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Words of the Koran. A gentle, whispered prayer, in Arabic, very melodic, quite sad. An angel, in the middle of the floor, haphazard. Too perfect. Did angels have a place in Islam? He didn't know, nor did he care. He waited until the boy stood up and turned around.
A pause, happy. You're still here... Unending joy shone through teary eyes.
Yes, I am.
He dashed to his lover, fusing his soft skin into the other's skin. He had been crying. Was prayer so moving? He couldn't remember... The most convincing prayer he had ever made had been to this boy, with him, as they were one.
Why - why did you stay?
I couldn't very well leave, could I?
He smiled, a tears still sliding from his great blue eyes. Do you know what I prayed for just now?

... You... I didn't recite my hour prayer. All I did was ask Allah... Ask Him for you. I just prayed to anything I could think of. It was bad... I think it makes me a bad person, doesn't it, if I betray my religion?
He smiled, kissing Quatre. I don't think you're so bad.