Sasukes abused

I dont own all of the charectors exept for Elli, Emi, and Mimi

Summery: Sasuke Hides a dark secret from his best friend mimi what happends when she finds out and how does she try to help him?

Chapter one: Abused


Sasukes attemps to make Itachi stop hurting him it failed and for the next 30 minets sasuke was torchered, but every one grows tired and thats what made him stop Itachi Left sasuke to hurt on the floor. after itachi left sasuke slowly got up and laid himself on the bed to sleep.

the next day

"sasuke Wake up!" a girl said in a sing song voice. sasuke opend his eyes to a girl his age with brown hair and lavender eyes.

"What do you want mimi?" sasuke asked

"Itachi let me in he said," She made her voice deeper trying to mock Itachi. "Wake sasuke up he doesnt wake up when i try to." Mimi smiled and sasuke gave a little grin. but the stopped.

"I dont want to go to school today..." Sasuke said getting up.

"Thats what you always say but you still go, dont you ever ditch?"

"Thats what you always say but you have never ditched yourself." sasuke replyed walking to his closit and pulled out a black hoody.

"what is with you? its nearly summer and you still wear long sleaves!" Mimi exclaimed.

"I have my reasons." sasuke was silent for a moment as he pulled on his hoody. " are you ready?" he asked grabbing his back pack that was in the corner of his room.

"I've been ready for the past 10 minets!"

"Well then come on!" Sasuke walked out of his room and down the stairs and mimi fallowed. when sasuke touched the door Itachi called.

"Mimi can you come here for a second?" He asked.

"uhh sure Mr. Uchiha..." Mimi looked at sasuke then the doorway were itachi's voice came from. she then started walking towred the voice.

"Could you make sure sasuke stays out of troble? and I told you to call me Itachi your like family here."

"I dont know why you always tell me to hes a great friend and behaves himself. but i will" Mimi gave Itachi a happy smile and was about to leave when she was stopped again.

"Oh and Mimi could you give this to elli?" he handed Mimi a box rapped in blue rapping paper.

"Why me?" Mimi complained

Itachi Gave a smerk "because your his friend"

"Eviiil!" Mimi hissed once again leaving the kitchen once more.

"Sooooo?" sasuke asked

"Its really hard being your friend I hope you know that." Mimi replyed playfully.

"Whats that suppose to mean? sasuke asked opening the door.

"Oh nothin, Nothin at all." Mimi teased. Mimi walked out the door and sasuke fallowed closing the door behind him.

"Yeah right."

"Race you to school." Mimi laughed then began to running towred the academy.

"Huh?" sasuke asked a bit confused then began to chase after mimi.

Oh little brother somthing about mimi has changed you. Itachi thought to himself.