"Hello everyone! Heather here along with Pyro and Angel, say hi guys."

Pyro: "Hey"

Angel: "Hello"

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The school bell rang and Ally Mathews headed home, as she walked her blonde hair with baby blue streaks swayed softly in the breeze. She got home and headed straight upstairs to change into her swimsuit, she had around an hour and a half till her parents got home and she was going to make the most of it.

She got into the pool and shivered slightly at the coldness but soon got used to it, the reason she wanted to get in the pool before her parents got home was because Ally was a mutant and could control water. She never told her parent because she knew how they would react they would freak and kick her out or worse, but as long as they didn't know everything was fine.

She lifted her hands and focused on the water in the deep end of the pool, suddenly a perfect dolphin made of water jumped in the air made a flip and landed back in the pool.

"Yes! I've been trying to make that one all week!" She said happy with herself.

But she didn't know that someone had seen her, and that someone was the very anti-mutant kid that lived next door, Jack Keaton. he was always going on in school about how if he ever saw one of those "freaks" he would kill them, Ally thought it was all talk but she was about to find out how serious he was.

She was sitting on the pool steps watching her little water dragonflies bouncing on the surface of the water when someone pushed her under. She struggled to get free but the person was to strong, she was gasping for air but just sucked in water she was clawing at the persons hands but it didn't do any good so she used her powers to create a giant wave making it crash down on top of the person making them loosen there grip just long enough for Ally to get free, she kicked away from her attacker and surfaced gasping for air.

She finally saw who her attacker was Jack, the moment she saw him she snapped she created a world pool sucking him in. She ignored his cries as he drowned she kept him like that for 5 minutes, finally coming out of her daze she stopped the world pool. There floating on the surface was the dead body of Jack Keaton.

Me: "Well what did you think?"

Pyro: "Were am I?"

Me: "Your coming your coming just be patient!"

Angel: "I still don't see why I can't be in the story."

Pyro: "Because your stupid and have one of the lamest powers ever."

Angel: "Let be take away that lighter then we'll see who has the lamest power ever."

Pyro: "Nooooo my precious!"

Angel: (Tackles Pyro)

Me: "Oh boy there at it again! Well that's all for now I gotta go separate those two."