later Jade found herself on a platform so excided she looked up and saw a sign that read:

Platform 9 3/4