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"Oh, yes! Once again I am the king!" Danny exclaimed and jumped up from his seat on the couch. The television was flashing colourful lights and had "GAME OVER" written across the screen. Tucker groaned with exasperation and fell against the chair he had been sitting on the edge of. Danny chuckled at his friend's drama.

"You laugh now, Danny." Tucker said, pointing a finger at the dark haired boy. "One of these days, someone's going to beat you at Dark Assault." He leaned forward as Danny took his place on the couch once more.

"Yeah? Like whom?" he challenged, his aquamarine eyes sparkling with mischief. Tucker leaned back against the chair again, his mind scanning a group of candidates.

"Sam Manson." He said confidently. "The new girl from New York?" Blank stare from Danny. "In our history class?" Danny just looked at his African-American friend, his eyebrows furrowed into one messy line. Tucker sighed and rolled his turquoise eyes. "Do you want me to set up a date so you can meet her?" Danny nodded and restarted their game while Tucker pulled out his cell phone and dialed Sam's number.

Danny watched his friend impatiently as he reasoned with someone on the other side. "Yeah…uh-huh…His name's Danny…No! He's not superficial like that…okay, bye." He twiddled with a loose string on his red and blue shirt as he spoke. Finally, he looked up at Danny. "She'll be in Nasty Burger at six, wearing a purple flower in her hair." He closed his phone with a triumphant smile.

"Cool." He said with a smile. "Now, ready to get your butt beat again?" Tucker looked at his watch and shook his head.

"Sorry, dude." He stood up. "I've got a date with Clara." He announced, and ran his hands in a curvy motion, symbolizing a woman. Danny laughed out loud.

"Tuck, Clara is Dr. Phelps, your optometrist."

Tucker shrugged and pointed a finger at Danny. "My hot optometrist."

Danny returned the gesture. "Your hot married optometrist." Tucker stuck his tongue out at his friend and left, shutting the door with a muffled comment that Danny couldn't make out. He sighed and stood, beginning to climb the stairs, but was interrupted when the door slammed open and Tucker came running up to Danny.

"Hey, dude?" he asked his dark haired friend. Danny only looked at him in return. "Promise me you won't judge Sam as soon as you see her. Let her explain." The teen nodded, but with a furrowed brow. Tucker nodded as well, either from Thank-you or Good-bye, and ran back out the door. Danny shook his head and continued up the stairs.

"I wonder what she'll look like…" Danny said to no one in particular as he clambered into his room and opened the closet, random articles of clothing and comic books falling as he did so. "Sam Manson. You know, now that I think about it that name does sound familiar." He pulled a checkered green shirt off a hanger and looked it over before tossing it on his bed. "Aren't the Manson's rich or something?" Another shirt flew to the bed. "Yeah, they made those cocktail toothpicks! Mom keeps those in the lab to label stuff." His parents, crazed ghost-hunters, had their lab covered in ectoplasmic goo from different ghosts and other paranormal things

He finally decided on a light blue shirt and with it, replaced his normal red and white one. "She must be gorgeous." He daydreamed as he stepped over a pile of dirty clothes to reach the bathroom. "She probably has pretty blonde hair… sparkling green eyes… and a really good body." He imagined a fantasy girl with cascading curls and a smile that could kill. Danny grinned as he briefly ran a brush through his messy black hair. Then, he shoved a toothbrush in his mouth and ran through the girls in his history class. "Meghan, Carla, Paulina, Star…" Foamy toothpaste threatened to spill from his lips as he listed the females. There were names, but he couldn't picture all of them.

A sudden ring of bright light divided the boy in half and separated as he transformed into Danny Phantom. His green eyes stared back at him, the mirror reflecting his relaxed face and snowy white hair. Nodding at the Danny on the wall, he phased through the ceiling and into the clear blue sky, a light breeze tickling his cheeks. Nasty Burger, hopefully, wasn't too far away, several miles at most. Danny smiled at the horizon and shot off towards it, experiencing the joy of having nothing but air to surround him and nothing to suspend him to the ground.

That joy slowly dissipated as the fast food restaurant came into view among the miniature looking buildings below him. With a sigh, Danny turned intangible and lowered himself into the parking lot. He phased through the door and quickly looked around, searching women's heads for a purple flower.

Behind him, the door swung open and a petite girl walked in, a red notebook clutched under her arm. She was garbed in dark jeans and a purple tank-top that sat over a swollen abdomen. Her dark hair was pulled back and her lilac eyes scanned the room before beginning to walk over to a table. At another table, a Latino girl stood up and walked past the girl, pushing her with her shoulder. The lilac-eyed girl shrieked and began to fall to the floor. Danny noticed and began to step forward, but a kind stranger had already stopped her fall and helped her up.

"What the heck, Paulina?" The girl shouted, infuriated. The Latino girl sneered.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't know I was about to bump into a pregnant slut." Paulina said, faking sympathy and sincerity. Her friends snickered evilly and gossiped among themselves.

The girl muttered something under her breath before turning around to walk over to her chosen table. That's when Danny saw it: a small sprig of violet irises tucked into the girl's messy bun. His jaw dropped slightly. She was the girl Tucker had set him up with? But she was pregnant! He angrily phased out of the building and took flight, returning from his intangibility.

Mere moments after he was in his room, he pulled his cell phone off of his bed and rapidly dialed Tucker's number. After two rings, he picked up with a happy "Hey! Have you met Sam yet?"

"I can't believe you set me up with her!" Danny exclaimed angrily. He made a large gesture with his arm to emphasize his rage. "She's pregnant!"

"I know." Tucker's voice lowered. "Danny, where are you?"

"I'm at my house, wondering why you set me up with a-"

"Don't even say it, Danny. You call her a slut or a whore once and twelve years of friendship will be thrown out the window!" The harshness in his voice scared Danny. He didn't think Tucker had ever been this angry at him before. Sure he was mad when Danny missed his fifteenth birthday party because he had to capture a ghost, but that was calm compared to the fury in his voice now. "And I can't believe you stood her up! I guess promises mean nothing to you." Tucker continued on the other side.

"What promise?" Danny, clueless as ever, retaliated.

"The one you made before I left. The one about not judging her and letting her explain." Tucker was answered with silence. "She was raped, Danny." He near whispered, the tone in his voice now soft. "That's why she moved here. She had to get away from the guy who did it."

"Who did it?"

"Her boyfriend I think. You'd have to ask her after you get to know her."

Danny quickly looked at the watch on his wrist. "Tuck I've got to go. I've got just enough time to make it back to Nasty Burger before six." He stood from his bed and changed into his counterpart.

"Good for you, Danny." Tucker said and hung up. Danny nodded and threw the phone on the bed before becoming airborne once more.


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