Summary: Sakura escapes her stepfamily, and the Li Family finds her on the cold streets of Tokyo. Taken into a new environment, Sakura is hassled at home, bullied at school, but treasured by .. him. SxS (slight lime & violence)

Caution: sexual contents, disturbing contents, implications of rape, violence .. basically not for kids

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Winter Waltz

Ch 1:

An Unforgiving Time

Sakura collapsed, panting heavily.

This was as far as she could go, and this was probably the last site to breathe her final breaths.

Lying on the cold winter streets of Tokyo, Sakura could not even grasp on why this had happened to her. But still… she wondered why?



Touya and Fujitaka had long left her due to a car accident on a rainy day. Since then, Sakura lived with her mother, Nadeshiko, who was recently married to Aki Ito, a kind plump man who almost resembles Fujitaka's nature. For a quarter of her life, Sakura learned to resent Toru Ito, the son of Aki Ito, who now was her older stepbrother. She was forced to share a room with him as a result of diminutive living space, and frankly, suffered for it.

Every night, in the tiny room shared between stepsiblings, Toru would play 'games' with Sakura. Although Sakura was extremely suspicious, she was still a ten year old child and Toru was maybe around fourteen. Toru called it the 'touching' game, and the game allowed him to touch Sakura in secretive places that made her squirm uncomfortably, and then Sakura was required to mimic his actions.

Sakura had been traumatized by the 'game'. She would get recurrent nightmares, and many, many sleepless nights. She would cling desperately to her mother's bedside, but in the end, she was sent back to her room, dreading the nightly activities to come. She was trapped to play his 'games', and also threatened to keep her mouth shut. Deep inside, she couldn't handle it anymore.

She knew what Toru was doing was wrong, even her gut told her that.

This was no game; games were supposed to be fun. But she was helpless, silenced by the threat.

All she could do was cry silently as she rendered to his skin-crawling touches—as he violated her.

Sakura dreaded the days even more when her mother passed away due to cancer. Her stepfather, Aki, fell into depression and disappeared most nights, becoming an absent member of their family. He went out to pubs drinking his sorrows away, and went home to pass out on the couch. Though she felt a pang of sadness, she could only focus on Toru and the upper hand he had over her.

Their nightly adventures occurred frequently, and the touches became more provocative than ever. It was sickening, and it drove Sakura mad. As much as Sakura screamed and cried for 'him' to stop, her fearful words could not be heard. Unfortunately, the game went out of hand. Sakura was only fifteen years of age when Toru took her virginity. She cried a lot that night, and didn't stop until she was worn and raw.

One day, Sakura realized she could not live like this anymore. It was a day Toru went out with his friends to celebrate his completion of Seijuu High. Her mind was racing as she stared at the front door, hesitating. She blinked hard, hand struggling to grab the doorknob. Once her fingertips grazed the cool metal, she then decided it was now or never.

…It was now.



The snow was falling peacefully down at her. A thin sheet of snow coated her frail body and numbed the purple bruises on her arms and legs. She could feel herself growing weaker and weaker each passing minute. Three days passed since she last left that hellhole to rot. There was no way she'd ever wanted to come back. That entire home meant was misery and pain.

Sakura's breathing shortened. She had used up too much energy and hadn't the will to continue.

But at least her world would collapse in a peaceful setting where she was she was finally free.



During the day, Tokyo's streets were usually flooded with honking cars and bustling Japanese civilians. But by night, it was a quiet city covered in a blanket of sheer white snow. Patches of ice clung to leafless tree limbs and stuck to tree barks. Snow shimmered off ground, and the snowflakes that fell from the sky were like divine crystalline diamonds.

Syaoran tripped over as a fistful of snow came—flying towards him.

"Itai!" he bellowed, doubling over.

Laughter could be heard on the other side as a voice shouted out jovially, "You should have ducked when I told you to," a sing-song voice replied.

Syaoran cursed under his breath, looking over at the dashing Eriol standing on a pile of freshly shoveled snow. Muttering dark words in Chinese, Syaoran quickly produced a snowball in a time lapse of two seconds and tossed it at Eriol. Chuckling, Eriol stepped aside as the snowball flew passed him.

"Missed me," he sang.

Syaoran grunted, smirking to himself. While Eriol was prancing about, laughing and cheering, Syaoran finished a snowball just in time to throw at Eriol's open-to-all-targets form. Eriol gave a sudden cry and fell over, snow matted in his raven locks.

"I'm hit! I'm hit!" Eriol cried, his arms flapping in the misty air.

Syaoran sneered, shaking his head slightly. He scurried over to his friend buried in glistening snow and helped him to his feet.

"Thanks mate," Eriol said, dusting specks of snow off his heavy black overcoat.

Syaoran stretched, yawning to himself. He fixed his green scarf, shaking off all excess of snow leftover from their snow battles. Fixing his hood and straightening out his long jacket, he began to notice something strange in the distance.

There was a limp form laying on the sidewalk a couple of blocks ahead of him. "Hiiragizawa…" he muttered, eyes fixed steadily, "look over there."

Eriol casually turned, following his friend's gaze. "Oh my…" Eriol gasped.

"Come on…" Syaoran said suddenly, pulling Eriol by the arms, "something's fishy."

The two boys rushed over to the listless form covered in snow. Syaoran kneeled to the ground, his gloved hands brushing away snow, revealing drenched auburn tresses. He let out a shaky gasp when he found out it was a young woman—possibly abandoned here to die?

"Quick Hiiragizawa, let's help her out. I think she's still alive," Syaoran said with authority.

Eriol complied without complaint, and both boys began to remove the snow off her fragile body. Inches of snow after inches of snow, the female began to regain consciousness. She acknowledged the two gentlemen helping her, but was so weak to thank them.

As the heavy load lifted from her body, a dispersal of pain awakened her nerves. She twinged at the stinging sensation—the feeling of when cold meets bare skin. Unconsciously, she clung herself to the person closer to her Syaoran.

Syaoran let out a startling intake of breath. "M-Miss…" he said gently, too shocked to pry the hands away.

The girl moaned, tears pricking her eyes. "I'm s-so cold. I'm s-s-so very cold," she croaked, her teeth chattering.

Her absent gaze met his, and he was awestruck by her luminescent green eyes. Within moments, the girl released her hold on him and slipped into oblivion. Syaoran panicked. She felt so cold and looked so pale. Even Eriol seemed to notice the first signs of hypothermia.

Syaoran gathered her up into his arms. "Hiiragizawa! Quick! Call up Wei to pick us up!"

Eriol pulled out his cell and phoned the butler immediately. Within moments, a limo halted to a stop before them. It just happened that Wei was in town doing some late night grocery shopping.

The window rolled down. "Master Syaoran," Wei called.

The butler climbed out from the vehicle and aided Syaoran with the girl. Once she was safely inside the cozy limo along with Syaoran and Eriol, Wei closed the door and entered the driver seat. The limo began to move, on its way to the nearest hospital. Nervous-racked, Syaoran glanced down at the face—whose head settled in his lap. She had such a pained expression that it ripped open his heart.

Syaoran's eyebrows knitted together.

'What happened…?' he thought.



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