Embarrassing Encounters

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Chapter 6

Augh hostile situations!

Suddenly we are all knocked out and carried somewhere. Guilt eats through me as this was all my idea. Please let us get out of this alive. I will let Chibodee lecture me without complaint. SOMEONE HELP US!

For what seems like hours I finally wake up. Unfortunately I find myself tied to a slightly comfortable chair. What is even more annoying is the man I would love to hit is staring at me.

"Well, the proud Shirley Lane is now tied up. What ever am I to do with such a lovely firebird?" I glare at him but choose not to reply. He is gloating and as much as I do not want to admit this. I am completely helpless and my girls are still passed out. I look at him and his cold smile has not changed.

"So you are still a snake Rocky or should I say Ricky?"

His smile disappears as I make that crack. His real name is Ricky but he hates that name. I don't know why it is a perfectly fine name. He smacks me across my face and that just adds more fuel to my fire. I would be damned if I would let him think for one second that I have no fight in me. I realize that I have to be careful and not provoke him too much. I see my mother smiling. Something tells me I made a big mistake in accepting her offer.

Amber walks over and looks at me. "Well it has been awhile hon, are you married?"

I spat, "Thank you for caring so much mother. I don't have to answer that." I would like to be married to Chibodee but that obviously won't happen. PLEASE GOD…If there is, a God help us. Girls please wake up soon.

She just stares at me with a disapproval look. "You mean to tell me you live with a man and are not married to him."


She press her lips together and shakes her head at me. "You still have your father's explosive temper. It is ashamed what happened to him, of course I got all his assets."

A cold chill goes down my back. "What do you mean…what happened to dad?"

She doesn't answer me but the smile returns.

Rocky walks over and asks, "Shirl why don't you ask why, your loving mom asked to see you?"


He growls and shouts, "STOP CALLING ME THAT NAME!"

I just sit there and hear the girls waking up. Each response is different. Cath of course shouts plenty of profanities, Janet lets out a pitiful groan, and Bunny does not make much a sound other than struggling against the rope. I finally decide to ask, "Mother why, did you call?"

She seems to be happy I ask. "Well Shirley I need you to be married so that I can get more benefits from your father. I ran into this charming gentleman by the name of Rocky. He told me he knew you so I think the two of you will do well together."


She waves her hand at my tirade. "Now Shirley you can not let such a childish squabble get in your way. It is high time you did get married my dear."

I bite my tongue because I have already aggravated the situation more than necessary. I look at the girls and begin to wonder if they could go free. I look at my mother and ask, "Since you only need me for this family affair. Can my girls leave?"

They look at each other as if having some secret conversation. I wait anxiously hoping they would play in my favor. Rocky got out his phone and talked to another male voice. My answer was not given by mouth but three other cold looking men walk in. Two of them look familiar but the other one is not. Each one stand over one my girls and it is clear that no one was leaving. Ok…this is not good maybe there is some way to smoothen out this situation. Your temper will not help out much. Remain calm Shirley. It would not do well if you end up killed.

"Ok Rocky I am sorry to show you disrespect. However I do not take well to men smacking me."

I feel six pairs of eyes looking at me curiously. They seem just a little surprised at my change in tone. Rocky is too dense to really notice much of a change. One of his friends expresses a look of intrigue at my sudden change. I smile to myself as I play the vixen card.

"Now Rocky have you been working out much? You know I like a man who is physically fit."

He displays his lack of muscles. The girls follow suit in flirting with the guys. I mentally signal them to be careful and not get careless. The plan seems to work but once my mother caught on it is over. She tells them to take each of us to their suits. I know this would be bad but I was out of ideas. We all look at each other fearfully wondering if we can still get out of this. Once I am alone with Rocky he starts to feel me up, I manage to pinch his hand. I did not like the situation. I struggle to get him to stop; it is hard to fight off a man when you are tied to a chair. I scan the room to find something to use. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any options. I close my eyes beginning to think there is no God until Rocky suddenly falls over on the floor.

"Bastard, touch her like that again…I won't hesitate to kill you."

Oh…could it be?

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