Author's Notes: Hi! This is my first VS fic. I know this is a really cliché topic, but I wanted to do my own drabble about Ceclia's final and successful attempt to kill herself. Please read and review! It gets better as it goes on.

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She looked up at the darkness, stars glistening in the ever – present moonlight. She never wanted to be here. She wanted to rest. Nobody understood, not the so – called doctors or her parents', or the numerous priests'. She was alone in the world, misunderstood and overshadowed. But it was all she knew. She had tried to change for her sisters, pining for the smiles that graced their features every day. But she wasn't like that.

So she wondered. She wondered if the moon connected you to the stars when you died. If somehow, joined to dark earth, you were let free, unleashed from a world so desperate. She wanted to unleash crimson pain on pale flesh, etching her name in a soulless fate. She wanted to die, she knew that now.

She had not thought of her family – they were lost souls meandering around a fateless destiny, waiting to be plucked into a cage for eternity. She had donned her nightgown, prepared for a long sleep, and walked out onto her balcony. She was an epiphany in white – brown short hair flowing, hazel eyes pierced. As she threw herself to her fate.

She felt a pang in her heart as she slowly ascended into a light abyss, dark night overwhelming her soul. She was flying into death – and it was coming towards her. She swam; she looked for the stars, seeing them above her. They were glistening, sparkling right into her, stabbing at her sides. She was gone now, hair in a halo, stuck onto a black fence, spikes digging into her memory.

But she would always be there, within a spineless soul twisted into fate, she was everything. She was in the stars she so loved, in the sun and in the moon. She was now connected to everything, and every person who had seen the brown halo circling pale skin. She lived on, it seemed, in the walls of a house so dear, a house stained with her dark blood. It had all been stained with her precious red purity, and so nothing would ever be the same again.

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