Embarrassing Encounters

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I am usually keeping the house in some kind of order, working on my boss's gundam, being his loyal crew memberbut on some occasions sneak a glance at him at the same time feeling guilty. Will I be able to express my feelings? Or will I fade in the background like I always have? Will three say the fateful three words?

A/N: This is my first time attempting a fic with a cannon couple. This is in Shirley's point of view although it could change. Some things may not be completely with the series but hey I'll wing it.

Prologue: Reflection of fond memories

I go about my work nothing too special about it really. I just try to keep everything in some kind of order, also it helps to know I have my best friends to help me. It seems like a dream really Chibodee has been so nice to each of us. To think a man like him would take in four misfits that tried to sneak on his shuttle to get a life of our own. That day still plays in my mind as if it was only yesterday. We all wanted something more then just being girls working for minimum wage or another face in the crowd.


It was a rough time back at home yes I'm from the south. We moved to New York when I was 10. I had a hard time adapting my accent was heavy because I was from Georgia. Times really were hard my parents kept fighting every night I'd hear them argue about my future or something really stupid. We didn't have a lot of money and dad's business all but folded from underneath him even though working with him was really fun. He was a mechanic and a damn good one too but with all the fighting his business went down hill. Also he usually would end up drunk and spent most of our money on parts or more whiskey. Mom had to work five different jobs, just to keep the home they hardly ever were in it was ,funny that mom worked so hard to keep a home she didn't live in half the time. Mom did manage to teach me the basics of how to keep a home. I did have a brother but he died in one of the wars so now I'm left all alone. My parents and I barely talked at all.

During my years school I was shy, had a temper and not that good in school. I was smart just not by the book though, but I was clever enough to escape from being mugged, won several of fights and stood up for my three friends. Although I dreamed of getting out it was hard to believe in miracles or happy accidents. I didn't regret it though.

Bonnie was her real name but she went by Bunny was the smart one who people always mocked, called her four eyes and freak. She often helped me in my classes and would come over when she felt lonely. Janet's real name was Jeanette was the beauty in school but where many of the jocks had tried used her, called her a slut so I befriended her and we added another to the group. Janet actually was good to talk to and that really surprised me. However, Bunny had a hard time getting use to a very pretty girl hanging out with us but she managed just fine. Hell even I was amazed anyone would want to befriend a rough red head like me, plus my accent didn't really help either. Weeks went by but an idiot tried to attack us. Not that we didn't cause mischief or pulled mean pranks on other kids.

Rocky said, "Hey girls how about handing over your lunches?"

Bunny was shaking behind me, and Janet was doing her best to comfort her. I step up and said "NO way ya aint gettin' our lunch why dontcha find some other girl to steal from!"

Rocky said "Aww how cute the southern is sticking up for the whole group. Fine then I guess I'm going have to do it the hard way." I take so many of his hits at one point Janet took a few for me and poor bunny nearly broke her glasses. We were clinging tight to our lunches when a really dark skinned girl with sharp brown eyes and short black hair appeared and knocked him for a loop and I am not fudging up the words at all.

"Hey Rocky want a fight have a go with me? Or are you too much of a chicken-ass to try it?"

He doesn't even comment he throws a few punches. Man she was good she brought him down in two seconds flat and kicked him where it hurt the most. I was in awe of this girl she had an interesting smile on her face as she moved toward us. I just sit there wondering if she was going to fight us or what. She offered the friendly smile and asked, "Need a hand?"

None of us could really speak but we all nodded. She helped us up and started to walk in the lunch room with us and that was the beginning of our strange but wonderful friendship.

I still was looking at her in awe and finally got the gumption to ask, "What's your name?

Her eyes seem to light up and she answered, "Catherin but you can just call me Cath. What are your names?"

I answered, "My name is Shirley, this is Bunny, and this is Janet."

We had gotten so close to the point where we knew when one was sick, had family problems, and sometimes complete a whole phrase without one speaking. Our school got destroyed so none of us really got to graduate but we knew enough to get by. We didn't have the money or the desire to go to college. Our parents were breathing down our necks to get a job. I began to work with my dad in his shop. Bunny, and Janet worked at an old bar/restaurants, Cath worked as an underpaid bodyguard and would often get beaten up by some of the more rough guys and sometimes would have to be a mechanic too. There was no place for us to go; our families weren't even comfort to us. Dad's business finally sunk and so there was more tension at home, after I ended up working with Bunny and Janet at some diner that was a bar. The men were rude and that's when I grew a backbone I'd have to punch one of their lights out. When one tried to take advantage of Bunny I kicked him where the, sun don't shine. Janet would sometimes have to pinch or bite to get the guy to leave her alone. After about a few years we began to try to put our plans to action,

One night I was staying at Caths' and we called Bunny and Janet over. We didn't give any suspicion that we were up to anything. It was so nice to have such wonderful friends but we've had enough with our boring lives. Even though being the four sisters was fun it just got so boring not havin' a plan or anywhere to go. We had been planning our escape for a long time ever since our school got destroyed when we were juniors or was it sophomores. Ever since that point we've been savin', plannin', wantin' to find something worth while.

"Cath did you get the tickets?"

She shook her head and looked really sad. As she said, "I tried but they were sold out."

Bunny and Janet comforted her and I was fuming not at Cath just at everything around us. I just let out a frustrated sigh it seemed like everything was fallin' apart at the seams once again. I turned my attention to Cath and said, "Oh Cat I'm sorry if I look madder then a hornet when someone tries to hurt its hive it's just I really want to escape from this disaster area."

She offered a half smile and said, "I know Shirl we all do and I'm just as mad as you are. How can we get on the shuttle?"

We all sat there thinking for a while. No answers seemed to have offered it, desperation filled the room. Suddenly I said, "We can just sneak on."

All three of my friends shouted, "WHAT SHIRL HAVE YOU LOST IT!"

I know it sounded foolish but at that point I didn't care how we got out, all I knew is that we needed to get out. I said, "We deserve happiness too and our families are slowly falling apart so we might as well start going on our own. That shuttle is our passport to happiness I'm sure. Don't ask me why but I get the feeling we'll find something we've been dreamin' of. Are you with me?"

I actually didn't think they'd be with me but all of them said, "YES SHIRL!" It surprised me but I was glad I wasn't going alone. We wrote our good-bye letters and I don't really recall what was on them but we started out after we got done with our shifts. Posts them on our parent's door and started on our way to that fateful shuttle. We were dressed in our street clothes; we did manage to get some of our prized possessions in small backpacks, and walked on toward the launch bay for the shuttle. We noticed there was a lot of photographers and reporters shouting questions.

Bunny whispered, "Must be someone important getting on. Do you know who it would be?"

I shook my head and so did Cath, and Janet. After most of the people got on we tried to sneak on behind. We did manage to get in the cargo hold. As the shuttle began to move Bunny began to look a little green.

"Bunny you ok?"

She shook her head furiously and said, "I better find the rest room or I'll toss my cookies all over all of you."

I groaned not knowing if that was wise idea. The shuttle cargo was far from comfortable, infact we all will be kissing the ground when we get off of this shuttle if we don't all throw up first. Bunny looked really desperate so I knew I had no choice but try to smuggle her to the nearest restroom. Janet got up was rocking like an unsteady horse and peered on the other side of the cargo hold to scope out a bathroom. What did I tell you we got that close and it really is the power friendship that got me this far.

"Did you see a rest room Janet?"

She nods and said, "It was just on the other side of the cargo hold. Want one of us to go with her?"

I shook my head and said "I'll take her just make sure you don't do anything to alert the guard."

Cath sighed and said, "Great our cover is goin to be blown out of the water. THIS RIDE IS ANYTHING BUT DREAMY! Please hurry back Shirl we need to stall a little longer."

Bunny and I walked to the rest room then I quickly got out of sight. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and wouldn't you know it one of the guards caught her and then caught the rest of us. However they didn't really do much because we were still flying to the colonies so they couldn't stop the shuttle. They put us in the guarded seats with those uncomfortable cuffs.

Not long after the shuttle landed and I groaned not really wanting to know if we were going to tossed out or worse placed in that horrible workhouse they have for stowaways on a ship to the colonies. We just waited to see if we would be tossed away like we've been for most of our lives.

A man shouted, "Mr. Crockett what would you like me to do with these four stowaways!"

I felt my chest tighten because we had no idea a fighter was going to the colonies, at least not today, we did know they often come back and forth from the colonies. We didn't know much about Mr. Crockett only that he was an American star and he is Boxer. Not that we went to any of his matches mind you. Although we did see his face on most of the posters and news broadcasts. We were all shell shocked to say the least but we all thought he would show no mercy on us. We heard his footsteps get closer and closer, after a few minuets the steps stopped. We all looked up and saw not an overly serious or completely rough looking man. We actually saw a really handsome man, a little rough around the edges but hey he has his own charm about him. Something told me I could relax but I choose not to.

A guard said, "WE SHOULD ARREST THESE OFFENDERS! No doubt up to no good. They look like nothing but trash to me."

Another remarked, "The no good kind at that, they'd probably steal from the blind and poor mothers." They were just about to drag us to their station up here and send us to that work house. I heard horrible stories about that place.

I grit my teeth and was half way tempted to go off. Bunny stopped me by putting her hand on my shoulder while whispering, "Don't Shirl we're in enough trouble. Let's not make it worse." I cool down just a little bit, these damn rich types don't know probably don't give a damn on how hard things can get or how to survive. It pissed me off to no end but for now I bit my tongue. Those handcuffs are cutting our wrists but what the hell we're just Trash. None of us were prepared for what would happen next.

Mr Crockett looked at all four of us in the eyes. He offered a friendly smile and said, "I wouldn't call these ladies trash. In case you have forgotten not all of us a born rich you ASSHOLES! Get those cuffs off of their wrists."

It felt so odd someone actually looking at us like we're actually human. It felt nice to get those damn cuffs off but they left an imprint on our wrists. He glared at them and said "Another thing DUMBASSES maybe they actually had a dream and what would helpless pawns like you know about people, and another thing not all of us are so lucky to have mother anyway, GET OUTTA MY SIGHT BEFORE I HAVE YA ASSES FIRED OR KICKED WHICH EVER I FEEL LIKE DOIN! OH AND HERE TAKE THIS WITH YA!"

The older guard asked, "Are you bribing me Mr. Crockett?"

He was getting aggravated and said, "No it's payment for all four of these LADIES NOT TRASH! NOW GET BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!"

They took off in a slight hurry it was actually funny to see really.

We all glanced at one another at one another not know what to think. He smiled and looked us in the eyes once more, even though he tilted my chin up to his eyes, which wasn't very comfortable in fact it made me a little mad, and said, "You've been raised on the streets trying to make a life of your own. You have street smarts, all of you remind me of me when I was back on earth. You've been dreamin of coming up to the colonies aint ya?"

Bunny surprised us all when she said, "Y-y-yes s-sir."

His grin seemed to grow some as he said, "Well ya made it, welcome to the neo-American colonies. YO MARK PULL THE LIMO OVER HERE I'VE PICKED UP SOME NEW GUESTS!"

I heard Janet whisper "A L-Limo? I don't think I've ever seen one let alone ride one."

He mumbled something and said, "Chib why is it you're such a ladies magnet? Can't you share or do you have a special night in mind?"

All of us tensed up and had fear written on all our faces. We all huddled closer together. I made the decision aint; no way would he do that to me or my friends. I would've taken him on even if he was a champion boxer I wouldn't have stood for it. I guess you could say I'm the leader of the group.

Cath whispers, "Shirl I don't know if we should trust him. No one has ever been this nice without wanting something."

I whisper, "Well our choices are either stay with those asshole guards or go with him? Or choices aren't that good but I'd rather go with someone who at least doesn't call us trash. Wouldn't you Cath?"

Cath nodded and we turned our attention back to Mr. Crockett. I did agree with Cath but for now we better count our blessin' but that didn't mean I'd let my guard down.


He gave us a friendly smile and opened the door of the limo. He said in a kind voice, "Ladies first."

We all hesitated but we got in. I was the last one to get in; even though he's been nice I don't trust anyone that quickly. My friends are the only exception. I watched him like a hawk not wanting anything to happen to any of us. He still had a friendly grin though as he got in behind us. The seats felt like velvet and it was a nice brown color.

I finally got my voice back and said, "Thank for your help Mr. Crockett what do you have planned for us?"

He leaned back and crossed one leg over. He had a piece of hay weed in his mouth and said, "Well I'm sure you all know what I do for a livin' boxin and well I kinda need a crew, ever good boxer has one or a few, to hang around the ring during matches and help me train to beat ass. Right now I have some old grouchy ass geezer who does nothing but piss, and moan, about my drinking habits and my staying out late on weekends. Oh and by the way you can call me Chibodee, I don't want to be in the same group as those asshole guards."

Cath got some courage running through her too, as she asked, "Um well I'm curious as to way you bothered savin us and giving such an interesting offer too?"

His good mood didn't seem to fade and Cath asked the very question that was on my mind. He said, "Well you all remind me of my early days before I became a boxer and a face that almost everyone knows. I had to survive the same way you all did, work sometimes steal some food. Now here I am but I don't forget what the street life taught me so that's why I saved ya. The offer is up to you, I won't rat ya out or force ya to go somewhere else, I'll let ya go and do whatever ya want."

We all took a while thinking about his offer. It was very tempting but the fact remained we had never done ring work or been a crew for that matter. Also we hardly know him even though we seem to have a lot in common with the famous American. He seemed to be watching us reading our thoughts or at least that's what it seemed.

He ran his hand threw his hair and said, "Yeah I don't blame ya for bein careful about this offer. How about this you work with me on the up-coming match this weekend while I'll show ya the ropes, and then you can see how you like it? As I said if you don't like it then I'll let you go and you can do whatever you want."

That sounded fair and reasonable. Bunny said, "S-sounds good Mr…Chibodee."

Janet smiled and asked, "Would you have gotten them, the guards I mean fired Chibodee?"

He smirked and said, "Hell yes I would they need to stop bein' such tight asses. Of course not everyone had to work hard to achieve their goals. By the way so I won't be callin girl with red, blonde, brown black hair or seem like I'm hirin strangers what are your names?"

I finally feel comfortable and answered, "My name is Shirley."

Bunny had loosened up too and answered, "My name is Bunny."

Cath smiled and said, "The name is Cath."

Janet had her friendly smile and said "And my name is Janet."

We all no longer felt afraid of this boxer. He didn't make any kind of pass at any of us and treated us like equals. After that we managed to get to his home and man it was huge. We had done it and despite the fact we were still nervous we reached beyond the disaster of the streets to find a friend in high places. The week he trained us in the ring was actually fun. He was right about the guy that was his crew.

He wasn't even nice to us so Chibodee tossed him out. Cath was the one he'd often train with and, Bunny, Janet and I were to check the ring to see if it was good for boxing. Also we'd set out the brake corner give him water and his towel. We'd often encourage him to not give up. After that week we agreed none of us had complaints about the job. We even got a place to stay, out of the deal we made with Chibodee. I do see why the old geezer was worried about Chibodee's drinking habits but I wasn't about to become his mother. We had a little bit of a hard time trying to keep ourselves from nagging Chibodee too much but we eventually got use to his habits. Ever since then we didn't regret getting caught on the shuttle it actually was a blessin or a happy accident.

End of Flashback

I didn't realize it was so late in the evening. I had been doing laundry and had a pair of Chibodee's boxers in my hands. I usually wouldn't have paid any attention to his clothes but its just one of those moments when you feel like the world is against you. I go to open his boxer dresser but not quick enough. He walks in with childish smirk on his face and asks, "So Shirl do you like my choice of underwear?" I refused to allow myself to blush but it seemed that I couldn't stop it at the time.

I say, "Oh like it's anything new that I haven't seen before. Was that your Getting some pair or was that your lure them to my bedroom pair?" He seemed to be caught off guard for a moment anyway.

His smug look actually seemed to be getting worse as he said, "Would you like to find out Shirl hmm?"

Ok that did it I had to do something. It was too much fire for me to handle right at that moment. I grabbed the towel around his neck and shout "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO PUT YOUR TOWLES IN THE HAMPER IN THE HALL?"

I make a mad dash to the hall not that I was offended but I was afraid of my answer to that question. After I got out of sight of the perverted boxer even though it probably was a harmless joke, I didn't want to take any chances. I go into my room and sit down for a while. Feeling angry at myself for allowing my heart to beat that way, he's my boss I shouldn't be affected by his flirts. I let out an exhausted sigh not really wanting anyone to hear it. I fall asleep wondering if that will get these haunted feelings for my boss under control.

Ok I know I haven't done any updates and I took down my stories some of you like but I know this is much better. I have to thank Starya for the reference of how Chibodee met his crew. With her story, Happy Accidents I didn't copy her exact story; I just took bits and pieces of it. Anyway I want to know what you all think of this. This is probably the longest Chapter I have ever written. I hope they're aren't out of character but if they are feel free to tell me so.