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1. Sonata's Debt

Sonata's thoughts

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Shut up!


The small redhead groggily got up his vision still blurred.

Once his foot touched the floor he slipped and fell down. He directed his blurred vision toward the floor to see a bottle of grease and a clear puddle right next to it slopping into the carpet.

Damn it!

The red head rubbed his head, yawned and got ready.

Today was Sonata's first day of school although it was pretty late in the year. To most kids that would be nervous and excited, but Sonata was very unmotivated and not very happy.

He drove to school on his motorcycle and looked at the rather large building.

Why isn't there a place to rest? 1-A is always noisy, study halls are just talking places, and food court is out of the question.

He stopped in front of the music room.

I guess this is my last hope

He opened the door and found a bunch of guys.

"Welcome to the host club"

"It seems I've gone into the wrong room"

Then he closed the door and tried to walk away, but unfortunately the blonde one ran out and was standing in front of him. His blue eyes meeting with Sonata's piercing emerald eyes.

"What do you want?" Sonata asked.

"Kyouya do you know who he is?" The blonde one asks the raven-haired boy.

"It seems the he's the new student Sonata his last name seems to be unknown in the school files." The raven-haired boy responds.

"I didn't know he was gay," The blonde says.

"Is this guy an idiot?" Sonata asks one of the members.

"Yeah" Two orange haired boys respond.

They must be twins

Sonata starts to back away heading for a purple statue of a dolphin.

The blonde notices and starts advancing asking more strange questions.



He looked at where it fell.

Oh shit

"Well looks like you have to pay for it now you're our dancing monkey!"


A very dark aura loomed over the red head.

The brunette of the group came over and patted him on the shoulder.

"Hi I'm Haruki welcome to the host club." Then he whispered

'It's ok they did the same thing to me I have 8 million yen to pay off.'

'I have 50 thousand to pay off' Sonata replied back

They snickered and the whole group looked back at them.

"Nothing nothing"

'My name is Sonata, Hizurashi nice to meet you'

Shit I'm late!

He entered the Super Market and changed into his uniform.

Many women came and went just to look at him but they bought a good amount. Then at that moment Haruhi came in.

Wait is that?


"Oi Haruhi! How are you?"


He checked out Haruhi's stuff and was about to end his shift when Haruhi tugged at his shirtsleeve.

"Huh? What is it?"

"Well I want to know where are your parents?"

"They don't exist anymore"

The brunette's eyes widened.

How can he say it so easily? I can't even read his expression. But that must mean he's poor like me.

Who's this new Student Sonata and why is he even in a school without parents?