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Summary- AU Sakura Haruno was adopted when she was only an infant by Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. All her life she has grown up knowing Itachi and Sasuke as her big brothers, and they have always known her as their little sister. But as of late, the boys have started to feel something more for their "sister", but that can't be because they're siblings, right? When it's revealed that she was actually adopted, everything changes and the boys make their moves… That's kind of hard when you have others pining after her as well.




"So… she's dead?" A man stood in the doorway of his kitchen, a stony expression painted on his pale face. Before him sat his wife, Mikoto Uchiha, weeping and pounding her fist against the marble countertop. Mikoto nodded at his question and only sobbed harder. "All of them?"

A sob was his reply. He took it as a yes.

About a few hours ago, they had just received word that Midori and Akio Haruno had been slaughtered in their own home- and not just them. The whole Haruno clan had been killed. Almost immediately, anbu were on the scene. They were baffled as to who the suspect was. There were no footprints, no chakra signatures, nothing. What confounded them even more was the motive of the kill- who would want to take out the entire Haruno family?

But nobody was affected more by this tragedy then Mikoto Uchiha, long time friend of the late Midori Haruno. Both women went to school together and were even sorted in the same team. They grew up together and were the best of friends; some even said that they were joined at the hip since they were so inseparable.

So when news came of the deaths, it felt like the entire world had collapsed for the Uchiha woman. She couldn't breathe and her heart seemed to skip a few beats. And then the tears came- flowing inconsolably like a dam had exploded in her chest.

"Were there any survivors?" Fugaku asked.



"Her daughter. The newborn: Sakura." Not long before their deaths, Midori had married a man named Akio. They were a happy couple, always with smiles on their faces. A few months later Midori was with child: a girl named Sakura. She was a newborn, no older than four months.


Fugaku leaned on the counter next to his tear stricken spouse. She sobbed in his shoulder, "When the police came by to take the bodies away… they found Midori's baby still alive…" The Uchiha male listened, a slight idea where she might be headed with this.

"Please," she begged, "Fugaku, let's adopt her."

"Nani?" he stared at her in disbelief, "But Mikoto we already have two children of our own." (A/N: Itachi is 5 and Sasuke is 1.)

"So?" sobbed the Uchiha matriarch, "It doesn't matter… Itachi and Sasuke will have someone to play with. Please! Midori Haruno was my best friend; her daughter is all that's left of the Haruno legacy… Midori would have wanted Sakura to live with us."

Fugaku sighed and scratched his head, "…But she isn't an Uchiha."

"It doesn't matter, given some time she will blend right in."

"…" Fugaku stared at the floor. They had the money, time, and ability to raise Sakura… but it wouldn't be the same. She wasn't a true Uchiha. And one day they would have to tell her that she was adopted, and he really didn't want to face all those tears.

But nonetheless, what Mikoto had said was true. Midori would have wanted her daughter brought up by her best friend, and it was the least they could do to honor her last wishes. Then again whatever killed Sakura's family could always come back and finish the job…But the Uchiha clan was a strong family. They would be able to protect her.


Mikoto wiped her tears and smiled a shaky smile, "Thank you Fugaku."

She embraced him and his face softened. "I'll drop by the Hokage's office tomorrow and pick her up."

The next day…

"Itachi-chan!" the melodic voice of a woman called, "Itachi-chan, come down here honey! We've got something to show you."

"What is it?" he said as he plopped down the stairs of his mansion, only to see his mother, father, and brother all waiting at the bottom for him. But there was something strange about them… His mother was holding a bundle of blankets, and it looked like it was… breathing?

"Come closer," Mikoto ushered.

Itachi warily stepped towards his family and Fugaku placed a hand on his son's back. "Take a look."

Itachi stared at them in a suspicious manner as he slowly peeked over to see what the commotion was all about. Ebony eyes widened and he gasped.

"Itachi-chan, meet your new sister: Sakura."

"What?" the five year old scratched his head, "But Mommy didn't have a bump in her tummy…"

Fugaku and Mikoto sweat dropped. Baby Sasuke stared at the scene in wonder as he chewed on his pacifier. "Err, well… Sakura is a special baby."

"Oh. Okay," the elder brother said as he poked her in the cheek. She was a chubby little thing, with a cute little button nose. She had bright, viridian eyes that seemed to gaze at everything in wonder, and a little tuft of pink hair sat atop her head. Itachi took not of her wide forehead and poked it.

"Itachi," Mikoto chided, "Don't poke your sister like that."

"Aa," he said but continued to gaze at her. Those deep chartreuse irises were so captivating, and she was just so cute! "Can I hold her?"


Baby Sasuke started whining and thumping his rattle on the floor. Mikoto and Fugaku smiled, gently placing Sakura next to him. Sakura poked her head out of her mass of blankets and looked around. Sasuke stopped whining and stared at her. Virdian met ebony. And then, the cutest thing in the world happened.

Sakura glomped Sasuke.

"Aw," Mikoto whispered.

"I think they'll get along just fine," Fugaku smiled and placed an arm about his wife's shoulders.

Eight years later…

"MOMMY!" a little girl with glossy, strawberry hair ran towards her mother, "Sasuke stole my dolly!" She gripped the older woman's skirt and stared up at her soothing, onyx irises.

"Did not!" a youth with spiky, raven colored hair appeared at her side.

"And then he ripped her head off!" Sakura wailed.

"I thought it was a dummy for kunai practice!" Sasuke protested.


"Am not!"

"Yeah huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Uh huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

Sakura gave him a raspberry before burying her head in her mother's skirt. Mikoto sighed. They always fought. It was beginning to give her gray hairs. "Sakura-chan, Sasuke-kun didn't mean to break your doll. I'm sure it was just an accident. Now Sasuke-kun, apologize to your sister."

The boy huffed and crossed his arms. "But I didn't do anything."

"It wasn't an accident!" Sakura protested, "Mommy, please! Believe me!"

Mikoto's eyes softened as Sakura gazed up, those chubby little cheeks wet with tears, "…Sakura-chan, I wasn't there to see what happened therefore I can't take sides. Now why don't you two just kiss and make up."

"No," Sasuke snorted. Sakura suddenly cried louder.

Instantly, Sasuke felt a slight pang of guilt. He attempted to reach out towards her but Sakura slapped him away and glared, "Don't talk to me, Sasuke! I hate you- go away!" she then turned bolted into the house. She sprinted up the stairs and went to her room, locking the door on the way in.

Outside, Mikoto sighed sadly. Sasuke stared at the ground and hunched his shoulders. "I was only trying to have a little fun…"

Mikoto smiled reassuringly at her youngest son, "Don't worry, honey. Sakura will get over it." But that did nothing to ease the youngest Uchiha. He pouted and slowly picked up Sakura's doll. An idea had started to form in his head.

Sakura woke up and found her broken toy from yesterday resting right next to her pillow. What the-? It was stitched back together and cleaned, looking as good as new. But how could that be? She saw Sasuke break it… The door to her room was left wide open, and she heard a pair of footsteps scuffle down the hall. Curious, she pulled her little body out of bed and hopped down the hall, doll still in hand. She saw someone go into Sasuke's room.

"Onii-san?" she pouted and lightly padded towards the said chamber. Once there, she saw Mikoto tuck her older brother into his silken, navy blue bed, kissing him goodnight.

"Mommy?" Sakura cocked her head at the scene and hugged her doll.

"Oh!" Mikoto whirled around, surprised, "Sakura-chan! You're awake."

The girl nodded, "Did you buy me a new dolly? You didn't have to…"

"Actually," she knelt down and smiled, "Sasuke felt so bad for making you cry yesterday that he stood up all night fixing your doll."

The eight-year-old's eyes widened as her mouth formed a silent 'O', "Did he really do that? Just for me?"

"Mhmm," Mikoto nodded and flipped her long, raven tresses behind her head. "I offered to do it for him but he insisted he should. You can even check his hands- they're all bandaged up. Apparently he's not meant to sew."

Sakura looked down at the floor for a moment, her wide forehead swimming deep in thought. A few moments later, Sakura's head snapped upright and she marched straight over to where her Onii-san was sleeping. Mikoto watched Sakura in curiosity. A little bit of pink tinted her cheeks as she bent down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Sasuke stirred and Sakura's face flushed a deep scarlet. Even though he was her brother, she always felt weird when she gave him or Itachi a kiss.

Mikoto chuckled, "Alright, Sakura-chan. Well, since you're awake, why don't you go downstairs and I'll fix you some breakfast? It's kind of early… maybe you can still say goodbye to Itachi-chan before he leaves."

"Okay!" she yelled while rushing down the steps. She took them two at a time and soon caught sight of her brother just as he wrapped his fingers around the doorknob.

"Aniki!" she shouted and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Itachi was surprised at first but soon let his features relax. He had all his anbu gear on, complete with mask and everything. Only thirteen years old and already anbu status, he was considered a prodigy and genius of his time. Everyone adored him and he constantly received praise. Not to mention his endless stream of fan girls…

He pat his imouto on the head, "Good morning Sakura-chan."

Sakura grinned at him. "Good morning! Are you going training now?"

Itachi's face suddenly looked darker, "…Yeah."

"Can I come with?" the girl hugged him tighter and snuggled her face in his waist.

"I don't know," he said while ruffling her hair, "Otou-san might say no."


"I'm sorry, it might be too dangerous. Tell you what- after practice I'll take you and Otouto out tonight, ne?"

"Okay," her face fell. Itachi looked at her sadly. He always felt bad for letting her or Sasuke down. He always made promises, like giving Sasuke shuriken practice lessons, or taking Sakura out; but he never kept any of them.

Then, he got an idea. Suddenly, his arms shot out and grabbed her by her little waist, hefting her up and swinging her around. She gasped, surprised, but that soon turned into squeals of glee. They both spun around until they got dizzy, laughing their heads off. Sakura giggled and wrapped her little arms around his neck as he gently set her down. Itachi smirked at her.

Sakura motioned for him to bend his head down as if she wanted to whisper something in his ear. Itachi blinked and complied. Just as he did so, Sakura stood on her tippy toes and planted a kiss on his cheek. She blushed, "Bye aniki."

He smiled, "Bye Sakura-chan."

From her spot at the staircase, Mikoto smiled at them. She was right. A few years of being brought up the Uchiha way and Sakura fit right in. Nobody, other than Mikoto, Fugaku, and a select few members, knew that Sakura was adopted. Her pink hair and green eyes did pose some questions since the Uchihas tended to be near the "dark" criteria.

But at least Itachi and Sasuke didn't say anything. They loved and treated her like a real sister: arguing and fighting. Sakura was there when Itachi became anbu, and she was there when Sasuke got his first kunai.

Essentially, Sakura was one of them now.

Mikoto yawned from lack of sleep. Sakura heard her, "Okaa-san?"

"Don't mind me dear. Why don't you go outside and play while I get breakfast ready?"

Sakura grinned and nodded vigorously, "Oh! Can I go bring some friends over?"

The Uchiha matriarch blinked, "But isn't it a little too early? What if they're still asleep?"

"Please?" Sakura pouted.

Mikoto sighed, "Alright. You can bring only two friends this time, understand? Two. Not nine like last time. Two. Okay?"

"Okay!" she grinned and ran out the door to get her two best friends: Ino and Naruto. Hehe, wouldn't it be perfect if Sasuke woke up and found his number one fan girl and the loudest kid in all of Konoha eating breakfast at his table? Sakura threw her head back and laughed, still clutching the doll Onii-san patched up for her.

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