Welcome everybody to my first fanfiction.

I hope you will enjoy it. The chapters might be a bit shorter than you all are used to, but for a good reason.

English isn't my first language (I'm German) so it's quite hard for me to translate everything in English. But fortunalety I found a "personal reviewer" and native speaker: atruwriter/ Amanda who is going through my (very) rough English version and correcting it (grammar, vocabulary… you know exactly the difficulties with a language you only learn at school, I guess ;))

Thanks a lot Amanda! You do a wonderful job and I really appreciate it!

To make it an easier job for me and for Amanda, the chapters may be a bit shorter than usual, so it's not too much work for atruwriter (she has too keep writing her own stories, or a lot of people will be very angry with me) I try to update at least weekly...

If there are any german guys hanging around here… I will publish the german version quite soon.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I hope my English wasn't too bad, but here is the corrected Prologue ;) Enjoy it!


He was laying on his back, listening to the melody of the fight fading slowly. His eyes were shut tightly; he didn't even try to open them. He knew what it looked like on the battlefield. He could smell the cold sweat, the blood,and the vomit. It was the strange flavour of the war that followed every single battle. It didn't make any difference if it was a victory or a defeat. The slaughter was over. For a short time. The war took a small break only to strike back again later. Even harder, more merciless and bloodier. Until one side was destroyed. Or both.

The historians have already written down the story of the Great War to their books. In one chapter, it it filed as being the most cruel and deathly war to even come to the Wizarding world. But it had come to a happy end with
the defeat of the darkest wizard of all. Voldemort.

Witches and wizards from all over the world weren't frightened anymore by the simple sound of his name: The Dark Lord, or You-know-who. And that was how he had lost his true power at last, the lack of fear for his name.

They had written his name down a thousand times in the books. And nothing would remain of the power it had once held. He would become a story book character. A story that parents were telling their children to make them behave. "Be good or Lord Voldemort will come for you," was the lesson.

Yes, the time of the Dark Lord was over. This chapter of history was done. But the historians were wrong with one very important fact. The Grat War wasn't over. The Great War had just begun.