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Remus sat in the front of the car with Dumbledore. A million questions ran through his head as he tried to start up a conversation with Dumbledore.

"Sir," he asked, "Where are we going?"

"Hogwarts," Dumbledore answered.

Remus fidgeted, trying to get the next question out.

"You can ask me anything, you know that right?" said Dumbledore turning to smilat Remus.

"How did you find Addy and Sirius? How did you know where they were?" he asked curiously.

Dumbledore smiled again.

"Inquisitive, aren't we? Well, I supposed you would ask that. Well, actually, thought Addy would ask that."

"What did you and Addy talk about?"

"Nothing. She didn't feel like talking."


"Do you know the name of the man who tired to kidnap them?" he asked.

"No," answered Remus truthfully.

"I do. Unfortunately. Tom Marvolo Riddle." Dumbledore sighed then continued,

"He was a student of mine twenty years ago."

"But why did he want to kidnap Addy and Sirius?"

"I don't think he had any particular motive or reason for kidnapping them. I just happened. It was actually Greyback who wanted them."

"Who's Greyback?" Remus interrupted.

"One question at a time, Remus. Now going back to your first question. How found Addy and Sirius, first you have to promise not to tell Addy, I will tell her when she's ready to hear it. I thought that was going to be today, but apparently she's not ready. And what's more, she seems to hate me."

"I promise sir, but what could be so bad about it?" Remus asked apprehensively.

"You understand prejudice better than anyone else I know Remus. Now you need to understand the prejudices others have to endure. There are many in our world that do not think very highly of orphans. They think of them as low, annoyances that drain the money from the government. There are many people who look for any reason to get rid of them."

"What do you mean? How can they get rid of a human being?"

"Kill them. Or as they would call it, child misplacement."

"Whoa. But...who?"

"Well, the last one that occurred was two years ago. The orphan was a gir named Jennifer. I believe Addison was a friend of hers. She was killed by

"Walburga Black." Dumbledore continued.

"Black?" Remus exclaimed, surprised. "Do you mean Sirius's mum?"

"Yes," Dumbledore replied solemnly.

"But, how could his family do something like that?"

"The Blacks are one of the most famous, highly acknowledged pureblood families and even if sometimes they get out of hand with their antics, with their status, it's acceptable. Now, in order to stop these misplacements, Mrs. Crouch has a map that tells her where every single one of her children are. Though they don't know it. Therefore, Addison will never be truly lost.

"Now, your next question concerned Fernir Greyback. Fernir was a man, though that man is now lost deep within the evil of his heart. He has become amonster."

"A monster?"

"A werewolf, to be precise."

Remus went pale. Greyback was a werewolf, he was a monster. Then did that make him, Remus, a monster as well?

"I should probably explain myself. Greyback hates humans. It is werewolves lik him that give all werewolves such a horrid reputation. He kills for pleasure. Purposely biting people, cursing them to become what he is. But I do not think he wishes to be a werewolf any longer."

"I don't blame him," whispered Remus.

"There is a way to stop being a werewolf, you know."

Suddenly Remus' ears perked up. A way to end his curse? What was it?

"No Remus, it is not something you can do. Even if you could, you'd never do it. The way to end the curse is to bite your first born on the full moon that falls on his or her birthday."

Remus began to think. Would it be worth it? Could he, if he ever had a child, bite him or her? It would end his misery, but could he be so heartless as to curse someone else? His own child. An innocent?

"But what does this have to do with Addy, sir?"

" You see, Greyback had a wife by the name of Allison Bennet, an America muggle. Fernir believes he killed her, but I saved her. I asked her to raise the girl and then send her to school, naturally in America. Rebecca Bennet is her daughter's name. I believe she is in her first year at Salem Witch Academy."

"But, Addy, sir?"

"It is my belief that Fernir thinks Addy is Rebecca. However, until she tell me what Fernir said to her, I cannot be certain. But if he does, then Addy is in mortal peril."

"Could Addy really be Rebecca?"

Dumbledore left his last question unanswered as they rode off into th darkness.

Three hours later they pulled into Hogsmade station in the truck. Remus and Dumbledore went out to the back of the truck to get the others.

They found James sprawled out across over half of the trunk's space.

Dumbledor smiled as his eyes came to rest on Sirius and Addy.

Addy was balled up in the corner of the truck. Sirius was leaning on her wit his arms around her. Addy's hand clasped around Sirius' index finger and he had his hand clasped around hers.

Dumbledore prodded the three children awake with his wand. Addy jumped startled, and blushed when she found herself in Sirius arms.

"You three," he said motioning to Sirius, Remus and James, "Are to go up to your dormitories and get a good night's sleep. I am going to allow you to spend the last three weeks of summer here at Hogwarts."

They ran off and Addy stood up to follow them when Dumbledore said, "Pleas stay Addison. I would like your company up in my office for a moment."

Addy hesitated but finding no way out of the situation, followed Dumbledore to the gargoyle and up to his office.

" Sherbet lemon?" he asked, pointing to a container on his desk. Addy eyes it suspiciously and Dumbledore sighed. Would this little girl ever trust him?

"Sit," he said, motioning to an armchair.

"I don't plan on getting comfortable. I want to have this meeting and leave as soon as possible."

"Suit yourself. I know very well that I will not be getting any answers from you. I just wanted to show you something."

Dumbledore walked over to his cabinet and pulled out a silver basin. Floating inside of it was a substance. It was neither gas nor liquid. Addy couldn't help but be attracted to it.

Dumbledore took a small flask from his robes.

"I want you to see this."

He poured the contents of the flask into the pensive and Addy got the glimps of a blonde lady before she disappeared into the mist.

"Jump in, I"ll be waiting for you."

Addy walked over to the pensive and looked into it. As soon as she did she could feel herself tumbling into the darkness.

She found herself on a frozen street. There were groups of people huddled in groups rubbing their hand together for warmth. One girl in particular caught her attention. She had long blonde hair and delicate features. Addy examined her carefully. She could have passed for Addy's older sister. Except, Addy didn't have brown eyes and did have many more freckles then this lady. She and her
fellows were singing.

(Bolded and Slanted is all, slanted is the lady who looked like Addy and anyone

else will be specified)

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Christmas Bells Are Ringing


A cop was standing in the shadows was looking on disapprovingly as he muttered to himself.

Honest Living, Honest Living

Honest Living, Honest Living

Honest Living, Honest Living

But the group continued to harmonize.

Can't You Spare A Dime Or Two

Here But For The Grace Of God Go You

You'll Be Merry

I'll Be Merry

Though Merry Ain't In My Vocabulary

No Sleighbells

No Santa Claus

No Yule Log

No Tinsel

No Holly

No Hearth


A small boy with red hair and freckles wearing rags clutching a small teddy bear sang,

'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer'

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

No Room At The Holiday Inn - Oh No

And It's Beginning To Snow

Addy noticed another group of people who were trying to sell a collection of random items. They were also a rag tag group.

Hats, Bats, Shoes, Booze

Mountain Bikes, Potpourri

Leather Bags, Girlie Mags

Forty Fives, AZT

No One's Buying

Feel Like Crying

No Room AT The Holiday Inn - Oh No

And It's Beginning To Snow

How About A Fur-

In Perfect Shape

Owned By An MBA From Uptown

I Got A Tweed

Broken In By A Greedy

Broker Who Went Broke

And Then Broke Down

A couple came walking up the lane. There was an older woman carrying jacket that she began to hand out to the poor around her. The man scowled disapprovingly. He sang,

(N/A: bolded for the man and slanted for the women)

You Don't Have To Do This

Hush Your Mouth, It's Christmas

I Do Not Deserve You, Angel

Give - Give

All You Do

Is Give

Give Me Some

Way To Show

How You've Touched

Me So

Kiss Me - It's Beginning To Snow

Two men walked up the path. One had blue eyes. Electric blue, pure eyes. Addy looked into them. She had never seen eyes like them on anyone else except the man, Fenrir Greyback, it had to be. No one had such eyes.

Except Addy. His friend had lighter blonde hair and was shorter then him. He had a pointed chin that Addy also recognized as her own.

Bloody hell where am I?

(N/A: it's bolded for Fernir and slanted for his friend.)

... She Said, 'Would You Light My Candle'

And She Put On A Pout

And She Wanted You

To Take Her Out Tonight?


She Got You Out!

She Was More Than Okay

But I Pushed Her Away

It Was Bad - I Got Mad

And I Had To Get Her Out Of My Sight

Wait, Wait Wait - You Said She Was


Let's Go Eat I'll Just Get Fat

It's The One Vice Left-When You're

Dead Meat

There - That's Her




I Should Go

Both: Hey - It's Beginning To Snow

A group of carolers passed by singing a happy Christmas song. Addy contemplated how different they were from the rest of the scene.

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Suddenly, Addy noticed a group in the corner. The lady that resembled her, Alison, had moved over to join them. They looked wasted as they sang hoarsely.

Follow The Man - Follow The Man

With His Pockets Full Of The Jam

Follow The Man - Follow The Man

Help Me Out, Daddy

If You Can

Got Any D Man?

Addy noticed they were singing to man that she recognized, Mundungus Fletcher. He was selling something and knowing him it couldn't be good. Addy had helped Mundungus with some of his exploits every now and then for a little extra money.

(N/A: Mundungus is slanted for now)

I'm Cool

Got Any C Man

I'm Cool

Got Any X

Any Smack

Any Horse

Any Jugie Boogie Boy

Any Blow?

Fernir walked up to Allison.

(n/A: now Allison will be slanted and bolded is Greyback)



I Just Want To Say

I'm Sorry For The Way --

Forget It

I Blew Up

Can I Make It Up To You?


Dinner Party?

That'll Do

Suddenly Mundungus approached them.

(N/A: dung underlined. If this is confusing, I'm sorry)

Hey Lover Boy - Cutie Pie

You Steal My Client - You Die

You Didn't Miss Me - You Won't Miss Her

You'll Never Lack For Customers

The junkies began to sing again, no longer accompanied by Alison.

I'm Willin'

I'm Illin'

I Gotta Get My Sickness Off

Gotta Run, Gotta Ride

Gotta Gun, Gotta Hide -- Gotta Go

And It's Beginning To Snow

Everyone began to sing-


Christmas Bells Are Swinging

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

In My Dreams - Next Year

Once You Donate You Can Go

Celebrate In Tuckahoe

You'll Feel Cheery

I'll Feel Cherry

Tho' I Dont Really Know That Theory

No Bathrobe

No Steuben Glass

No Cappucino Makers

No Pearls, No Diamonds

No 'Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire'

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

No Room At The Holiday Inn, Oh No -


I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Just Like The Ones I Used To Know

Jingle Bells - Prison Cells

La La La La - Fa La La La

You Have The Right To Remain

Silent Night Holy Night

Fall On Your Knees On Night Divine

You'll Do Some Time

Fa La La La La

Fa La La La La


Got Any C Man?

Got Any D Man?

Got Any B Man?

Got Any X? - Crack?

I'm Willin' - I'm Illin'

Gotta Get My Sickness Off

C-D Help Me

Follow The Man Follow The Man

Follow The Man

Jugie Boogie-Jugie Boogie

Follow The Man Follow The Man

Any Crack Any X Any Jugie Boogie Boy

Any Blow Any X Any Jugie Boogie Boy

Got Any D Man, Got Any C Man

Got Any Crack-Any X-Any Jugie Boogie?

Greyback and Alison were walking down the other side as she tried to hold his hand. Suddenly he pulled back.

Let's Not Hold Hands Yet

Is That A Warning?


We Just Need

To Take It Slow

I Should Tell You I Should Tell You

I Should Tell You I Should Tell You

I Should Tell You I...


And It's Beginning To

And It's Beginning To

And It's Beginning To-


Addy let herself being pulled out of the pensieve. Dumbledore was standing nearby, calmly staring at her.

"Well, if that's all you had to show me, then I'll be going." Addy said curtly, walking towards the door only to find it locked.

"Let me out," she said coldly. Dumbledore simply stared at her fixedly. Add stared back, two can play that game, she thought.

After what seemed like ages Dumbledore broke the gaze, smiling.

"Who taught you Occlumency?" he asked.

These words had no effect on Addison what so ever, and with out dropping her guard she spit back, "When I want nonsense babbled at me I will slip a babbling beverage into your pumpkin juice. Merlin knows I could do it in my sleep."

"As could I, Addison. But one must over come the urge to perform such childish acts. I believe that no one has taught you Occulemncy. I will have to ask then, for your opinion. What did you think of the scene you just witnessed?"

"First tell me why you showed it to me, then I'll tell you what I thought of it."

"I will not fall for that again, Addison," Dumbledore said casually. "You tell me first."

Addison sighed. "I thought it was weird, happy? Now cough it up Dumbledore, what the hell were those people."

"You know very well that I am not satisfied with that answer, Ms. Mae," he said remaining calm and serene.

"Well, you never requested a satisfactory answer. You just appealed for an answer, and I obliged. So now, you have to supply if you wish to still be revered as a man of your word."

"Since when have you spoken in elevated diction?"

"Amelia convinced me to read the dictionary." Addy replied, indifferently.

"Oh, well I suppose you are right. I will tell you why I showed you that. There is a girl, about your age. Her name is Rebecca Bennet. She lives in America. She is there to keep her safe from her destiny. Fenrir Greyback is seeking her out to kill her. She is safe. You, however, are not."

"Bloody hell, Dumbledore!"

"Professor Dumbledore, Addison. And no swearing."

"Whatever, how, sir does this affect me."

"You look like her. Fenrir thinks you are her. So long as he believes you to be her, he will stop at nothing to find you and bite you."

"Bite me? Ew. I don't want some random guy's drool all over me."

"He is a werewolf. The only way for a person to stop being a werewolf is to bite their first born on the full moon that falls on their birthday. You are in grave danger. Therefore, for your own safety, I do not want you to wander away from the grounds or to be out past dark."

"Whatever," said Addy again pulling at the handle again. When it didn't open, Addy had an idea.

She walked over to the window and swung herself onto the ledge.

"What are you doing?" asked Professor Dumbledore, running to help Addy up.

"Numbering the stars, can I borrow a quill?" she answered, bitter sarcasm ringing in her voice.

Dumbledore looked at he rdown his nose, "The truth, Addison."

"All right. Fine. It is my intention to climb down this wall, visit Hagrid in his hut, steal a plimy egg to find out what the hell a plimy is and if there is any way to make it evil, wander around the forest just because I'm not allowed to, take a plunge into the lake and have a swim with the Giant Squid, walk into the castle through the front door and raid the kitchens. Then I will go to bed, most likely on a couch in the common room."

"I'm very sorry, but I cannot allow you to do that."

"Too bad."

Suddenly, Addy let go of the windowsill. With a thud she landed on all fours at the bottom of the tower.

A second later, Dumbledore reappeared next to Addy.

"How did you do that?" he asked.

"I've been jumping down windowsills since I was five. I couple broken wrist later and I learned how to slow myself down."

"With magic."

"No, with the power of turnips." Addy rolled her eyes, "Yes, with magic!"

"But, with out a wand?"

"Yeah, so?" Addy shrugged and made her way towards Hagrid's hut.

"No," said Dumbledore sternly. "You need to sleep."

He steered her into the castle and only left her when she was tucked into her bed in the girl's dormitory.

As soon as the door closed Addy snuck out of bed and opened the window. She went and sat outside on the roof. Finally out of sight of everyone she let herself cry. She cried and cried. She was red in the face, her eyes were puffy and blood shot as she tried to wish her troubles away. To wish for the one thing she had wished for every night for the past eleven years.

Starlight, Starbright, First Star I see tonight

I wish I may I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight

Here I am your faithful child

Please make my wish come true

May you hear me and respond

Let me know my paradise

All these years of this cruel joke

The best of my work going up in smoke

Praying for a future from these silent starry skies

How much more of this must I take

This is the day I will make a future for myself

But, it was my wish...

Was it my wish have I just been conned

I will never know

I will never grow

If I never go


I never made this world, I didn't even lose it

And I know no one said fair

But I had a family once

They had the chance to choose

They gave it away including my share

And now I'm lost in wilderness

Lost, crying in the wilderness

And if anyone's watching it seems they couldn't care less

I'm lost wilderness

I follow all the rules

I swallow the stories

And every night I wish on a star

Dreaming your day will come, trusting in allegories

And every morning look where I am

Lost in the Wilderness

Lost, lonely, dying in the wilderness

With no chance of living well, until I confess

I lost in the wilderness

So many times I've watched the eagle fly to the sun

And wondered how he got to be so free

If you ever have you know your journey's begun

Hey what I got to loose, when already I am

Lost in the wilderness

And where I am headed now, I couldn't guess but

Off I go without a warning

Running as I hit the ground

Where my future lies before me

Where my heart is outward bound

Till one bright and distant morning

I may stop and look around

And there in the wilderness

Finally we'll be found!

Addy threw her legs over the windowsill and sat down on her bed. She never again looked into that sky, never again to stare into the bright skies and wish. Within time, she would forget her wish completely.

Azakaban does that to people.

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