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Chapter VII: Mixing Liquids Requires Teamwork


Completely ignoring the last chapter - yay! - we continue where we left off at chapter five, with an air-head Hermione, and a sorrow-filled Draco. Hermione, who was back to being inhumanly beautiful, was still laying unconscious on the ground the next morning, while Malfoy, who was back to being 'goff', slept uncomfortably on his lumpy cot in his rather bland room that smelled like musk. Neither of them were aware of what 'wonders' and 'joys' awaited them that day, because neither of them were aware that they had double Potions together that very morning. Now it's a little surprising that neither of them would be aware of this, because it's really not that unpredictable and it has been overdone to the max, but then again, they were both pretty stupid. Sigh. A match made in heaven, no? Anywho...

Suddenly, Hermione began to stir, and she looked around the room in a daze. "Whe... where am I...? Whoa, that was one crazy dream," she mumbled, sitting up, and placing a shaky hand to her head. "I dreamt I was sitting by the lake on Christmas, and... Malfoy was there... and... oh God! I was back to being plain old, boring, average Hermione Granger, and... and..." She gasped in horror. "It was set in our sixth year! How terrible! Who ever heard of a Dramione story set in sixth year?" That wasn't even mentioned... dammit, stop going back into character, or I swear to God! "Sorry, sorry! Make-up, ponies, frilly dresses, etcetera...! Anyway... that wasn't a dream - it was a nightmare!" She began to sob uncontrollably. So the whole last chapter was nothing more than a dream sequence...? How perfectly cliché is that? But now it's curious to whom Hermione was... actually talking to in the first place... hmm.

"Granger, my friend that I have just made a secret truce with at the end of chapter five, which would have probably have been forgotten if I hadn't just mentioned it now... um... what was I going to say before that?" Draco had just appeared on the top step, sporting a very fashionable 'Nightmare Before Christmas' flannel shirt and pants, his blond-hair a tousled mess. "Don't I have black-hair?" No. "Huh, could have sworn... oh, now I remember! Why are you crying? That's my job."

"M-malfoy, I-I ha-had t-the wo-worst d-dream e-ever!" Hermione sobbed, over stuttering her words for more emotional effect. "I-I d-dreamt w-we w-were..." And Hermione told him the whole story, play-by-play, from him wearing a skirt, to the Giant Squid's sudden appearance. To the fact that they fell in love because they said each others' first name, to their random-as-hell and out-of-character announcement in the Great Hall. The author apologizes for not writing it all out, but that's just way too much to write, and Hermione's stuttering was getting annoying... um, yeah, not to mention you already know the whole thing! But I know that authors like to repeat themselves time and time again in immense detail about (un)important 'plot-points' that we already know about... which reminds me... Hermione is so fine! "And then we had forty-seven kids!" Hermione had stopped stuttering by this point, thank goodness... She was still annoying, though.

"That's very tragic, and believe me, I would know. However, I would hold you, Granger, but I'm not clean-and-redeemed-Draco right now - I'm sad-and-emo-Draco, and it's your job to comfort me. Maybe later in the story, when we transform into different cliché forms of ourselves I can be there for you, but now is not the time. Now is the time for me to take a shower, and... well, you know what to do."

So Malfoy took a shower in their disgusting and poor excuse of a bathroom, with moldy walls and moth-eaten shower curtains; there wasn't even a loo! The fact that his father had raped and beaten him hasn't been mentioned in a while, so the author has decided to have Malfoy randomly remember this and cut himself with a suddenly-there-for-moments-like-this-razor blade, since he hasn't done that in a while either. And Hermione walked in just as he was stepping out of his angst-ridden bath, Draco never thinking that it would be wise to lock the doors since he shared a private 'suite' and bathroom with a girl, and Hermione forgetting that Draco was in there to begin with, even though she probably could have heard the water turn off only a couple seconds prior. So Hermione and Malfoy both began to blush scarlet, Draco trying desperately to cover his... well, you know... wink, wink... genitals.

"Yeah, we got that, jerk," said a reader bitterly, who will remain nameless so all you faithful and very appreciated readers can just pretend it's yourself... but you probably won't want to, because that reader is now apart of my very long list of 'people-whose-Draco's-handy-dandy-shotgun-he-had-just-for-situations-like-this-is-going-to-shoot-someday'... um, yeah, that's not screaming 'insane'... Moving on...

"Damn, Granger! What the hell?"

"Sorry, sorry! I thought you weren't in here!"

"The bathroom connects to both of our bedrooms, the idea of bloody knocking to make sure I'm not in here never occurring to you?"

"Sorry, I wasn't thinking! I don't do that... much... anymore..."

Hermione was now staring intensely at Draco's... ahem, 'area', that was now disappointingly covered by a towel. Aw, frowny face. Draco stared back at her, not sure whether to feel violated or horny. Choosing the latter, he began to raise an eyebrow seductively at her in a 'hey-I-know-you-like-what-you-see-want-to-skip-the-'realistic'-build-up-of-our-relationship-and-just-shag-now' type of gesture. Hermione looked up at him, down at his 'area', back up at him, and so on and so forth, all the while her lip quivering. This went on for a couple more minutes before Hermione couldn't take it any longer, and began laughing hysterically. Malfoy stared at her, confused. Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming.

"What?" he asked... confused.

"I'm s-sorry," she gasped, grinning. "But... but... what was that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it's just... y'know... I thought it would be... erm... bigger?"

Insert awkward pause.

"Look, it's not my fault!" Draco cried, his eyes - ugh - glossing over once again.

"I know! I know!" Hermione replied unconvincingly, noticing his girly tears. "It's just... I always imagined the 'Slytherin Sex God' would be... well... 'blessed'."

"For the last time, I am not the 'Slytherin Sex God'! How many times to I have to say that?"

"About 7423236, to personally get every single fanfiction that mentions it. I would hurry, though, because the numbers are growing."

Malfoy sighed. "I mean, if it's anyone besides me, it's Goyle who would be the 'Slytherin Sex God', since, sadly, he's the next hottest Slytherin boy in line."

"Hello?" screamed Blaise from far off in the distance.

"And there's a very good reason why it's so... not big...," Draco added, his eyes darting nervously.

"And that is...?"

"Well, I'm suppose to be depressed, so... what better way to make me more depressed?"

Insert yet another awkward pause.

Hermione completely lost it. She went into another fit of giggles, clutching onto her side, tears streaming down her face. Malfoy just glared at her for a few moments; as much as he loved her laughter in that special, OoC way of his, he wasn't really enjoying the reason for said laughter at that moment. "Okay, that's enough," he finally mumbled bitterly. She ignored him and continued to laugh, now holding onto the bathroom counter for support. His anger began to build. "Really, it's not that funny...!" Hermione was now lying on the ground, slamming her fist into the rusty tiles as she continued to shake with laughter. Draco stomped his foot. "STFU!"

"Oh God, t-that's hilarious," Hermione chuckled, picking herself up from the ground, finally able to control herself. She began to wipe away a few stray tears. "Wow, this is so not a T-rated conversation."

"That's why it's ending now," Malfoy hissed.

They both fell silent after this, Hermione continuing to snicker from time to time, and Malfoy shooting an angry look at her whenever she did it. They stood like this for a few minutes... until it occurred to them both that they were still located in their disgusting bathroom, Draco practically naked, and that they had to get down to breakfast so they could find out about those 'wonders' and 'joys' that were mentioned earlier. At the realization, yet another one of those lovely awkward pauses were inserted.

"Yeah, so..." Draco shuffled his feet. "What does any of this have to do with us falling in love again?"

"I have no idea, but it's required for some reason."

"Well, shouldn't we get moving so we can happily skip down to the Great Hall together, and then return to our usual façade of insulting one another before we actually enter to greet our friends?"

"Right, right..."

Neither moved. Exciting.

"Um...," Malfoy began, "can you, like... leave?"

"Uh, no! I have to get ready," she barked back. "You leave."

"No fair! I have to get ready too!"

"I'm Hoar-mione!"

"Well, I'm... emo-Draco..."

"Your cliché form doesn't even have a cool name - you don't deserve the bathroom."

Draco realized that this was true, and sullenly went to his room. Twenty minutes later, he was standing at the bottom of the broken staircase, fully dressed in gloomy black clothes, covered in skulls and chains and the works (uniforms were so overrated). He impatiently waited for Hermione.

"Hurry up! We need to get skippin'!

"Don't tell me what to do!" Hermione snapped in response. At that moment, she appeared on the top step. "You're lucky I have uber fast getting ready skills."

Malfoy turned to leave. "Okay, lets go!"

"Wait!" Hermione yelled.

"What now?" he moaned.

"We're forgetting something very important!"


Hermione cleared her throat, and motioned towards her body... er... "Hello?" Um... well... uh... "My appearance! You have yet to explain to the readers my appearance!" Oh right. How could I forget? Well, Hermione was dressed in a some hot duds, let me tell you that. Like Draco, she completely ignored the dress code, and was wearing-

"We don't have time for this!" Malfoy screamed, grabbing an angry Hermione's hand, and dragging her out of their 'suite'. Guess we'll never know what she's wearing. What a pity... Anyway...

Hermione and Draco skipped merrily to the Great Hall, talking like old friends, and eating pudding because pudding rocks and that's what you eat when you skip. The corridors were abnormally deserted, so it was okay for them to act friendly to one another with no one finding out. The trip there was quite uneventful and boring, so lets just ignore it and get to them standing in front of the doors that led to the Great Hall. They looked at each other, slightly downcast for some reason that the author doesn't feel like mentioning.


"Ready when you are."

Pushing open the giant oak doors, the two secret friends marched into the room, giving each other vicious stares. A strange sense of déjà vu fell over the area as everyone fell silent and watched them, since that's what always happens when people enter the Great Hall. And since their lifes were oh so pointless, watching the two Heads was far more interesting than anything else at the moment. Plus, they were some nice eye-candy.

"Last night was even worse than the night my father molested me!" Malfoy said, his eyes blazing.

"Yeah, well... you're a stupid ferret!"

Malfoy blinked. "Ugh, that insult is so annoying. Yeah, it was a funny thing at the time, good for a chuckle or two, but it was only like two pages long and it was easily forgotten - why can't you people forget about it? Why does every single author feel the need to use it? Aren't they witty enough to come up with something different? Seriously..."

And with that, Malfoy clicked his heels around and stomped towards the Slytherin table, where an irritated Blaise sat, desperately waiting for his gender reports, and a love-sick Pansy jumped around, waiting for her Drakie-poo so she can annoy the crap out of him. Hermione, feeling slightly ashamed with her lame comeback, walked to the Gryffindor table and took a seat next to Ginny. The rest of the students went back to their plain lifes, satisfied and fooled with Hermione and Draco's 'we-hate-each-other' act, much like they usually were. Ginny's girl-dar, however, told her that it wasn't for reals.

"You're totally into Malfoy, aren't you?" Ginny purred seductively. "Wtf?"

Hermione, knowing she couldn't lie to her BFF since she would need Ginny's help later on when future planning was in order, said, "I think so, but I don't know. Like, half the time I am, but then I'm not, but I really am..." Hermione scrunched her eyebrows together. "It's all really confusing, actually. I don't know how people can stand reading it."

"Hee hee," Ginny... said?

"Gigglesnort," Hermione replied.

"Uh, Hermione, aren't you suppose to be our best friend?" Ron asked from a few seats down, pointing at him and Harry. "Why aren't you sitting with us?"

"Because Ginny's my best friend in Dramione stories - all you two are good for is bashing."

"Oh yeah! That's right, I forgot."

"You know, I just thought of something," said Harry. Here we go again. Great... "Aren't we-" He indicated himself, Ron and Hermione. "-suppose to be doing something right now? Like, during our seventh year... I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels like we're suppose to be doing something really important at the moment... something about Voldemort-" A few people gasped, and Ron began to have a seizure on the floor. "-and pieces of his soul... It's weird, but I could have sworn... hmm..." Of course, everyone gladly ignored him and began to think about the fact that it was the first day of classes, and that they each would be getting their list of them soon.

"Oh, I wonder what classes we have," Hermione wondered aloud, waiting on the edge of her seat for her schedule filled with 'wonders' and 'joys'. "Stop saying that!" Make me.

Ginny gave her a funny look. "Wait a second... isn't it the Head boy and girls' job to pass out the time-tables?"

Hermione sighed, causing a few boys to faint. "Yeah, it is... but where's the suspenseful fun in that?"

Ginny pondered this, then shrugged. "I guess you're right... weird."

"Exactly... and I know."

As if on some magical cue of magic, some random girl walked up and began to hand out their time-tables to them. The Gryffindors began to scan their schedules hungrily, and, as if by some magical force of magic, all their faces fell at the exact same time.

"What the...? Why do we have all our classes with the Slytherins?" Parvati questioned.

"I think the real question is: why do we only have Potions all day?" Dean added.

"Oh, I can answer that," said that random girl who randomly decided to stay. "Dumbledore said something about house unity again... What did he say...? He thought it would be... crunk...? Yeah, that's it. Crunk. Whatever that means."

"Hell yeah it's crunk!" Colin suddenly cried.

"Colin, just... stop," Harry mumbled, shaking his head at him.

"Yeah, well," Ginny groaned, "atleast you don't have to spend your day in D.A.D.A. with Professor... Smith...? Are you serious? The author seriously couldn't come up with something better than 'Smith'?" Making up last names is hard!

"Don't you usually excel in Potions, and then have it with the seventh years?" Hermione wondered.

"No, that's only in Dinny stories."

"WTF is 'Dinny'?"

"I have no idea, but it sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?"

"No, not really."

"Forget you!"

"Huh, that's funny," Lavender mumbled, staring at her schedule with a creased brow, and interrupting Hermione and Ginny's mindless bantering. "It doesn't say who our Potions teacher is."

"That's odd," Ron agreed, just now deciding to pick himself up from the ground, blatantly suffering from an extreme case of 'late reaction'. "Well, it's either Slughorn or Snape, duh. But which one?" All the Gryffindors looked at one another, remembered that this was a Dramione story, and all sighed, "Snape" at the exact same time - that magical force of magic sure does like to stick around... much like that random girl... whose a little creepy... because she's now chewing on a plate...

And sure enough, when the seventh year Gryffindors and Slytherins ventured down into the dungeons - Draco and Hermione giving each other wistful looks that nobody saw, not even themselves - it was no surprise to anyone to see Severus Snape there in all his greasy glory. He looked the same as he did before he got killed by a snake in a very tragic, yet slightly wimpy, way. Where do his loyalties lie in this story? The answer: who cares? It's a AU, so lets just forget about that. Besides, when does Voldemort ever make an appearance in Dramione stories? The main plot of Harry Potter is not important here, even though sometimes it would be nice to have him mentioned atleast once - maybe dead, or something - so we don't get the idea that it's all gum drops and flowers, and piles of teenage drama and angst... just saying...

Snape began to shoot daggers at the class as they entered and settled in, his eyes lingering on Hermione. "Damn! I wish this was a Sevmione story. Ow, ow."

"That is so disturbing on so many levels," said Hermione, emotionless.

"Murderer!" Neville suddenly shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Snape. "You killed Dumbledore!

Snape sighed, as did many of the others. "Did you miss it the last several times or something? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you did, you're Longbottom. Well, this is an AU - something even your puny mind can comprehend. With that said, twenty points from Gryffindor for being stupid! And another ten for having an untucked shirt! You little morons know nothing about fashion," the Potions master growled. Mm. "Did you just 'mm'?" Neville turned beat red, and slouched down in his seat.

"But aren't you gay? Shouldn't you know about fashion?" Seamus whispered in Neville's ear.

"I'm not gay," Neville squealed. "That was mentioned last chapter, which has little connection with the rest of the story, and something we're not even suppose to know about."

"My bad. Oops."

"Besides... aren't you gay?"

Seamus narrowed his eyes at him. "What gave you that impression?"

"The fact that Hermione landed on you two chapters ago, and you didn't even get slightly turned on," Dean cut in. "No self-respecting straight man could keep his cool with that sudden hottie on top of him."

"That doesn't mean-"

"Not to mention the boy magazines under your bed."

"Those aren't-"

"And the fact that you told me."

Seamus began to foam at the mouth, and he snatched his extremely pointy quill. He was just about to plunge it into Dean's arm, thus resulting in ink poisoning and a slow and dull death, when...

"A hundred points from Potter!" Snape announced, cutting off Seamus' murder attempts, and glaring at the Boy-Who-Seriously-Should-Be-Dead-By-Now-After-All-The-Crap-He-Goes-Through-But-Somehow-Manages-To-Still-Be-Alive-Because-He's-A-Talentless-Hero-With-A-Bunch-Of-Dumb-Luck.

"What? Why?" Harry screamed, throwing his hands in the air.

"Because your mother loved your father and not me!"

"And that's my fault?"

"Yes, because you're their deformed offspring!"

Harry began to grumble under his breath, but decided against arguing - he was too good for that, because he was Harry frickin' Potter, the Boy-Who-Seriously-Should-Blah-Blah-Blah. The boy who was the inspiration for the entire Wizarding World; without him, there wouldn't be any of this. There would be nothing! Sometimes it annoyed him when stories were dedicated to his lame, secondary-character friends - it was his name in the bloody title, after all! He wasn't going to say anything, though, because when does Harry ever speak his mind about his feelings? Maybe someday he will, though... maybe...

"I would also like to award Mister Malfoy a thousand points, because his MCR shirt is pretty bitchin'," Snape said.

"Thanks! I got a 'Hot Topic' gift card for my birthday."

"I would also like to say that I'm Malfoy's godfather, and sometimes he wishes I was his real father. Did any of you really need to know that? No, but it's some nice foreshadowing for some future touching Snape-Draco moments... Okay, lets see... Now you're all probably wondering why you have Potions all day... well, I don't have an answer - Dumbledore came up with the idea because of 'house unity' or something gay like that, so now I'm stuck here all day with you brats, which sucks, because I obviously have better things to do with my time."

"No you don't," Pansy shrieked, and everyone began to snicker. However, the humor soon sub-sided when Snape gave a hearty laugh, and everyone's snickering turned into uncomfortable glances directed towards the greasy Professor.

"Oh, Miss Parkison, how right you are." Snape smirked. Mm. "Did you just 'mm' again...? You're really starting to scare me... Anyway, fifty points for being both smart and funny, Parkison." Pansy beamed.

Lavender, who was still slightly chuckling, said, "Yeah, the only thing Snape really needs to do besides this is take a shower."

Snape, doing a total one-eighty, shot his head in her direction, his mouth curled into a snarl. "Fifty points from Gryffindor, Miss Brown, for working off someone else's joke and making it unfunny - we call people who do that 'sheep', and most have the I.Q. of a pea at best." Lavender's cheeks flushed.

"You really like to manipulate your post, don't you?" Neville grumbled.

"One point to Mister Longbottom for actually being observant for once," declared Snape, much to everyone's amazement.

"Really? Wow, tha-"

"Nevermind, I take it back." Snape cleared his throat. "Alright... um... Potions, yeah. It's pretty tight, isn't it? This year I know I'm supposed to be getting you prepared for your N.E.W.T.s and stuff, but I decided that we can just forget all that, and instead waste time making an extremely difficult potion that I'm going to force some of you to drink later on, EVEN THOUGH I'm pretty sure that's illegal. You're going to work in partners too. Isn't that exciting?"

The class replied with a bunch of weak 'yays...', 'I can't waits...' and 'where's Slughorn - I liked him better...'; no one was excited about working with Potion partners in this story, because this was about the hundredth time they've heard it in a Dramione fic, and it usually followed up with, "And I'm going to pick them!" No surprise there. "Alright, er..." Snape looked around the room at all the sad faces, deciding whose life he was going to ruin first.

Suddenly, Dumbledore appeared at the door. "Psst, remember: house unity." He winked, and then disappeared.

"I don't remember Dumbledore being this obsessed with house unity before," Harry commented.

"Yeah, and why is it always the Slytherins? What about Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff? It's not like we're really 'unified' with them," Ron included.

"Okay, uh, that was weird," Snape said, shaking his head. "Anyway, back to what I was doing... Potter! Since I hate you the most, you can work with Goyle. And Weasley, since your Potter's best mate, how about you go with Crabbe? Mwahaha-"

"Isn't this kind of like a double-edged sword?" said Harry, puzzled.

"What do you mean, Potter?"

"Well, you try to make the Gryffindors miserable, right? So you pair them up with the Slytherins. But you also make the Slytherins miserable in the process by pairing them up with the very people they despise; as much as you try to make us miserable, aren't you suppose to be trying to make them not miserable?"

Snape stared at him for a few moments, his mind blank. Then, "Where the hell did that come from?"

"Don't worry, you're not the only one whose confused - he's been doing that quite often lately," Parvati assured him. "It's a little weird, actually, and completely OoC."

"Yeah, no kidding."

"Well, since Hermione's an idiot now, someone has to be the brains of the Trio! And the author seriously can't remember if she has already written that already, but is too lazy to check! But yeah, now I'm the smart one!" exclaimed Harry, and coughed under his breath, "Since it obviously can't be Ron."

"Why the bloody hell not?" Ron retorted, his eyebrows furrowing at the messy-haired, extremely infuriating boy. "I'm way smarter than you!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! Atleast I actually share my feelings instead of bottling them all up like you. News flash, moron, that's not healthy!"

"That doesn't make you smart - it makes you a girl!"

"Well I'm better at Chess than you are - no dumbass could play Chess like I do."

"Um, if I recall," said Harry, mockingly, "wasn't it me who was beating you in Chess four chapters ago?"

"That doesn't matter - this story isn't canon!"

"Your face isn't canon!"

"Your mum isn't canon!"

"My mum's dead, you bastard!"

"Oh God, Lily!"

"Wait, didn't it say she was ali-"

Well, whoever was talking was muffled out by the sounds of Snape's sobs, and Harry and Ron, once again, beating the crap out of each other. Malfoy, realizing that this was taking longer then needed, decided to go over and sit by Hermione, fully aware that she was his partner... duh. Many in the class saw him and followed suit, going with people that they were usually stuck with. Once everyone had paired off, the fighting ended, and Snape abruptly stopped crying to see his class all ready to go and that he didn't have to do anything.

"Wow," he said, startled, "I guess this plot is used alot."

"Can we get started already?" Blaise asked wearily.

"Yes, of course..." Snape grew silent, staring at the class with a devilish smirk that makes so many swoon. "Wha-"

"Okay... what 'extremely difficult' potion are we supposed to be making exactly?"

Snape's face fell. Yikes... didn't really think that far ahead, Snapey-poo? "Don't call me that! Damn fangirls... And if I didn't think ahead, that means you didn't either, because you're the one typing what I know...!" Well said... "Anyway... well... um... the author isn't really educated in that field... so lets just make up one, shall we? Erm..." He looked around the classroom, searching for something that would give him some inspiration. Finally, his eyes landed on a mysterious, out-of-place, tiny bubble floating by the window. Of course! When in doubt, go with bubbles...

He turned back to the class with a sneer. How utterly sexy. "Shut up! Now then, you will be making a potion that is pink, and has many bubbles! The author isn't really creative enough to come up with an interesting name for this potion or what it's sole purpose is, but lots of bubbles and hot pink - but not that nasty, pasty pink, though, or you automatically fail - in color will give you a passing grade. It will also take you four months to finish because it needs to settle or something, and usually during this time we would move on to other projects, but I've decided you can just watch it do nothing and interact with your partner, because that's all that really matters in the end. As for ingredients... no idea, so just throw in whatever you find... yeah, I think that's all...

"Oh, and fifty points from Weasley for being a ginger."

"What? No fair! Greengrass is a ginger too!"

Snape walked up to the Slytherin girl, and placed a tender hand on the top of her head. "Yes... yes she is... Get to work!"

And got to work they did. Everybody scurried around, gathering whatever miscellaneous things they could find to throw into their cauldrons. Both Neville and Pansy decided to add fish eggs and grass to their own seperate cauldrons, but while Pansy's turned a dark violet color, Neville's turned a pasty pink, thus resulting in an automatic fail. Ron and Harry were still debating on who was smarter, both unaware that their partners were adding in poisons and such to their own potions, and they were beginning to violently bubble a puke green color. Dean and Blaise were doing a very good job, their potion a mixture of hot pink and blue, when a tentacle burst into the classroom and carried a screaming Dean away. Hermione and Draco were doing something Potions related, quietly conversing with each other.

"Okay, so we're partners... now what?" Malfoy whispered. His face contorted into a look of irritation. "God, will you just pick 'Malfoy' or 'Draco' already? This name changing is giving me a headache!" No. Plain and Simple. No questions asked. Got it? Good. "What? No, I don't get it!"

"We're suppose to fall in love," Hermione answered, paying no attention to his unnecessary outburst.


"I don't know... most of these stories are either abandoned by this point, or are too painful to keep reading."

"Ugh, does that mean we can end this already? I'm sick of Potions."

"That sucks, because there's a lot more Potions to come."

"But why?" Draco whined.

Hermione shrugged. "Not sure. I think authors consider it the perfect Dramione class, since they believe there are endless possibilities, even though this entire school is like... a bunch of endless possibilities; we have flippin' magic, we don't have to be secluded here."

Draco folded his arms, and pouted his lips. "Damn, this sucks. I don't know about you, but Potions gets tiresome fast."

Hermione nodded in agreement, but then she smiled contently. "Don't worry. Word around the coffee machine is that there's going to be a chapter dedicated to all our make-out spots later on, and it's not just Potions class."

"Spoiler much."

"Sorry." She bit her lip. "Should we end this now?"

"Seems like the logical solution, since nobody ever knows where the hell to go from here."

"Yeah, that's true..."

"You know, I was wondering: whatever happened to those little 'to be continued' messages at the end of the chapters? I kind of liked-"


"No fair!" Hermione complained. "Malfoy already got two cut-off endings, and I only got one! Fair is fair!"

Malfoy jerked his head. "Yeah, you have to be-"


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