Chapter 1

Cameron felt the sheets stir beside her as she woke up. Her eyes still closed, she smiled at what was to come. An arm wrapped tightly around her stomach, pulling her closer. A stubbled chin rubbed against her cheek playfully. Legs intertwined as she nestled her hands in his hair. Lips gently pressed against hers until her moaning encouraged them to increase their pressure. Slipping her hands underneath the sheets, Cameron slid her hands down his back, massaging the muscles.

When he stopped kissing her, she instinctively knew that he was above her, watching her possessively, waiting for her to open her eyes. Her lips were turned upward in a peaceful and expecting grin. Cameron's eyes fluttered open. She stared back at his. Still rubbing his back, she said, "Oh, it's you."

He scanned her face. He laughed softly. His smile was from Heaven, warm and loving and real. "Don't be so enthusiastic," he replied, nudging her provocatively. "I'm only your boyfriend."

He said 'boyfriend!' she thought excitedly, her heart singing. Cameron reached up and kissed one of his biceps. She loved his arms. They were long, slender, and strong—just like the rest of him. "That's only been official for..." she started and then looked at the clock to calculate it. "For about two days twelve hours and—"

"And thirty-six minutes," he finished for her.

"That means there's still the time left in the return policy," she retorted.

He tucked his head down and kissed her collar bone. Cameron's hips went up reflexively as she sucked in a breath of air. He loved her reaction. Hell, he loved everything about her. Well, except for her uncanny ability to read him like a book, and make him do the morally responsible thing, and make him feel guilty, and…

"We better get ready for work," Cameron chided, ripping him from his thoughts.

His stunning aqua blue eyes focused on hers. She could not have pulled away from his stare if she tried. Squeezing her tightly to him, he said huskily, "I do love you, Allison."

Her hands slipped down even farther. She saw the haze of love and passion in his eyes as she sighed, "That's Dr. Cameron to you."

Squinting his eyes at her, he reached down and took a quick love bite from her shoulder. Laughing freely, she said, "All right! Enough torture. I love you too, Greg."

Work could wait.