Title: Love Laws
Summary: "There are laws about how a brother and a sister should love," she suddenly whispered. (There is completeness in her gaze, in the way she sees him)
Author: fringe
Rating: hard PG13 (T), soft R (M)to be safe
Warnings: very light sex scene, incest
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. The title comes from a phrase in The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. And although I wrote this story, it really belongs to acerbitas, because it's a seriously overdue present to her because she is amazing :D


He thinks her eyes are bright, like the skies after a rainstorm; beautiful, blue, wide, and open. They don't hide her thoughts like his do; they don't curtain her heart. He looks, and within them he sees all he needs to know. There is completeness in her gaze, in the way she sees him.

She thinks it's wrong, what they feel, and she tells him so.

"This is sin, we have sinned," she would whisper against his shoulder in the dark. His naked shoulder, his bed sheets caught between their legs.

"This is wrong," she would say, but that never stopped her from seeking him out, from allowing him to hold her, take her.

"We will be punished for this," she said whenever it rained, and they were together. Temari was not a religious woman, but something about the thunder and the lightening running like white fire made her believe in the possibility of a higher power, and fear it.

His heart thuds against his chest, and against the moonlight he sees her tears. He supposes she feels guilty for fucking her little brother. But she does not turn away; she allows him this last night, this last bit of love.

"There are laws about how a brother and a sister should love," she suddenly whispers.

"Then I shall tear them down," his lips against her jaw are barely speaking, "I shall crush them, until they are dust against our fingers," the words reach her ears as vibrations against her skin, and it is enough to finish her. Her head bumps the bedpost when she arches beneath him. He comes soon after, biting the soft flesh at her neck to stifle his yell.

Eight hours later that morning, the Kazekage stands beside his new bride, trapped in a marriage of convenience, an effort to breed political trust. When the priest is done speaking, and he bends to kiss the girl, Gaara's eyes fall instead on the red bruise on Temari's neck. His eyes blaze, knowing that he has marked her, claimed her.

It is a happy day for Sunagakure, as the Kazekage has just sealed an important contract. When someone asks his sister "then why the tears?" she makes a quiet remark about the dust in her eyes.

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A/N: ...i realize that incest isn't everyone's cup of tea. but before you start sending me hate mail or something equally ridiculous, read the statement in my profile. and don't bring me any misinformed arguments about how "wrong" it all is. such things will earn you a kick in the face :