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Summary: 'Okay, Sasuke, I'm going to teach you everything I know about girls.'

The Talk
Part Two

Lesson One:

I can't believe this. I'm getting advice from him, of all people!

"Okay, first you give her a good slap on the a-"



"Don't you dare put that hand of yours on me." Sasuke growled.

"I was just giving you an example!"

"Example my ass."



"I'm going to kill you, dobe."

"Bastard, I was just showing you how to -"




"You know, teme, that hurt."

"Shut up and don't touch me."






"Why I oughta -"

Lesson Two:

"You've been hanging around that perverted sensei of yours again, haven't you?"

"Hey! Ero-sennin taught me everything to I need to know about girls!"

"...When I die, don't come to my funeral."




"You want me to WHAT!"

"Kiss me."

"Are you GAY or something!"

"I want to see if you can kiss good! That has nothing to do with my sexuality!"

"...You really are gay."

"Kiss me damnit!"

"Hell no!"

"I don't want Sakura-chan saying that you kiss bad! Seriously, an Uchiha who can't kiss...is just..." Naruto started laughing hysterically.

The gods really did hate Sasuke at that moment...

Lesson Three:

"Is this legal?"

"I'm perfectly sure making a balloon out of a condom is legal, Sasuke."

"What does this have to do with anything!"

"I don't know, I just felt like doing it."




"Okay this is how it'll look like before. And this is how it'll look like after."


"And stuff will start coming out."


"And then it will -"

"Why are we doing this!"

"Aw, come on, Sasuke! Making a pretend cooking show with jelly-filled donuts is fun!"

Sasuke threw a jelly-filled donut in his face.




"Sasuke." Naruto said, suddenly turning serious, he advanced towards Sasuke.

"Since I've failed to teach you..."

"Naruto, what the hell?"

"I'm going to give you something that may help you more..."

"What's that behind your back?"

"Treasure it forever, since...it's the only one of it's kind."

"Are you trying to get close to me or something?"

"I told you I'm not gay, teme!" He huffed, before calming down. "I'm trusting you with this gift."

He forced a book into his hands.

On it, it said...

Icha Icha Paradise: Special Edition

With it...

He burned it to oblivion.

Poor, poor Naruto. You can almost hear his screams of terror right now...


Bad, bad Naruto. Influenced under Jiraiya's power of hentai. Bad, bad Jiraiya. Influencing Naruto with such hentai.

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